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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


I didn’t know how much I wanted this until I heard about it:


I’d play that.


Just remember, Monopoly is the worst board game ever created.


Another great game today. The empire came out succesful this time over! Yay for the empire!


The Empire is good. The Empire is great. We surrender our will. As of this date.


The Emperor is the least power hungry person in the world, and those rebels are bad (or sick) guys. SAD.


After securing the integrity of our fully operational battle station by obliterating Vader’s insufferable scum of a son-in-law and his useless friends, this is the final showdown.

That’s Darth, Boba and “Dark Curse” versus some poorly-named rebel villain in a K-Wing.


We have nearly completed Pandemic:Legacy. Another first game win in November had us riding high into December.
We knew December would be tough but we managed to complete one of the objectives and make a serious dent in the second. The final game will hopefully be a victory thanks to that but we shall see!


Good Luck!

But I don’t hold high hope for your world.


Having looked at the preview images of the Season 2 board I’m pretty certain that is/was the case for everyone’s world!


I played Don’t mess with Cthulhu, Champions of Midgard, and Holmes & Watson.

Don’t mess is a small box hidden role and deduction game in which players are investigators or cultists trying to stop/invoke Cthuluhu. Players are dealt a hand of cards, which they look at and place face down in front of them. In the cards are 6 elder sign cards, one Cthulhu card and the rest are blank cards.
After placing the cards face down players make a claim about what they have. Then starting with the first player you can “investigate” another player, turn over one of their cards. The investigators want to uncover all the elder signs while the cultists want to find Cthulhu.
Rounds end after there have been the same number of investigations as players, cards are redistributed with the exception of investigated cards, meaning the number of cards each player gets diminishes each round.
We had fun with it, for such a small game it was really well executed. Our game came down to a 50/50 chance as I had both Cthulhu and an Elder sign, we needed the elder sign to win but I had to claim no cards to try and throw the cultists off.

Champions of Midgard - think stone age but with dice masters/ quarriors style combat elements and you’ve got a good idea of how the game works.

Holmes & Watson is an auction and deduction game. Players are investigators trying to solve a case and prove themselves to Holmes. Each case has a big piece of scene setting dialogue and a set of location cards that correspond to the case. Players choose a location to move to via the bid mechanism, so if multiple layers go to one location it easily resolves by highest bidder. You don’t have to bid to go to a location which is beneficial if you are the last player to choose.
You then get to read the underside of the location card and take notes.
To win a player needs to have the correct answer to three questions.
After four rounds of careful note taking I gambled on answering the questions. I had a good idea of a who, how and where but I also had a niggling doubt as a different suspect seemed to be more Holmesy. Turned out the gamble was correct and I correctly answered all the questions and won the game.


That cthulhu game sounds pretty fun! :smiley:




I have no idea what that means :expressionless:


It means he’s finished Pandemic Legacy Series 1.


Oh, ok. There’s a set number of scenarios?


Basically you get two shots at every month in the game year, but if you win one of them you move on to the following month, so 12-24 depending on how well you do. Between (and sometimes during) each game you modify the rulebook, game board and cards with stickers that change the way the game works. At the start of each month you turn over a number of event cards that give you new win conditions, instructions on how to change the game, and new characters amongst other items.



Just look at my awesome deathstar design skills.

Also note that what is obviously a gun turret at the end of the trench once served as an industrial complex in Axis and Allies. It is now endlessly retired, because some spoiled rebel douchebag brat blew the entire station up.

The. Entire. Station.


That’s no moon!