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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Hello! I wonder how many comic book people have developed their own board games? It certainly was a challenge for me. but since I can draw, I got the art taken care of. the new thing was to figure out game mechanics. after 4 years of development, I released my baby into the world.
If you are like me who would like games to be replayable and have near endless variety of outcomes, please check out this game made by a comic book guy:

It is released through The Game Crafter, the CafePress of board games.

You won’t play the exact same game twice, guaranteed!


OMG! That looks amazing!


I have been playing X-Wing a lot this last week, and as a testiment to how much I enjoy disposing of rebel scum, I have enjoyed a four games long winning streak. The Empire rules. I love Tie Fighters. I love Tie Defenders (especially Countess Ryad with the TieD upgrade and an additional Ion cannon). I love Tie Advanced (especially with Darth Vader and the TieX upgrade paired with an Advanced Targeting Computer).

And, to celebrate my love for Tie Fighters as well as my combat superiority, my friends actually bought me a ship for my birthday next week.

I haven’t played it yet (it is in the mail), but I already bloody love this thing.

Tie Special Forces. Oh yeah. Rebellions may be built on hope, but the Empire is built on order, stability and expertise. DIE, REBEL SCUM!


Kanban… Super heavy cube pusher…


D&D time!



Elements of that certainly apply to members of my group.


I began with D&D when I was 15 in 1980 and RPGs have been the main hobby of me and my circle(s) of friends from that day to this, and I recognise nothing in that song.

Now let me tell you some jokes about the wacky things black men and gay people get up to…


And I have played American football alongside a neuro-surgeon, numerous PhD holders, teachers and one published children’s author.


So we’re in agreement that stereotypes are bad? :slight_smile:


Are you mixing d&d with ALCOHOL!?

Tell us a bit about you character. Stats. Style. Backstory. :slight_smile:


Unless they are funny!


Similar background, but I recognise some of that from my friends, especially when we was kids.

How about this as an alternative:


Yes! Except that one stereotype, you know the one I’m taking about…


I was last night.

This may have been what led to lots of off-colour jokes about rapiers and a sequence events which ended with my character and one of the other characters watching combat taking place and making wagers on which npc would die first.


My computer seems to be telling me I have over-reached my chess playing ability and maybe I shouldn’t try level 6…


Ah hahaha…well, I just tried level 6 and it was like fighting Batman, I couldn’t even work out how it was taking me apart.


You do play kinda fast. No point in losing slowly?


Hmm, maybe I do play too fast. That might be my problem :frowning:


You have to make him choose white instead of black. Batman only wins if he gets to be the dark knight.