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Things you hated as a kid, but love now...


Like broccoli. I’d rather have eaten my fingers than greens as a kid, but now I love them and will choose over sweet stuff, which is weird.


The Rockford Files
Gil Kane (I hated his stuff when I was wee, but now worship him)
Frank Robbins
Witchfinder General movie

All these things I rediscovered as an adult and loved!



Blake’s 7. When I was a kid, catching Blake’s 7 on a weekend morning on UK gold meant I’d missed Doctor Who and so I always resented it, but checking it out a few years ago, I rather enjoyed it.


Jack Kirby’s art. I was a dumb kid.


Yes Minister, I was too young and it was just seemed a load of people talking. Bought the box set a few years back and loved it.

I remember hating Bill Sienkiewicz’ art on New Mutants, now I think he’s a genius and it’s great.


Tea. I hated the stuff, which was awkward because it was the first thing you were offered when you went to someone’s house. I only started drinking tea a couple of years ago after a particularly bad cup of coffee turned my stomach against it. I usually stick to Earl Grey without milk.

Also, I was mainly a Marvel guy when I was growing up. I couldn’t quite hack DC comics, particularly stuff from the Silver and Bronze Ages (we mostly got reprints of old stuff). It seemed to childish and silly when I wanted people to take comics seriously. Spider-Man was dealing with the murder of Jean De Wolff when Superman was slowing devolving into a Lion and Batman was teaming up with the Metal Men. As I get older and lot more tolerant of a bit of whimsy, I enjoy the energy and weird inventiveness of those things.


Jeez… in terms of narrative art, there was nothing I hated as a kid. It’s easier to talk about stuff I loved back then I don’t care about at all now, the biggest example of which has to be Gambit.


I think there’s stuff you can be exposed to before you are old enough to really appreciate it. My parents used to watch period dramas that I was bored senseless with and now agree are fantastic.

It can also work the other way as in Simon’s example, in teen years you think you are too old for something and when you better understand the context was brilliant.

Saying that Mark’s list wasn’t restricted to narrative material. I used to hate all fruit being cooked, I still mostly do but I quite like a pineapple on my pizza. I also had a low tolerance of spicy food and used to order the mildest dish at Indian restaurants, then I got sent to work in India and had to eat super spicy Hyderabadi food. I went back to the UK and ordered a ‘hot’ dish and thought it was quite bland.


Coffee and olives.


Brussel Sprouts
Mr. Mxyzptlk

Brussel sprouts are usually an obvious one. I didn’t like savory things nearly as much when I was a kid. Now I would much prefer them to sweet things.

I always hated Mr. Mxyzptlk and most other goofy villain. In fact, I used to think it was the one shortcoming of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. It was actually a story by @Mark_Millar in Superman Adventures and Greg Rucka’s use of him in Adventures of Superman that changed my mind.


Asparagus, and most cheeses.

Also, wandering around churches in towns you’re visiting in your holidays.


I hated fish as a child. Now I have it for dinner at least twice a week.
Also, I hated the taste of coffee when I first tried it; now I have three cups a day (and that’s only because I’ve cut back for health reasons).
Hated beer too; now I wish I could drink three a day! :slight_smile:

I hated the Connery/Bond movies, as my first exposure to the character was Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. I’ve since seen the error of my ways.
Hated the Rolling Stones because I loved the Beatles and thought the Stones were poor imitations. I still prefer the Beatles, but “Sympathy For the Devil” is a masterpiece!
I hated the original Star Trek (which I called Star Track) when it first aired, because adolescent Jerry thought it paled in comparison to Lost In Space. Kids are stupid.


There are obvious things like food and history museums. Otherwise I’m having a harder time thinking of anything.

I don’t think I hated that much pop culture stuff until I was like 15. I’ve been making up for it lately, though.


Cucumber, weirdly. I can’t imagine why I had a problem with it as it’s mostly water.



I tried reading it when I was 7, thought it was a huge waste of time.
6 years later, 13, amazing, Dune Messiah is my favorite of the series.

Other than that I don’t really have anything else. My tastes have stayed somewhat in a plateau.




Getting clothes as a present. When you’re a kid you think you’ve just been punished for some unspeakable crime - even worse you have to immediately try them on which is what the third level of hell is all about (an endless repeated changing room where you have to try on clothes and your extended family and whatever stranger happens to be visiting pass comments on whether they fit you or not).

Now I love getting clothes because it means I don’t have to actually shop.


Sure it wasn’t all about narrative but that’s the turn the thread seemed to take immediately… and if I talked about the foods I hated as a kid, we’d be here all night! There’s not one item of food I had in your company that I would’ve willingly eaten as a child, for instance!


Superman, spinach and squash


Yeah, that’s a pretty good one. I really can’t think of many other things. I was kind of a weird kid in that I always enjoyed things like the theatre and museums and enjoyed some pretty mature theme movies and books. I guess I enjoy more cheeses now than when I was a kid and maybe a few other foods/drinks.


Kissing. Girls. Terribly obvious, yet terribly important!