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This guy was BORN to play Huck in the movie


I honestly can’t see anyone else who would be better…


Do we dare ask what Google search led you to that?


Every morning I type in man with pig.



Is that with Safe Search on or off?


I do really like Tatum though. At one point, around the time of the first G.I.Joe film, I was dead certain he was among the worst actors on the planet. I was either way wrong or he’s really managed his career well since doing that and the goopy romances, he was genuinely great in the Jump Street and Magic Mike movies, and Foxcatcher too.


Jump Street is where I realised how great he was just like Donnie Brasco convinced me with Depp.



You are right! How does this look?
Almost there! Squirrel Girl Work in progress


That’s pretty great. Mark may need it for his Channing Tatum room. :wink:


Haha. This is unreal!!!



If you can’t get him, Sanjay and I suggest Lucas Black (the kid from American Gothic, great in everything, should’ve been a star):


He was a star - he’s da Drift King


He is GREAT in NCIS New Orleans


How often does it return a picture of David Cameron?