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They're making a Live-Action LION KING?



Jon Favreau is directing?

Okay, I’m100% in.

****This was pretty much my thought process over the course of about 5 seconds.



With real lions? :open_mouth:


I knew I should have started that Lion taming business sooner.


Paul made an interesting point about this in the movie thread:

I guess it’s just very high-end, almost photo-realistic animation - unless they’re going to mix animation with filming real animals?


I haven’t seen it but is there a chance they’re doing it a bit like the recent Jungle Book film?


I presume so, as Favreau was behind that too - but Jungle Book at least has humans in it.


Can you imagine arranging all the animals for the musical numbers? They’re going to need some great trainers.



Another remake. Lack of originality. Broadway not enough. No such thing as tradition, and, God help us, maybe even children learning that the world existed before their overly-precious asses ever existed.

Favreau. AGAIN doing something unoriginal. A waste of talent and resources.

Are not two Jungle Books and a couple Tarzans enough for now?


Can you imagine what people would say if Simba ate Timon and Pumba?


In fairness, the original Lion King was pretty much just a remake of Hamlet. :slight_smile:


And Hamlet a retelling of an old viking tale.


That’s quite an accurate representation of the last time I asked for careers advice! :confounded:


And Kimba the White Lion.


Did you see the recent Jungle Book?


Clips. I still want to see it, and it will be on cable soon. I’m quite looking forward to the Andy Serkis mocap-fest - but I think he’s a genius.

Thing is, Rudyard Kipling wrote a whole lot of stories. Here’s a challenge for whoever wants to make a third Jungle Book or for Favreau’s idea: What happens next? Is there more story? If not, what story needs to be told?

I understand “versions” and “remakes” and “adaptations” quite well. I am not required to like them.


The new Jungle Book was one of the most surprisingly good movies I’ve seen recently. I remember hearing about parents complaining about their children being traumatized and leaving the theater crying when that movie first came out and I remember wanting to see it. When I finally did I was not disappointed. I could definitely see why it was scaring children. Small children should not be watching that movie. I thought it was really well done.

That being said, I am in for Favreau’s Lion King.


It was great. Miqque is just old and reactionary.


The current buzzword is “feisty”.


I think you’ve been mishearing people when they say “crotchety”. :wink: