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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


More Pandemic Legacy tonight. We cruised through July in what was probably the easiest game we have had yet.

We then had a much tougher round playing through August but, miraculously, managed to win.

I played a role which meant I was solely responsible for completing two objectives and as such the honour of destroying the cards was left to me.


You actually have to destroy the game cards when you win? :open_mouth:

Doesn’t that limit replayability?


There are some cards you destroy, but they’re usually replaced by another one or are part of the meta game and narrative rather than the board game itself.


See out Risk Legacy game.

The destruction is part of the fun.
With the legacy games you reach the end of the games you’ll have a Unique board and still be able to play games on it.


I remember seeing that and thought you were joking and he was just messing about :slight_smile:


The card specifically said destroy after use.


The two I destroyed both had “Destroy when complete”.


For the first 24 hours of 2017, the electronic versions of every book for the award-winning (and excellent) SF/horror RPG Eclipse Phase are $0.99 each.


Have you ever managed to get a game of it. I know we’ve talked it. And the setting is very encompassing of a lot of Sci fi tropes. And something the group could get behind.

And I’ve missed out on a lot this year.


I’ve played a couple of one-off scenarios, but never a campaign.



I bought myself a gift today.


Urge to make joke on GW. But Blood Bowl is still one of the best things they’ve done.

What’s your team choice? And do you have a league to partake in?


I have never played the game in its physical form but used to play fumbbl and still play the pc & app version.

I like Chaos as an option and will probably buy a team once I am fully oriented in this ruleset.

There is a local club which meets regularly and runs tournaments so I will probably get involved their at some point.

In other news we are on a four game win streak with Pandemic: Legacy but that does mean no funded events as we move into October.


Hey guys and gals, I have been on the forums for a few years and competed in all the Write Offs. Recently, some friends and myself formed a board game company and are offering to email you free print & play demo (pictured below) of our first game ‘Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce.’ It is a humorous, multi genre, dungeon crawler hybrid about escaping from an alien base. The full game will consist of seven levels and a 3D board. We would love some feedback before our April Kick Starter. Thanks!


Did you get to grips with Blood Bowl, Chris? My friend just picked up the boxed copy and that’s got me yearning to pick up a team and play some games (despite having the previous edition and never getting to play it) . The new team miniatures look fantastic and surprisingly good value.


I’ve yet to play it but I’m slowly working through painting the miniatures.

All wip


Going to a friends house today to play the for me long-anticipated X-Wing miniature game! Anyone have any experience with it? How do I crush my opponents? :smiley:


Tie fighter spam. Lots of tie fighters or your doing it wrong.


Apparently if your fighters collide they just stop but can keep firing through one another so you can fly four into a group that fires out in all directions. They may have adjust the rules to counter this.



I played some other Fantasy Flight Games, most notably The Battle of Westeros, and I thought it was in some obscure ways kind of similar. I really loved it by the way, it was very starter-friendly. My friend Claes had made a team build for me that was somewhat easy for a beginner, too.

Did someone say “lots and lots of Tie Fighters”? :smiley:

It was actually seven regular academy pilots and a special pilot, Dark Curse, in eight Tie Fighters.

We played 2v2 with me and Claes being the empire. I love TIE Fighters, so there was really no other choice. As we all know, those things really moves. Claes played four TIE Interceptors, with three regular and one special pilot.

Our friends Andy and Björn played Rebels, and had not one but TWO Corellian freighters of the YT-1300 model. One was piloted by Han Solo, the other one was the Millennium Falcon and it was piloted by Rey. There was also the Moldy Crow, piloted by Kyle Katarn and a couple of X-wings, one piloted by Biggs Darklighter.

If hitting stuff wasn’t hard enough with Biggs special ability being drawing enemy fire, flying these TIE Fighters proved a real problem for me, but it was great fun. Took some heavy casualties early on with a well-directed missile from the enemy.

Han Solos ability is by far the funniest and most fitting one. When he is in play, he always, always, fires first. The rebel scum decimated our ranks, and it turned into a fight for survival on our part. We struggled.

But the winds of war was at least somewhat blowing in our favour, and we turned the fight around slowly. We managed to blow up the millennium falcon before the eyes of Han Solo, and I suggested a new rule to accomodate for Han seeing his baby blown to bits. This was overruled, and in the end it was between one TIE interceptor, a regular TIE fighter and Han Solo.

It was close, but the empire was defeated in the end. SAD!