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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


9 out of 10 on effort for that post Dave.


My wife and I just backed the Champions of Midgard expansion on KS. I can’t wait for it to get here.


Anyone play Kingdom Death Monster?

Or the Dark Souls Board Game?

I’m interested in trying them out, but the price is crazy. Both are supposed to be notoriously difficult. Apparently, there is even a card game for Bloodborne, now.


I’ve watched some playthroughs of Monster and it looks great (and is largely devoid of the well dodgy sexual content Kingdom Death is famed for in modelling circles, so you can play it with your friends and they won’t think you’re weird)


Is Kingdom Death a miniature models company primarily and then they created the game or were they formed same time as the game?


Have you checked out Gloomhaven Johnny? It’s got the most rave reviews I’ve ever seen, and it might be the type of game you’re looking for.


Gloomhaven has a crazy price point. Chaos Cards, my usual go to for competitively priced games, has it at £139.95!


They started out doing minis based in the Kingdom Death universe, but they were basically an advertisment for the game. It just took a long time to get to Kickstarter and then to actually be produced.


That does look pretty great - thanks!

Te tough part of gaming is finding people to play with.


It’s actually up for the Diana Jones Award this year, which is a big deal

And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m involved in one of the cons that won it in 2006…


Three consecutive days of this:


That looks cool


It’s a game we designed ourselves, based on the television series of the same name. Portrayed on the cover are the actors (and actress) we have chosen to “play” our characters.

At the bottom is the team leader, a character based on Vladimir Putin. In game he’s called Sergei Bogdanov, and he is a tank. Best character in years, sadly not seeing play this weekend due to his player non-presence around the table.

A bit different play this year. Not playing the contemporary setting, but instead an ad hoc special operations unit during the second boer war.

My character recently fell off a mountain in to a river only to come back to the field hospital under his command to find his entire supply of morphine (to which he is desperately addicted) blown up by artillery.

A disaster.


Had a splurge and bought:

Neuroshima Hex!
Robinson Crusoe 2nd Edition
3 Wishes
Love Letter
King of New York plus Power Up

Not played any of them before except Love Letter, once I think.


Love Letter is ace, though I prefer the Archer version - the rules mix things up better and the score pieces are Pam’s dolphin glove puppet. I have the original version but if I was going to buy a second one it’d be the Archer one.


I have heard great things about Robinson Crusoe and even better things about the 2nd edition.

I just got home from an evening of games with my board game designer friend. We played Terraforming Mars, his new favourite games (replacing Race for the Galaxy).

It certainly lives up to the hype & praise that has been surrounding it. What makes it so great is that it is actually a really simple game to teach and to play. All of the cards are clear and within a few turns you know exactly what to do.

There is a new player set up but we went straight into the more advanced version in which each player corporation differs in the starting resources and bonus actions. The game was close throughout but I managed to win by four points 97-93.


Got my morphine game back on track after the siege was lifted. Currently heading for China to relieve the europeans suffering from the boxer rebellion. I also met Cecil Rhodes an invested all my money with him.


I enjoyed Terraforming Mars so much that I decided to have a look at prices. Amazon currently have it for £65 which is unbelievable, the next price I found was £51 which is also more than I am willing to spend on a game currently.


I was just stabbed through the chest by a savage chinese rebel.


And how is the game going?