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Things you want.


I have decided to spend some of my January earnings on things.

Mostly because I’ve moved to a new place, but also, because buying things makes us human.

I need some wireless/bluetooth speakers, and have been looking at the Amazon Echo, but sadly I don’t think it’s worth investing in as I’m not sure how it would operate outside of the US.

I also want to get a SMART coffee machine!
Like this one:

I also want a juicer/blender - and am thinking of an 850w - Centrifugal Kogan one. This will help me smash out a healthy breaky so I can be super-lawyer instead of dreary-lawyer (important).

Finally, I just kind of want a good dock/charging mechanism for my devices.



Well, since you’re asking…

  1. A Boosted Board for travelling through the city

  2. An UnderArmour Health Box…because I love everything UA (not available here yet!)

  3. A GoPro Hero4 Black to [FINALLY!] get my video ideas up and running

Everything else after that is purely a flight of fancy…like my very own island.




I’ll send you the shipping address.
Your generosity is amazing.


Err… Uhh…

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The coffee maker looks interesting. Do you have a link to the manufacturer’s page or any video of it in operation?


At the moment, I’m quite focused on buying a new car…My old car is…well, it is running, but a lot of things have broken down on it in the last year. It is 15 years old and I’ve decided to get something new rather than spend a lot of money to keep it on the road.

I was due to test drive a car at the weekend, but the dealer called me about a half hour before I was due to see it to say that it was sold.

Thinking about it, and my potential usage, I’m now veering towards buying a new car. I don’t do a lot of mileage each year (approx 5000miles max) and would be planning to keep the thing running until it starts to fall apart, so buying a new car and maintaining over 8 to 10 years doesn’t sound too uneconomical.

Being a man who is lurching towards middle age, I’m thinking of something reliable like a SKODA Fabia, although a couple of others have caught my eye as well.


Its the Auroma One due out late this year.

Its a smart machine, programmed by an app.

Currently theres only two other (good) options out there but theyre ten times the price and much harder to clean.

It takes the ritual out if it but it suits my lifestyle.


I actually getting rid of most of my material objects over the next month, the only “things” I’d like to get in the next year are:
a) Powerful laptop for editing
b) Digital recorder and Mic
c) Lever action rifle
d) Kal’s green fortress crystal
e) ______
f) Comics (how about that Kick-Ass slip cover set :wink: )


PS4, New Doc Martens(Oxblood), cast iron double sided griddle, a rocking pizza cutter and bigger tires for my Jeep Wrangler.


That’s pretty cool. It reminds me a bit of this brewer that was on Kickstarter a while back.

This video is not autoloading for me. If it does for others, let me know and I’ll break the link.


I’d like to say but there are less then 20 made so I’ll keep this thought to myself until my taxes come in and I order it


This blank space intrigues me. :wink:


I am thinking about purchasing this tomorrow:

Of course, I will get it for half that price through my nefarious underground connections. What say you - yay/nay/you smell?


You can do better for less than half the price. This is the one we’re considering at some point.


Adding this to my wishlist: the Samsung Gear S2…in white if you please.


I have a classic.

Honestly its great (if you wear watches, Smart or otherwise). Just needs to charge in the evenings so sleep monitoring is pointless.

EDIT: Man, i look like a short fingered vulgarian there. Its a trick of depth I swear! My fingers are yooge! I guarantee it!


Not fully automated :confused:


That’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on a cup of coffee. You know you can get something like this for a couple of quid from the shops: