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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


We had another Pandemic Legacy session today and I was amazed how much April changes the game.
It also felt that it absolutely kicked our arses even though we were one players turn away from winning.


Story of our world too.


I will have to check with the guy who owns Legacy as I can’t remember how we did with April. I know we came close to opening Box 8 3 times during the year :slight_smile:

Looking at Pandemic Cthulhu now. Got a 128 player Warmachine tournament starting tomorrow that I’m actually supposed to play in. But my main focus miniature gaming at the moment seems to be Guild Ball and Malifaux. Plus the locals are trying to get into a game I sold off minis for - Dark Age - which is where my avatar comes from.


Will they allow stand in for dark ages?
Having had the pleasure of viewing your collection. Surely you have enough bits to field a crew for it.


Probably. Inq28 models would probably work for some of the Saint forces, given I started using the Dark Age models for Inq28. And I’m never going to tournaments to play it. I shall see if I like the rules now as never got my head around 1st Edition.

And just realised my Avatar is Deadlands not Dark Ages. Still Brom though.


Shocked. Hand over the key to the wargaming area. It’s forbidden till you paint 100 30k Grectin as penance.


Friends new game, coming out in October. A worker placement post apocalyptic civ game. I was involved in the play testing and really enjoyed it.

This is his second game, his first was Empire Engine which AEG released as one of their micro bagged lines.


I finally got to play Heroquest, it has been on my shelf for a long time now so I was really glad to have a game of it. I used it in the games group I am running at school as one of the kids had expressed an interest in D&D and I thought it would be a good match.
I also finally got a chance to play 7 Wonders. We had a seven player game of it with a pair of newbie gamers and a few people (myself included) who had not played the game before. I really enjoyed it, there is a lot to think about but you don’t have to micromanage as much as some of the elaborate euro games out there. I, unfortunately, found myself unable to build much in the third round as I had focused on my wonder too much in earlier rounds.
I also played a couple of prototypes that Chris and David (I realised after posting that I actually know both the designers of Armageddon, I just haven’t seen David for a long time!) are working on. Both were very cool. One dice based game which was mechanically complete but which was till being finery bed progression wise. The other was a Magic-esque card game which was mostly complete. I could have won it but interpreted one of the cards incorrectly (although that is being clarified). But that is what playtesting is for.


What did you think of it? I used to love HeroQuest as a kid, but that was before I’d played any fully-fleshed role-players.


I picked up Encounters: Shadowrun yesterday, a push your luck dice game using the RPG’s look and feel (a prior version used Bravest Warriors), and even though we muddled through the rules a bit, it was quite fun. The idea is that each player represents a megacorp, each with a special ability. On your turn you flip over cards with a target number and some special rules. You roll 6 dice at the start of your turn and have to use them to exactly match the target number. You can then choose to flip over another card, and roll the remaining dice again to try and match the number on it, and continue along. If you manage to use all your remaining dice to match a target, you can escalate, getting another 6 dice and the cards you score are 2 worth more points. At any point you can choose not to flip over another card and instead score points. If you fail a roll, the next person can choose to continue where you left off or start again.

There’s a few more complications in the game - you can spend points to buy Shadowrunners to modify your dice rolls, or to use your corp’s ability to mess with other players. There’s also regions which effect everyone’s dice rolls but they shift constantly.

It’s a light but fun game, which moves very quickly, especially when you get the hang of it. It’ll sit there with Love Letter and similar minigames for a quick half hour here and there.


It is a very simple game when compared to things like Descent and Mice and Mystics but it was perfect for a group of 9-11 year olds who have played very few games.

I forgot to mention I have been invited to join a D&D group which I’m quite looking forward to.


Speaking of micro games have you played Empire Engine? That is Chris Marling’s first game. It is one of AEG’s bagged game range (which Love Letter was the first), it’s bag is an unfortunate shade of brown.


I’ve not, but I’ll take a look for it in the game shop tomorrow.


Lords of Waterdeep is getting a lot of play here. Not won a game against my girlfriend and she is not letting me forget it. Then I gave her a demo of Guildball and she lost that, but I know I will have to let her win a game of that to properly demo it to her.

Got in my own copy of 7 Wonders finally and now wondering about whether to go for Pandemic Legacy as girlfriend wants to play and I’d have to play without spoiling it or Pandemic Cthulhu.


Pandemic Cthulhu is supposed to be a very different game and much quicker.

I’m gaming tonight but don’t yet know if that will involve more playtesting, Twilight Struggle, a different game/s, or a mixture of them all.


Has anyone played Star Wars: Rebellion yet? My wife got me a copy, but I have yet to find the time (or other people with the time) to get a game in yet.



But I have heard very good things about it. I look forward to getting the opportunity to play it somewhere down the line.

Monday saw me playing a revised version of “As yet unnamed prototype”. Some big changes added since the last time I played creating a better risk vs reward mechanic. I fell behind early though and found it very hard to claw back the points. Chris clearly gained lots of information from the session as he ran off to send an e-mail to his co-designers at the end of the game.

We then played Blueprints (which has beautiful dice) and Maori.


We played two more games of Pandemic Legacy yesterday. We looked on track to open the special losers box.
In the three games that we lost one thing was clear, we were neglecting our roles to follow the advice of others who had decided “we can win in three turns!”. So I made the suggestion that for the fourth game of the losing session we played more selfishly. We do what our character is good at and not try to do too much outside of that role. Surprisingly with this view point we quickly met two of the three objectives for winning the game. We got quite lucky with the card draws for curing the diseases. Having 6+ funded events in the deck was very helpful.


Has anyone had to deal with difficult gamers? Specifically the loud and obnoxious types.

We have a guy at our group who can be a bit of a dick. He hasn’t been able to come for a few months and Thursday was his first session for a while. Everything was fine until we played Bang!: The Dice Game. He really gets into these type of games and he became louder and more obnoxious as the game progressed. We then moved into One Night Resistance and as one of our regulars (a young man with autism) was explaining the rules (quite a big step for him) obnoxious gamer kept bursting out laughing. The guy explaining the rules took it well and laughed along, albeit nervously, at points. Once we got to the accusation phase the banter this usually brings got quite focussed and I feel that our obnoxious member was deliberately targeting two other members with his comments.
What I’m sure it boils down to is an alpha male type re-exerting himself over a couple of perceived weak members of the pack but in a way that was very deliberate and targeted.
I am trying to push for a wider audience for the group and bringing in new people, I’m glad some of the new faces weren’t around to see the end of the night.
The real issue is that I know the guy outside of gaming, he is the father of one of my son’s friends, and I am certain that mentioning it or just plain calling him out is going to cause bigger issues.


The new Humble Bundle is RPG rulebooks, most if not all are tie-ins to SF/F novel series