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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


We got in a lot of board gaming last weekend.
Sone shadowrun Crossfire games. Some of which ended better than others.

Ris legacy which went against badly as in made a early alliance. And couldn’t break it when he looked to be in a position to win.
One of the lads even got to destroy a card.

And In PANDEMIC LEGACY We got to save the world for the month of March curing 3 of the still curable ailments.

Then we moved on to Battlestar Galatica.
Which started bad as one of our humans made several cock ups. we don’t think they where on purpose. He was just incompetent.

@Lorcan_Nagle Commander Adama was brigged when he overplayed his robotic hand. And was pegged as a clyon.
This left Col Tighnabruaich in charge. Whom then declared marshal law and took the presidency.
My chief backed this play. But it went pear shaped when I gave him extra actions before his go and he revealed he was the other cylon amd proceeded to desimate the fleet and our defences.
Bad call Mark.
We had just made the jump to 8. And the remaining humans rejoiced. Only to find out we had to make.One more jump. It wasn’t meant to be.


I’d like to point out that I was a human before I was brigged, and the only point I played a card wrong was my first attempt to get out off the brig, which was also before I turned.


We haven’t had a new Pandemic Legacy session but should get one in next week.

I started playing d&d last week. We had a good session despite there being three rogues and one fighter.

Last night I played five games of Legendary Encounters trying to defeat the Alien: Resurrection setup. There are two very difficult cards early in the game, one which can’t be discarded and keeps reappearing causing damage each time and another which immediately moves aliens into the combat section.

I am just waiting for my wife to go for a run so I can unbox The Grizzled. We have run out of space for new games and I don’t think a new one, even this small one, will go down well.


We don’t believe your Robolies!

Brigging you was the right call.
It was justa shame we never copped pete.


I honestly was a human at the start. But brigging me let me do a lot of damage just because Vinny kept throwing way too many skill cards into keeping me in there. If Pete hadn’t started marauding when he did, I probably would have revealed myself, moved to the fleet and then started messing with you from there, but I was fine in the brig in the end.

I was even putting positive cards into all the skill checks. Even after I was a Cylon and was in the brig.


I am getting back into chess as I was challenged to a few games recently. I am too rusty these days.


We had our second foray onto D&D yesterday, it was equal parts inspired and disasterous.
Early in we set up a great bottle-neck for combat and a trap involving oil and caltrops (we called it spiky fire). My character had ascended to a room containing some enemies and attempted to throw them down into the mentioned trap. I did this with relative success but then found myself stuck as the only exit I could trust was on fire and the other path blocked by a bugbear.
The make-up of the group is the biggest issue. We have three rogues and one fighter. No buffs or healing between us. This has resulted in a fair amount of unconsciousness and by the end of the session a death too.


My game designer buddy brought Adrenaline round for a play this evening.
It manages to capture the the essence of a free-for-all first person shooter but in a board game.
The only issue that arose was the fact that one of our group is dyslexic and he had a lot of trouble reading and keeping track of the rules for the various weapons.
I decided we needed a bit more atmosphere while playing so put on the Doom soundtrack.


the right soundtrack always enhances party games. playing spoons to Ministry was one of the most memorable games I have ever played.


I have done it occasionally in the past but over the last week every games session has had a soundtrack.
We played Jamaica and put in the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, playing Pandemic Legacy I found a Pandemic Legacy playlist on Spotify and then the Doom soundtrack yesterday.
Playing more thematic games we have used soundtracks to add to the atmosphere, Letters to Whitechapel, for example, was enhanced with an ambient sound track of Victorian London that we found.


Back into chess and I heard someone tell me long ago to “learn to be a good loser” and I hated it because it was put so badly. No one wants to be good at losing. The better way to put it is to learn to lose with class, with grace.

Personally I can’t stand someone who wins and rubs it in your face, an @$$hole.

Imho, you win and lose with good sportsmanship, with class.


You should download this Al. I think you’d dig it:


My wife and I have got into a habit of playing Carcassonne every night, with the Cathedrals expansion pack. Brilliant game, every single go is different and can be played sneakily, aggressively, defensively - it’s really up there with chess in terms of complexity and planning ahead, for me.

I’ve bought her Dominion for Christmas, as it’s another less-than-1 hour game that can be played by just 2 people. Anyone have any experience with it?


I have never played Dominion which always mystifies people at my gaming group.

I have played lots of other deck builders however and really enjoy the mechanism. My go to is Legendary Encounters: Alien.


Not played Carcassonne.

But Dominion is a complex card game (also with a fair amount of luck), where each card has different powers when you take it into your hand and use it.
But after a few turns it’s easy enough to get to grips with the game dynamic.

If it’s going to be a regulary played. I’ve been told to sleeve the cards as they wear a bit easier than other Card games out there!

On Tuesday Lorcan and I along with 2 other mates met up for some gaming.
We played Shadowrun crossfire.
The Tow Truck Scenario. (Lorcan will remember the proper name)
We played for what felt like the night. But it was closer to 2 hours. And Even though we had players unable to talk, Vicious high level bad guys. We managed to put down all comers. With no sign of winning the actual game.

On the last turn we had ten opposition creatures end up on the table. And our last objective was in sight.
Then the Crossfire card happened.

Now this left us in a pickel. So we opted to sacrifice one for the many. And Through some interesting card placement. We where able to shift most creatures to be facing one player. As we eliminated them.


He did indeed go staggered. But the rest of us where able to last out the round and put down the last objective. Giving us one of the most Grueling games we’ve endured in a game of painful game.

To unwind after we played Archer love Letter.
It was a lot of fun. And the non drinkers where the ones who cocked up most throughout the game. To much mirth and amusement.

Plus the win counters are Dolphin puppets


We earned those 3XP each in Crossfire!


I didn’t know Archer Love Letter was a thing… SPLOOSH!


It’s a nice variant on Loveletter.

The tokens make it thou.


Great Western Trail

Mid-weight euro with a range of ways to score points. I went along the deck building route and netted some big points in the end. Unfortunately the guy I was playing against managed to score 30 points on his final turn which gave him the win.


This week saw the arrival of the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter bits. This is a companion gsme to Dropzone Commander which we play semi regularly.
The focus here being on the space battles it takes to get your forces on the ground. With points being scored through troop deployment. There is talk of a linked mode where the space scrap can effect the ground game via bombardments or reinforcements. But thay may be a tad messy. We’ll see.

And some very quick work with his drill and magnets and a bit of bluetac from @Lorcan_Nagle meant we could try it out last night.
The minis looks lovely. Each faction is quite unique much like the ground combat version. Even the styles of combat are personalised.

After a quick briefing on the rules. And a scan of the different ships. We began a small game with a few of the other players watching.
It took two turns of combat to begin to see how my sides ships where going to work.
And how Lorcans where designed to operate.
It is very much going to be thinking a turn ahead game. As the ships are not light on their feet and turning sharply requires sacrificing Firepower or speed.

While the ships are still a Nagle WIP they do look the part.