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The Write Off Star Wars Contest - Pick a winner


Hi folks,

A few weeks ago we started a fun competition called the Write Off - a chance for writers to sharpen their pencils and exercise their creative juices. The theme was to write a short story about a minor Star Wars character. Below are our entries. There’s 20 of them, so we have lots of reading to do.

I’d ask folks to read through and vote for the one they like most. Comments and critiques are welcome. I’ll leave this poll up for 2-3 weeks to give everyone plenty of time to read all the entries.

To the winner: if you end up with the most popular story you get two rewards. 1) the good feelings that people read your work and loved it and 2) you get to pick the subject for the next Write Off!!! And if you don’t win don’t be discouraged, this is just a bit of fun to help would be writers get some exercise. Stay tuned for the next one, it might be just right for you!

Ok folks, below are the entries. Vote here for your favorite. If you want to vote for the last story (A shadow in the brush) just make a post - I can only have 20 options in the poll and we have 21 entries!!

  • Living Dengar-ously
  • The Younglings
  • The Dewback’s Tale
  • Sides
  • AT-AT Boys
  • Rancor Hunt
  • An Old Hope
  • The Darkness and the Light
  • Fail Better: A Play for Voice
  • Lucky Hand
  • Troopers
  • IG Love Story
  • The Cold Touch of Carbonite
  • Art & Science
  • An Unlikely Companion
  • Greedo
  • The Reapers of Khalist VI
  • The Tatooine Inquiry
  • Tatooine Noire
  • FN-2445

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Written by Marc Hulet

PAGE 1 (3 panels)
Panel 1. BOBA FETT flies off the skiff during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon. LUKE SKYWALKER can be seen near the edge of the skiff.
Panel 2. BOBA FETT slides into the SARLACC.
Panel 3. Aboard Jabba the Hutt’s Khetanna, bounty hunter DENGAR peers cowardly over the edge of the large sail barge.
DENGAR (to himself): Boba. Damn.

PAGE 2 (4 panels)
Panel 1. A 3/4 overhead shot of SLAVE 1, looking big and powerful, in comparison to the other smaller ships around it. We can see DENGAR running towards Boba Fett’s ship.
No dialogue
Panel 2. A close-up shot of DENGAR slamming his hand down on a button on the side of SLAVE 1, causing the ship’s door to open. He looks nervously over his shoulder.
SOUND F/X: Clack-Thunk!
Panel 3. DENGAR is now in the driver’s seat of SLAVE 1.
DENGAR (to himself): Sorry, Fett.
Panel 4. We pull back to see SLAVE 1 blast off from the surface of Tatooine.

PAGE 3 (3 panels)
Panel 1. An establishing shot of a dimly-lit, seedy bar. It’s packed with ne’er-do-wells. Off in the far right corner we can faintly make out DENGAR, who is slouched at a table by himself.
No dialogue
Panel 2. A Zeltron waitress (AMALIA) steps up to DENGAR’s table. He’s munching on a bowl of complementary snacks. AMALIA is holding a small electronic note pad to take his order. She has a curvy body and is wearing a revealing outfit no doubt chosen to enhance her tips. Her face, though, is not nearly as awe-inspiring as her form.
AMALIA: I haven’t seen you here before. What’ll it be?
DENGAR: I’m just passing through, sweetheart. Do you serve Gargeelian Cider?
Panel 3. We peer over AMALIA’s shoulder as she jots down DENGAR’s order. He leers at her while her attention is diverted.
AMALIA: I’m afraid not.
DENGAR: I’ll take a Gamorrean Stout, then.

PAGE 4 (3 panels)
Panel 1. We pull back to reveal more tables surrounding DENGAR and AMALIA as they talk. The bar patrons at the other tables take no notice of the pair but a Morellian BARTENDER at the bar is trying very hard to keep an eye on AMALIA while looking busy serving another customer a drink.
AMALIA: An excellent choice… Please, excuse me for asking – but you look like you’ve seen your fair share of battles and of excitement – are you with the Rebellion?
DENGAR: Not exactly, doll. I’m a bounty hunter.
DENGAR (con’t): I go toe to toe with some of the most dangerous blokes in the galaxy. And make a pretty penny doing it, I might add.
DENGAR (con’t): Danger pays, hun.
Panel 2. Sensing DENGAR’s pride in himself and his work, AMALIA exaggerates her interested in the bounty hunter’s tale and also not-so-subtly tries to further accentuate her own assets.
AMALIA: Oh my – I don’t think I’ve ever met a real, live bounty hunter before!
AMALIA (con’t): You must be dying of thirst – I’ll be right back with your drink!
Panel 3. In the foreground, DENGAR leans back very happy with himself and slaps a surprised, nearby AQUALISH on the shoulder. In the background, AMALIA interacts with the BARTENDER at the bar and collects the drink for DENGAR.
DENGAR: I’m gonna tap that…

PAGE 5 (5 panels)
Panel 1. AMALIA returns to the table with DENGAR’s stout and places it on the table. There appears to be a piece of paper sticking out from the bottom of the drink, almost like a drink coaster. DENGAR is too busy leering at AMALIA, who is too busy to notice right away. She’s balancing a serving tray with her one hand, placing the drink on the table with the other and leaning over in a way that her full breasts are right in front of DENGAR.
AMALIA: Please enjoy the stout and flag me down when you’re ready for another.
DENGAR: Why don’t you have a seat, sweetheart?
Panel 2. A close-up of AMALIA who looks nervous.
AMALIA: I’d love to. Really… But I, I can’t – They’re watching me.
Panel 3. AMALIA departs quickly. DENGAR is annoyed.
No dialogue.
Panel 4. The AQUALISH leans over to DENGAR.
AQUALISH: I think you might be all tapped out.
Panel 5. DENGAR looks menacingly at the AQUALISH, who shrinks back.
DENGAR: Shut y’er fuckin’ mouth before I turn you into calamari, squid-for-brains.

PAGE 6 (4 panels)
Panel 1. DENGAR takes a deep swig of his stout and stares down, almost cross eyed, at the piece of paper stuck to the bottom of his drink.
No dialogue
Panel 2. DENGAR has placed down the stout and is now opening up the folded paper.
No dialogue
Panel 3. DENGAR reads the note and we see:
NOTE: Please help me escape – I’m held against my will. I will grant your wildest fantasies in return.
Panel 4. DENGAR looks up across the bar at AMALIA, who is in a heated conversation with the BARTENDER. He is berating her, albeit quietly, and has a hold of her wrist as she shrinks back, looking meek – like a damsel in distress.

PAGE 7 (4 panels)
Panel 1. DENGAR, acting rash, bursts up from his table, knocking his chair backwards into the AQUALISH and storms across the room towards the surprised BARTENDER and a startled AMALIA.
DENGAR: Hey! Buddy – hands off the girl!
Panel 2. The BARTENDER turns his attention to DENGAR and lets go of AMALIA.
BARTENDER: Back off and mind your own business, friend. Or I’ll wipe my ass with your fucking hat.
Panel 3. DENGAR stops dead in his tracks with a suddenly calm look on his face. The BARTENDER looks uneasy.
DENGAR: What did you say?
Panel 4. DENGAR whips a blaster rifle off of his hip and fires – without warning – at the BARTENDER, who is immediately hit by the blast and falls backwards.

PAGE 8 (5 panels)
Panel 1. DENGAR grabs AMALIA by the hand, his rifle still smoking. She looks shocked by the sudden outburst of violence.
DENGAR: Let’s get out of her, doll.
Panel 2. DENGAR pulls AMALIA towards the exit door of the bar as the other patrons begin to spring to life. Many of them have also produced weapons, some in defense – some in acts of aggression.
No dialogue
Panel 3. One giant, mean-ass-looking YUZZEM steps in front of DENGAR and AMALIA, barring the exit. He’s holding a large blade weapon.
YUZZEM : The wench stays here.
Panel 4. With a flick of his hand, DENGAR rolls a mini-grenade towards the feet of the YUZZEM standing in the doorway.
SOUND FX: Thunk!
Panel 5. The YUZZEM jumps out of the way as the bomb explodes, sending patrons flying. DENGAR shields AMALIA from the blast.

PAGE 9 (5 panels)
Panel 1. DENGAR pulls AMALIA through the smoke and through the front door of the bar into the early evening. He looks back at her.
DENGAR: Keep y’er feet moving and y’er head down, doll!
Panel 2. They reach the ship and DENGAR hits the button to open the door to SLAVE 1. The door begins to open.
SOUND FX: Clang!
Panel 3. DENGAR and AMALIA race aboard the ship
No dialogue
Panel 4. An exterior shot of SLAVE 1 as the door slams shut and smoke bellows out from its exhaust.
SOUND FX (Door): Bang!
SOUND FX (Engines): Ba-Whoosh!
Panel 5.SLAVE 1 blasts off from the “parking lot” of the bar. A number of angry goons fire shots at the ship.
SOUND FX: Bada-pow!

PAGE 10 (6 panels)
Panel 1. Inside SLAVE 1, AMALIA leans over DENGAR, who is piloting the ship.
AMALIA: I-- I can’t thank you enough. I don’t even know your name!
DENGAR: It’s DENGAR, sweetheart. Once we get clear of this godforsaken planet I’ll let you thank me good and proper.
Panel 2. Instead of being disgusted at his bold advances, AMALIA smiles and once again accentuates her assets, much to DENGAR’s delight.
AMALIA: And you shall be rewarded appropriately.
Panel 3. DENGAR is about to say something when the flight panel of the ship lights up and alarms begin to sound. Both DENGAR and AMALIA have their attention diverted.
Panel 4. DENGAR fights the steering of the ship.
AMALIA: What is it!? Is it The Empire?
Panel 5. DENGAR looks back at AMALIA while still trying to fight for control of the ship.
DENGAR: Worse. Someone has taken control of the ship remotely.
DENGAR (con’t): And that can only mean one thing…
Panel 6. An exterior shot of SLAVE 1 flying through space. But it’s not alone. Three small space crafts have joined in pursuit of the craft after the dust-up at the bar, unnoticed during the commotion.
DENGAR: Boba Fett is alive and wants his ship back.
DENGAR (con’t): We’re in a shitload of trouble, doll.

TO BE CONTINUED… What will happen when Boba Fett learns that it was Dengar that stole Slave 1…? Why was Amalia so desperate to escape the bar…? And exactly who is chasing Dengar and Amalia…?



Script by patrick j. clarke

10 pages

Page One

1/ Low shot of children’s feet and legs playing with a ball and one of the kids is kicking the ball out of frame. It’s dusty and dry.

CAPTION: Somewhere in the Outer Rim.

2/ We see the ball going into a bar doorway. The name of the bar is “The Blue Snail” and there is a sign by the doorway that should be very visible. The sign says: “Absolutely NO CHILDREN!”

CHILD 1 (Off-panel): Oh, NO!

3/ A lineup of scruffy kids ranging in age from 8-10 with all sorts of sports type gear on, but it’s very rag-tag. It’s apparent they are playing in the center of a dirt street (just think Old West town). One of the kids is “Seb” and he is 8 and smaller than the rest. He should have a flight cap on with goggles up on his forehead.

CHILD 1: Way to go, Seb! You HAVE to go in and get the ball.
SEB: But, SHE’S in there.
CHILD 2: It was your stupid kick, so tough Rontos! You have to go!

4/ Interior of “The Blue Snail” with Seb framed in the doorway. You can barely make out the features of the bar, and Seb is still in the outside light with brightness behind him.

SEB: Hello? Ms. Roaz? I accidentally kicked our bolo-ball in here…

Page Two

1/ Side view of Seb going into the bar, it’s dark around him, the shaft of light from outside illuminating him and he’s reaching for the ball.

SEB: So, I’m just gonna grab it, ‘kay?

2/ We’ve pulled back more and now see that Seb is in front of the bar and he is holding the ball. The bar is lit from above and, in the shadows, half-lit is a woman in her 30’s. This is Rory Roaz. She has short, cropped dark hair and should look a little like Emily Blunt. She should be wearing simple garb.


3/ Close-up of Rory’s face, angry and yelling.


4/ Same shot, but now tears are running down Rory’s face.

CAPTION: No, not again…
CAPTION: The Younglings

Page Three

1/ Interior of the Jedi Council Chamber on Coruscant. A 16-year-old version of Rory is standing in front of Master Kit Fisto. She has a short ponytail and the Padawan braid as part of it. In the background, a gathering of 7 Younglings are scattered about watching.

CAPTION: Jedi Council Chamber, Coruscant
RORY: But Master Fisto, what if they try to come in here?
KIT FISTO: Use your training. Calm the Younglings with The Force and remember, Master Skywalker should arrive soon.
KIT FISTO: I don’t know what we’re dealing with, but Master Windu needs me to join him at once.

2/ From behind Rory, we see Kit Fisto leaving the Council Chambers.

KIT FISTO: Remember your training, it will serve you well!

3-6/ Small square panels of individual Younglings faces with looks of concern.

7/ Close-up (shoulders and above with headroom) of Rory with a slightly worried look on her face The small panels with Younglings should be over top of this panel.

RORY (thinking): You can do this. Remember your training.
RORY (thinking): Use The Force to calm the Younglings.
RORY (thinking): Prepare them if we need to fight.
RORY (thinking): Tell them that Master Skywalker will be here soon.
RORY (thinking): Don’t let them see that you’re scared out of your mind.
RORY: Okay, my Younglings. This is what we’re going to do.

Page Four

1/ A Youngling is talking to Rory and Rory is down on one knee to be on the same level as the child. This is the same child that, in the movie, goes to Anakin when he enters. His name is Oberon, but everyone calls him Obee.

OBEE: Miss Roaz, I’ve counted and there are five of us who have lightsabers.
RORY: That’s great Obee. Hopefully we won’t need to use them.
OBEE: But with your help Miss, we’ll be ready until Master Skywalker comes to rescue us!

2/ Pulled back view of the council chambers where we see the Younglings have stationed themselves in front of the council chairs, sitting cross-legged, and ones that have lightsabers have them laying in front of them. They all have eyes on Rory.

RORY: My little Jedi, your lightsabers have been turned all the way up now, so be careful, but be ready.
RORY: If any Clone Trooper tries to come in here, follow my lead, and remember…
RORY: We can’t trust any of them anymore.

3/ Rory’s head is turning around reacting to the sound coming from the door. She looks worried.


4/ From behind Rory, she is crouched, feet spread, ready for anything, and her lightsaber is in her right hand, but hasn’t been ignited yet. The door is halfway open and we can just see 5 Clone Troopers in the doorway, weapons ready. The Younglings are still seated with lightsabers in front of them.

RORY (Force Thought): Wait until I give the command, my little Jedi.

Page Five

1/ High and behind the Clone Troopers. The troopers are about halfway into the chamber, weapons pointed at Rory. Rory has ignited her lightsaber and is holding it out in front of her. It should be teal in color. The Younglings are now standing, in a half-circle in front of the Jedi Master’s chairs with their lightsabers held in front of them, but not ignited.

RORY (Force Thought): Calmly now, it is almost time.

2/ Full-width, but slim panel of Clone Troopers from front with guns raised, motion lines showing them raising them.

LEAD CLONE TROOPER: Execute Order 66!

3/ Three quarter view of troopers firing at Rory and The Younglings. Rory and The Younglings have ignited their lightsabers.


Page Six

1-3/ Action shots of Rory and The Younglings working in unison deflecting the shots back at the Clone Troopers

4/ All of the Clone Troopers have been felled except for one, who is standing there, stunned.

5/ Same POV, but the lone Clone Trooper has turned and run out the doorway.

Page Seven

1/ All The Youngling are cheering around Rory


2/ Close-up of Rory’s face with a look a revelation and shock

RORY (Thinking): Oh, no! He’s going to get reinforcements!

3/ Rory has gathered the children around her and is kneeling down.

RORY: You all were so brave! But I need you to stay brave for me.
RORY: I need to go after that last one so he doesn’t get more troopers.
OBEE: But Miss Rory, we’ll be alone!

4/ Rory is walking towards the door, but looking back at The Younglings

RORY (Force Voice): Be calm, my little ones, Master Skywalker will be here soon to protect you.
RORY: And I promise, you will be safe.

Page Eight

1/ Rory is running down the corridor in pursuit of the Clone Trooper.

RORY (thinking): I hated leaving them, but I sense the trooper is near, and he needs to be stopped.

2/ Rory has turned a corner and the Trooper has stepped out of a hiding spot, weapon drawn.

TROOPER: Execute Order 66!

3/ Rory in mid-somersault over the Trooper, lightsaber blazing. The Trooper is looking up at her.


4/ Rory lands in crouch with lightsaber slashing across the panel.

RORY: I’m coming, little ones.

Page Nine

1/ This is the scene from Episode III (01:23:38 for reference). Back in the Jedi Council Chamber, The Younglings are hiding behind the chairs and the doors open with Anakin Skywalker, hooded, coming into the room.

2/ Obee has come out of hiding, and the other Younglings are coming out of hiding behind him.

OBEE: Master Skywalker, there are too many of them. What are we going to do?

3/ From behind Anakin (01:23:54), and he has ignited his lightsaber. The children look frightened and confused.

4/ Rory is running back down a corridor towards the Council Chamber

RORY (thinking): Something’s not right…

5/ Close-up of Rory’s face, complete shock, pain and anguish on her face.


Page Ten

1/ Close-up of Rory’s face, much like in the last panel of Page Nine, but now older, harrowed. Sadness and sorrow are apparent on her face.

CAPTION: I don’t remember much after that. Somehow I escaped and ran.
CAPTION: And kept on running.

2/ Rory taking a shot of some sort of liquor, head tossed back.

CAPTION: From that day forward, I tried to forget everything they taught me.
CAPTION: But I’ve never been able to turn off the ability to feel the children.
CAPTION: Even in my dreams.

3/ Rory is in the doorway to her bar, silhouetted from behind

CAPTION: It’s fitting punishment that they would play right in front of here.
CAPTION: A reminder of how I failed.

4/ The kids are in the street, continuing to play bolo-ball. POV is opposite of the last panel, and we see Rory, small in the doorway.

CAPTION: How we all failed.
CAPTION: If only there would have been a Skywalker to save us all.


The Dewback’s Tale

by Michael Nichols

This story is adapted from STAR WARS Episode IV A NEW HOPE

Page one

1/ The same band of three Tuskan Raiders that rendered Luke unconscious during his search for R2-D2 is ransacking his landspeeder. Luke’s crumpled form lies nearby.

2/ Obi-Wan mimics the cry of a Krayt Dragon which startles the Tuskans causing them to flee.


Tuskan Language: ####### ## ### #

3-4/ The small raiding party continues its race away from what they perceive to be their natural predator down hillsides and through canyons.

5/ The running Tuskans reach their encampment made up of small, slightly elevated yurts. A tall, imposing raider stands in front of one of them, his gaderffii’s point is stubbed in the ground and supports him (think Moses and his staff). He wears the standard Tuskan dress and face covering but also sports other adornments (beads, bones etc.) that mark him as a leader. The harried raiders rush towards him, chattering with excitement.

Tuskan Language: ####### ## ### #

Page two

1/ The raiders crowd around the tall Tuskan and jabber about the Krayt emphasizing their close call by making grandiose arm gestures to indicate what they perceive was its size and ferocity.

2/ The leader calls out.

Leader: ####### ## ### #

3/ Many male heads poke out of the openings of their own yurts.

4/ The leader points in the direction the raiding party came from.

5/ A larger raiding/hunting party assembles in front of the leader.

6/ At waist level and just behind the leader, a yurt flap opens and a small Tuskan boy peers out. He wears a style of bead adornment like his father only smaller and as an armband instead of a necklace.

Page three

1/ Shot from the boy’s perspective upward. The boy addresses the leader (his father) who gazes down at him in response.

Boy: ####### ## ### #

2/ The leader rubs the boy’s head and chides him gently.

Leader: ####### ## ### #

3/ The leader waves to the raiders with his gaderffii.

4/ The leader takes his place at the head of a wedge formation and the raiders fall in line (walking towards the reader). Under the stilted yurt (further into panel), at its rear, the shadowed shape of the small boy drops secretively to the ground.

5/ The boy (panel foreground) presses up against the yurt and glances around its edge as his father leads the large raiding party out of the valley encampment and back towards the way the men came.

Page four

1/ The Raiders return to where Luke’s landspeeder sat. It is gone. The raiders search the area for evidence of his departure.

2/ One raider pulls what appears to be a scanner from the sand. It has power and is still operational.

Scanner: beep beep beep…

3/ The boy hides behind an outcropping of rock, watching the raider’s search with great interest.

4/ Same as previous panel only now the shadow of a hand drops across the boy’s back.

Page five

1/ A hand grasps the boy’s arm. He is whirled around finding himself face-to-face with one of the raiders. The raider berates him for being insolent and away from the camp.

Raider: ####### ## ### #

2/ The Raider goes to call for the boy’s father when he’s suddenly shot through the side of the head with a laser bolt. His hand flails in recoil and he inadvertently tears the ornate, tribal band from the boy’s arm as he topples.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSSH!

3/ The landspeeder’s site is suddenly overcome by the small detail of stormtroopers who were searching for C3-PO and R2-D2. They detected the abandoned, operative scanner and are investigating. They fire upon the surprised Tuskans without provocation. One stormtrooper shoots from atop a mounted Dewback.

4/ The Tuskan leader emits a shrieking war cry and his assemblage of warriors charges the superiorly armed but smaller-numbered empire task force.

Leader: ####### ## ### #

5/ The boy flees back toward the Tuskan encampment with laser bolts zinging over his head.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSSH! FWASSSH!

Page six

1/ It’s night on Tatooine. The boy peers out of his family yurt anxiously. He sees the raiding party return; the wounded carry the dead. The leader walks slightly stooped, his gaderffii is slung across his back and he holds his arm, injured from a laser blast.

2/ The boy races toward his injured father.

3/ Profile shot. The boy smothers his face into his father’s stomach, hugging him in joyous relief. The leader affectionately pats his son on the head.

4/ Later that night, the boy still awake on his side, looks happily at the sleeping figure of his father (waist up shot). The yurt’s top flap is open exposing the stars, which illuminates the bedtime scene.

5/ The boy rolls away from his father (towards reader) with a contented, sleepy look.

6/ Same as previous panel. The boy’s eyes suddenly pop open; a look of anguished realization comes across his face.

7/ Boy’s POV, Looking down at his arm realizing his decorative, tribal band is missing.

Page seven

1/ Exterior of yurt, same night. The boy sneaks down the yurt’s ladder.

2/ He steals away from the camp, avoiding the guards and into the darkness.

3/ He’s back at the scene of the canyon battle where there is evidence of the fight. The stormtroopers are gone but pieces of their battle suits are strewn about.

4/ POV ground up of boy looking down anxiously. The stars blaze brilliantly overhead in the cloudless, Tatooine night sky.

5/ Same as previous panel. The boy utters a happy sound while reaching downward.

Boy: ###

6/ He simultaneously returns the found band to his arm as he turns his head in response to a low moan coming from a cave entrance in the canyon wall.

Moan: nnnnarrrruhhunn….

7/ He makes his way toward the entrance.

8/ POV from inside the cave looking towards the entrance at the boy who now stands framed within it. The moan occurs again, only louder.

Moan: nnnnarrrruhhunn….

Page eight

1/ Shot from behind the boy looking into the cave. A fissure in the cave’s ceiling allows starlight to spill in and illuminate what’s below. The boy sees a wounded dewback near a subterranean pool of water. The lizard is lapping at it while lying on its side, favoring a wounded rear leg, which is bleeding.

2/ The boy approaches the beast that regards him warily.

3/ The boy examines the wound and discovers that the tip of a gaderffii has broken off in the creature’s haunch. He gingerly touches it and the dewback lifts its head, turns and hisses.

Dewback: s-s-s-s-s-ssss

4/ Same as previous panel. The boy withdraws, sitting back on his heels and the wounded dewback goes back to drinking from the small pool.

5/ The boy exits the cave running.

6/ He plucks what appears to be a large pomegranate with a base of fan-like leaves from a small tree growing out of a rock wall.

Page nine

1/ He returns to the cave.

2/ Close-up on the boy’s hands. He uses the sharp end of a small stone implement from his belt to pierce the fruit’s skin, allowing its contents to drip on to the bowl of leaves he has fashioned.

3/ The boy sprinkles a powdery substance from a small drawstring, leather-like bag on to the fruit while kneading it with the dull, bulbous, opposite end of the same stone tool.

4/ The boy gently applies the poultice to the dewback’s wound. The animal raises its head cooing in relief.

Dewback: hunnnn…. hunnnn…

5/ Close-up on the boy placing his hand on the embedded spear tip.

6/ Exterior shot of the cave. The dewback (off-panel) howls in momentary agony as the object is removed.


Page ten

1/ It’s daylight in the Tuskan encampment. People go about their daily chores, Men hang meat to dry, women clean clothes and beat sand from rugs and small gardens are tended.

2/ From off-panel, a small hand and arm stretches furtively outward, stealing strips of meat while its tender has his back turned.

3/ The same thing occurs at a local garden as vegetables are stealthily liberated.

4/ The boy, arms piled high with pilfered goods, dashes madly from the camp.

5/ He approaches the dewback’s cave laden under the weight of his load.

Page eleven

1/ He calls to his reptile friend at the entrance to the cave.

Boy: ### # ##

2/ The dewback responds happily.

Dewback: gnarr gnarr gnarr!

3/ The boy dumps the dewback’s food in front of him.

4/ He examines the wound that has healed nicely over several weeks.

5/ The dewback suddenly licks the boy’s face, which causes him to explode into giggles.

Boy: ## ## ##

6/ The boy has slipped atop the dewback as its rider and the lizard canters and bounds eager to please his small friend. The boy continues to celebrate with laughter.

Boy: ## ## ##

Dewback: gnarr gnarr gnarr!

7/ The fun comes to an abrupt end as the sound of a ship’s engines fill the cave. POV from cave floor up. The boy still atop the dewback, looks upwards and views through the ceiling fissure, the belly of an empire troop transport flying overhead.

Page twelve

1/ The boy slips from his friend’s back racing towards the cave entrance crying in terror.

BOY: #######!

2/ Exterior of cave. The boy erupts from the cave’s entrance rushing towards the reader.

3/ The boy reaches the Tuskan’s valley encampment to find that a squad of vengeful stromtroopers are attacking his people with their laser rifles. The boy looks frantically for his family.

4/ The boy turns and bounces off the leg of a stormtrooper.

5/ POV boy’s from ground up. The stormtrooper looms over him with his laser rifle pointed downward (I’d employ a nice 3-D style of telescopic image here with the end of the laser rifle appearing cannon-like). The sound of a rage-filled dewback suddenly interrupts from off-panel.

Dewback (off-panel): GNARRRAUGHHH!

Page thirteen

1/ The angry, protective dewback bounds into frame towards the reader and straight at the stormtrooper.

2/ The dewback’s charge is relentless. The boy, still on the ground, sees the lizard rush the squad of stormtroopers (further into the panel). The one who attempted to kill the boy hangs lifeless from its jaws. The stormtroopers abandon engagement with the Tuskans and turn and fire on the rampaging beast.

3/ 3-D style used again here for blaster fire spraying wild towards dewback, boy (and the reader). The dewback rips the soldiers to pieces.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSSH! FWASSSH!

4/ A laser rifle bolt glances the boy’s temple.

5/ Solid black panel as he’s rendered unconscious.

Page fourteen

1/ Blurry vision as the boy awakens.

2/ Same as previous panel only his sight is now normal. He’s back in his yurt and it is nighttime.

3/ He pokes his head out of the yurt to witness the bodies and gear of the defeated stormtroopers being piled onto a large bonfire in the center of the encampment. The nomads not tending the fire are breaking the camp down in preparation of finding a new home.

4/ The boy approaches the bonfire.

5/ He kneels in its light to discover a blood trail leading away from the camp.

6/ He runs off in its direction.

Page fifteen

1/ Interior of cave looking out. The boy, backlit by starlight, stands in its entrance and peers down. He gives a startled cry.

Boy: ####

2/ Mortally wounded from blaster fire and lying by his familiar pool is the dewback. The lizard attempts to raise his head and call a greeting to the boy.

Dewback n-n-n-a-r-nnn…

3/ The boy kneels petting his friend’s head. The dewback coos.

Dewback: hunnnn…. hunnnn…

4/ The boy pulls off his face covering and headdress and we’re witness to tears streaming down his face.

5/ The dewback gives his young friend a final lick with his long, serpentine tongue and breathes his last.

Page sixteen

1/ The boy rises and wipes his eyes.

2/ He turns to go (towards reader) and hears a noise behind him.

SFX: krik…

3/ The boy peers past the deceased, prostrate form of the dewback to see a single, large egg bathed in starlight and resting upright just to the side of its tail.

4/ Boy’s POV. The egg’s surface continues to fracture as a baby dewback claws its way into the world.

5/ The egg splits completely and the baby stretches his neck imploringly towards the boy while surveying him with milky, unfocused eyes.

6/ The boy reaches out tentatively and the baby dewback licks his hand.

Page seventeen

1/ Splash/Title page “The Dewback’s Tale”. Profile shot. The boy is on his knees in the cave. The baby lizard is cradled against him; its head is over his shoulder and its tail circles his waist. The baby’s eyes are closed and it coos gently. The boy hugs the newborn dewback with all the might he can muster.

Newborn: hunnnn…. hunnnn…



“Sides” by Michael Ernest Nichols

Page one

1/ Empty black panel

Caption: “The Dawn of Time”

2/ Same as previous panel only a pinprick of light is evident at the center of the panel.

3/ Same as previous panel only the pinprick is larger and now forms a solid luminescent dot.

4/ Same as previous panel only the dot is larger still.

5/ Same as previous panel only now the light resembles a large glowing silver orb, which contains a ribbon of even brighter luminescence that spirals from its center and moves clockwise to its perimeter.

6/ Same as previous panel only the ball of light, at its largest, takes up most of the center of the black panel. The clockwise-ribbon-spiraling orb (CO) speaks for the first time with only itself to hear.

Caption (CO): More

Page two

1/ The CO divides like a cell, while its center stretches like taffy. It takes on the appearance of an old-time-barbell, bulbous on the ends, connected by a thin middle bar.

2/ The glowing cell divides completely into two nearly identical silver balls with the only difference being the new, second orb’s spiraling ribbon spins counter-clockwise from its center.

3/ The two orbs chase each other playfully in the starless, black void. Long tails of stellar material trails behind them.

4/ The two racing orbs weave lovingly around one another, their tails entwined.

5/ The counter-clockwise-ribbon-spinning orb (CCO) halts its flight abruptly and makes a declaration to its twin. The CO responds with a question. The CCO’s response is certain and firm. Each caption for the individual orbs should employ unique distinction for whether it’s indicating the clockwise or counter-clockwise version.

Caption (CCO): More

Caption (CO): Yes?

Caption (CCO): More

6/ Short wide panel of the two orbs streaking away from one another then arcing back, their energy trails lengthen and narrow, giving the appearance of sudden acceleration. They fly towards each other at unimaginable speeds on a direct collision course.

Page three

1-5/ They connect and the universe is born from the fire of their explosive union. The first 5-panels should show the birth of the cosmos as it goes from primal detonation through it’s cooling maturation; as the stars coalesce and the planets take form.

6/ The two orbs reform in the now star-filled void. The two speak as one.

Caption (CO/CCO): Ours

Page four

These panel’s focus should illustrate the development of a single world over eons.

1/ The panel shows a planet’s surface rocked by volcanic eruption.

2/ The panel shows the same planet being flooded by melting ice.

3/ The panel shows clouds forming over time in a newly established atmosphere.

4/ Rain begins to pummel the surface of this world.

5/ Shoots of vegetation and blades of grass eventually push up out of the soil. Jungles and forests take root and grow.

6/ Thousands of years hence, the first evidence of life makes itself known as small, alien creatures crawl from the ocean and deposit themselves on a brilliant, white beach.

Page five

1/ The multiple eyes of the tiny, amphibian creatures turn skyward in unblinking awe and wonder at the stars that warm them.

2/ Same as previous panel, only now a shadow falls across the tiny creatures, darkening their historic arrival.

3/ Out in space the silver CO zooms towards the planet’s surface.

4/ High above the white beach the CO see’s the light of its twin and heads in its direction.

5/ The CCO positioned above the beach, has increased its glow and is killing the small sea-born creatures with its radiance. The miniscule beings demonstrate rudimentary terror and cry in dimly heard pain.

Creatures: e-e-e-eeeee…

6/ The CO swings around in front of the CCO and blocks the creatures from its twin’s heartless assault.

Page six

1/ Still protecting the creatures, the CO blocks them from its twin in angry confrontation.

Caption (CO): Stop!

2/ The CCO bristles, undaunted and looms above the creature’s protector, burning with indignation.

Caption (CCO): Mine

3/ The CO does not yield. The CCO hisses in anger at his twin’s obstinance.

Caption (CO): No

Caption (CCO): Yesss…

Caption (CO/LOUD): NO!

4/ The CCO abandons his torture and flies rapidly towards space.

5/ The CO shines warmly on the stricken creatures, bringing health back to the ones strong enough to have survived.

6/ Closeup on the creature’s faces who now share a look of knowing and contentment.

Page seven

1/ The CO now races spaceward itself.

2/ In the cold expanse of space the CO places himself opposite the murderous CCO, demanding answers (the final conversation between the two orbs should consist of identical panels stacked like film strips on the page).

Caption (CO): Why?

Caption (CCO): …Can

3/ Same as previous panel. The CO is silent as it ponders a response to its villainous twin.

4/ Same as previous panel. The CO takes a position, the CCO counters. The CO still refuses.

Caption (CO): Wrong…

Caption (CCO): …Join

Caption (CO): …No

5/ Same as previous panel. The CCO questions its twin’s decision again. The CO remains firm in its conviction.

Caption (CCO): No?

Caption (CO): No…

Page eight

1/ Same as previous panel only now the CCO’s color turns from silver to purple-black, (like a shining bruise) as the Force ultimately divides and the Dark side reveals itself for the first time.

2/ Same as previous panel. In response to its twin, The CO’s silver nimbus now glows even brighter as it assumes the mantle of the Light side. The Dark side edges away from the Light side, preparing to leave.

Caption (CCO): Go

Caption (CO): Where?

3/ Same as previous panel. The Dark side has moved even farther away (motion lines).

Caption (CCO): Far

Caption (CO): Why?

4/ Same as previous panel. The Dark side has moved even farther away (motion lines). A confused and hurt Light side learns the awful, immutable truth about its sibling.

Caption (CCO): Need

Caption (CO): …More?

3/ The Dark side halts a short distance and addresses its twin for the last time ever.

Caption (CCO): No…

Page nine

Splash page. Title Page, “Sides”; The Dark side flies away into the panel, tilted from the reader, leaving the Light side behind. The panel’s background consists of star-clusters, planets, moons, asteroids and individual suns. A transparency of the future’s Darth Vader, Emperor and Darth Maul looms over the evil orb, while one of Luke, Obi-Wan and Yoda surrounds the Light. The Dark side gives its final answer.

Caption (CCO): All


“AT-AT BOYS” Teaser
Written by Michael T Gonzalez

PAGE ONE (3 panels)

Panel 1: Typical Star Wars panorama shot. We are in a dense jungle,
looking out over the tree canopy towards the twin suns setting over the

Panel 2: Similar to above but our view is now tilted down to view
the tree line. Something is lumbering through the jungle, bulldozing
the trees as it moves towards us.



Panel 3: Low-angle shot of tree line. A large tree topples over to reveal an AT-AT looming above us.


PAGE TWO (2 panels)

Panel 1: High-angle, full shot of the AT-AT and the surrounding
area. The AT-AT has stopped at the tree line that encircles the ruins
of an ancient temple. The facade of the temple is cracked and crumbling
and is overgrown with vines.


Panel 2: Interior of AT-AT cockpit. The cockpit crew consists of
four personnel: DRIVER, CO-PILOT (who is also the gunner), COM-TECH
(who sits in front of a bank of displays) and the COMMANDER (who sits in
a chair at the back of the cockpit). Next to the Commander stands
DARTH MAUL (but his identity is hidden under his dark hood and cloak).
There is also an ENGINEER but he is stationed in the payload section so
we don’t see him yet.



PAGE THREE (4 panels)

Panel 1: Side-angle shot looking past Darth Maul at the Commander in
his chair. In the foreground, we can see the wide belt around Darth
Maul’s waist and the lightsaber at his side. In the background, the
Commander turns to Darth Maul and sneers – his patience with the Sith
Lord starting to wear thin.


Panel 2: Close-up of Darth Maul. All we can see are his red eyes in the blackness under his hood.


Panel 3: Exterior of the AT-AT. Over-the-shoulder shot of the
AT-AT, looking past a JEDI hiding in the trees. The Jedi is barely
distinguishable in the dense canopy. The AT-AT cockpit swings towards
us and the Jedi.


Panel 4: We are looking through the front viewport of the AT-AT.
The Driver spots something moving in the nearby trees and calls out.


PAGE FOUR (4 panels)

Panel 1: The Jedi, with his lightsaber ignited, leaps from the trees towards the AT-AT cockpit.


Panel 2: Cutaway view of the AT-AT cockpit. The Jedi lands on the
cockpit and thrust his lightsaber straight through the hull, sending
sparks flying inside and outside. The crew inside all cower in fear.
Darth Maul stands, unflinching.


Panel 3: Similar to above except zoomed in for a closer shot. The
Jedi continues to ram his sword through the hull of the AT-AT cockpit
straight for Darth Maul who holds his position.


Panel 4: Similar to above except now zoomed in to a close-up of
Darth Maul and the tip of the Jedi’s lightsaber which has stopped just
inches short of Darth Maul’s face.


PAGE FIVE (6 panels)

Panel 1: Interior of AT-AT cockpit. View from the back. The crew
all turn to watch Darth Maul dash off-panel. The Jedi’s lightsaber is
now gone from view, leaving only a molten hole where it pierced the


Panel 2: Close-up of the Commander. He barks out commands feverishly.


Panel 3: Close-up of Co-Pilot. He flips some switches on his console.



Panel 4: Close-up of Com-Tech. He pushes some buttons on his console.



Panel 5: Close-up of ENGINEER in payload section of AT-AT. He touches a display with an interactive schematic of the AT-AT.



Panel 6: Full-shot of the crew in the cockpit. They all pause when they hear a loud sound above them and look up, anxious.


PAGE SIX (4 panels)

Panel 1: Over-the-shoulder shot looking past the Driver and Co-pilot
at the front viewport. The Jedi’s legs slide down the viewport glass.

Panel 2: Same as above except now we can see the Jedi’s midsection slide down past the viewport glass.

Panel 3: Same as above except now we can see the Jedi’s upper body
slide down past the viewport. His head has been severed by Darth Maul’s

Panel 4: Exterior of AT-AT. Darth Maul stands triumphant on top of
the AT-AT as the Jedi’s headless body and severed head fall to the
jungle floor.

PAGE SEVEN (6 panels)

Panel 1: Interior of AT-AT payload bay. In the foreground, Darth
Maul re-enters the AT-AT and clips both lightsabers to his belt. His
back is to the Commander and Engineer in the background. The Commander
no longer hides his anger at the Sith Lord, which makes the Engineer


Panel 2: Commander’s POV. Darth Maul has his back to us.


Panel 3: Over-the-shoulder shot looking past Darth Maul in the
foreground to the Commander in the background. Darth Maul is facing us,
not the Commander.



Panel 4: High-angle full shot of the ancient temple ruins. This
time, a crack in the facade of the temple catches our attention.


Panel 5: Similar to above but a closer shot of the crack in the
facade. Now we can see a pair of FRIGHTENED CHILD’S EYES in the


Panel 6: Almost completely black panel. In the far right corner of
the panel, we can just barely make out a CHILD PADAWAN huddled in the
darkness. A sliver of light crosses his terrified eyes.


PAGE EIGHT (6 panels)

Panel 1: The Commander, growing impatient, places his hands on his hips.


Panel 2: Behind-the-back shot of Darth Maul. He looks back over his shoulder at us.


Panel 3: The Commander is incredulous.


Panel 4: Darth Maul ignites one side of his lightsaber.


Panel 5: Darth Maul ignites the other side of his lightsaber.


Panel 6: Darth Maul, with his hood finally removed to reveal his devilish visage, holds his lightsaber up at us.





“RANCOR HUNT”by Craig Sawyer


*This story takes place directly after Luke Skywalker has killed Jabba’s Rancor in episode VI (Return of the Jedi)

1/ Establishing shot of the outside of Jabba’s Palace located in the Dune Sea on the planet of Tatooine. Twin suns are hanging in the sky.

Caption: An old monastery located in the northern Dune Sea on the desert planet of Tatooine.

Caption: It is currently home to one of the most notorious gangsters in the galaxy.

Caption: Jabba The Hutt.

2/ Inside the old monastery turned palace we see a procession of GAMORREANS escorting a captured LUKE SKYWALKER down a long hallway of sandblasted metal and stone. We cannot see Luke’s face, but it is fairly obvious who this is, but I want to steer away from placing emphasis on main characters.


3/ We are inside Rancor Pit below Jabba’s throne room. Two human guards REDIX MAL & KJINK are lifting the fallen gate off the dead rancor at the command of Jabba’s emotional creature handler MALAKILI.

MALAKILI: My precious child…what did that Jedi scum do to you?

4/ BIB FORTUNA stands in the dimly lit corridor flanked by two armed Gamorreans.

BIB: Malakili…Lord Jabba has requested your presence in the throne room.

5/ Bib and guards escort Malakili down the hallway.

BIB: That rancor was a gift to Jabba. He is very displeased over its demise.

MALAKILI: I suppose you convinced him that I am to blame…you rotten Twi’lek.

1/ In the throne room, JABBA sits on his long throne surrounded by his usual adornments. BOBA FETT is standing off to the side. A BT-16 SPIDER DROID (B’omarr monk brain jar hanging underneath) is standing in front of an amused Jabba.

JABBA: You offer me spiritual enlightenment for your monastery back? Ha! Ha! Ha!

JABBA: Do not leave the lower depths again monk…unless I request your presence.

2/ The BT-16 walks creeps away. Salacious Crumb laughs in the background.

3/ A bowing Bib Fortuna and a nervous looking Malakili stand in the shadow of Jabba.

BIB: The fallen rancor’s handler as you requested…lord Jabba.

4/ Close on Jabba.

JABBA: You let my property be destroyed.

5/ Two shot of a smiling Bib and a pleading Malakili.

MALAKILI: I had no idea that you would have my rancor face a Jedi. He was unprepared for such a thing.

BIB: My rancor? You should have trained him better.

MALAKILI: Let me speak you ugly…

6/ Jabba roars angrily. Crumb is hiding his face.

JABBA: Silence!

JABBA: That rancor was priceless. I also had plans to pit him against a Krayt Dragon for the amusement of the Hutt Council.


1/ Malakili gains some courage as he brushes past Bib.

MALAKILI: I will go and get you another one.

2/ Salacious Crumb poking his head back up beside a laughing Jabba.

JABBA: You plan on capturing another rancor? This amuses me.

3/ Bib looks angry at losing the chance to get rid of his old enemy. Malakili cuts eyes at Bib while still speaking.

MALAKILI: I will travel to the planet of Felucia and will return with a new rancor to train. I humbly ask for one favor in return.

4/ Jabba looks interested as he stuffs a slimy fish in his mouth.

JABBA: You are very bold human or very stupid. Which is it?

5/ Malakili pleads.

MALAKILI: I want to be the one to kill the Jedi…Skywalker.

6/ Jabba almost chokes belly laughing.


7/ Jabba points at Malakili.

JABBA: I already have plans for the Jedi.

JABBA: You just worry about returning with a new rancor, or you will have every bounty hunter in the galaxy hunting you down.

JABBA: Bib…have my barge prepared to leave within the hour.

BIB: Yes, lord Jabba.


1/ Full Page establishing shot of the Jungle planet Felucia as a small freighter flies overhead. In the distance a Felucian Shaman points up toward the ship. He is dressed in traditional tribal mask and garb (very African tribal vibe) and accompanied by three warriors carrying crude jawbone weapons and a saddled tee-muss (four-legged odd toed ungulate with small proboscis and two tusks) with packs on its back. They stand on a distance hill top. The Felucian natives and legs end up in four large, webbed digits , with suction-cup fingertips. A flock of birds similar to the Peko Peko birds (reptavians) that are native to Gungan swamps of Naboo are flying by. The terrain is massive craggy mountains, thick jungle, and giant purple and yellow translucent mushrooms protruding everywhere.



1/Shot of the freighter’s landing gear descending.


2/ The ship has landed in a small opening in the jungle next to a raging waterfall.


3/ Massive cargo doors have opened from the back to revel a modified imperial walker. It is camouflaged with an open caged covered driver’s seat. Two additional gun seats extend from each side. Redix Mal sits in the pilots chair in the center, while Malakili sits on the left gunner and Kjink sits on the right. They all wear light armour.


4/ Malakili looks at a portable tracking device.

MALAKILI: The device is picking up a herd of Rancor on the other side of the river near a swampy area. I’m sending you exact coordinates now.

5/ Redix gives the thumb up.


6/ Profile of the walker moving through the Jungle.



1/ The Walker is passing through a swampy area. Large massive spotlights shoot beams from its top front. We see rusted Eta-2 Actis Class Light Interceptor (Jedi Interceptor) left over from the Clone Wars is half sunk in the muddy waters. The thursters of an even larger ship are sticking out in the distance in this graveyard.


2/ Close on Malakili.

Malakili: The sensors say that the herd is less than half a mile into this swamp.

3/ Kjink is white knuckling his gun.

KJINK: I have a bad feeling.

4/ A close of a GIANT DIANOGA’S EYE STALK (A giant version of the one in the trash compacter in New Hope). It rising out of the water to get a look at the intruders.


5/ The eye descends back into the murk.



1/Super close on Malakili’s excited eye.


2/ In the distance we see a three foot tall BABY JUNGLE RANCOR standing on a mossy embankment.


3/ Malakili plopping down into murk that is up to his waist.


4/ Malakili is throwing a net over the baby rancor.


MALIKILI: Kjink…keep those guns on the ready. Mamma can’t be too far away.

5/ Kjink with sharp eyes and his laser cannons pointed toward the thick jungle.

KJINK: I think…I think I heard something.

6/ Malakili is attaching a hook chain to the net with one hand and giving the thumbs up to Redix in the.

MALAKILI: Good to go.


1/ A FULL GROWN RANCOR tears out of the jungle.


2/ Close on a terrified Malakili.


3/ Redix’s POV of the Rancor. He is pressing a button.

REDIX: Our cargo is secure.

4/ Malakili is back in his seat and closing the over head cage.

MALAKILI: Let’s get back to the ship.


1/ Kjink has rotated his gun seat to the back and is blasting away at the pursuing rancor. The beast is several feet taller than the walker.


KJINK: Faster! it’s catching up!

2/ The rancor smacks the side of the walker.


3/ Malakili bails off the walker as it comes crashing down into the swamp.


4/ Malakili is lifting himself up as he sees the Rancor standing over the fallen, smoking walker. The creature has a screaming Kjink in it’s hand. Redix is pulling himself out of the wreckage with the netted baby rancor over his shoulder.

5/ The mamma rancor stuffs Kjink into her mouth.


6/ Redix is running past Malakili.

REDIX: Come on! I have the baby rancor!


1/ Redix and Malakili are running for their lives. Redix is speaking into a wrist communicator. We can see the mamma rancor bearing down on them.

REDIX: Computer open bay doors and start engines.

2/ The fallen walker explodes behind the Rancor.


3/ The blast knocks the Rancor off its feet.

4/Redix blocks the hanger door with his gun pointed at Malakili.

MALAKILI: What are you doing? The rancor won’t be out for long.

REDIX: Jabba already knew of your recent plan to have him assassinated.

MALAKILI: He wanted my rancor fight an unwinnable battle against a krayt dragon, but then my beloved pet died anyway at the hands of that accursed Jedi.

5/ A barbed tentacle of the giant dianoga wraps itself around the waist of a surprised Redix.

REDIX: What!?

6/ Redix is being dragged out into the swamp a large gaping maw and eye stalk is waiting for him. A torn net is lying at the feet of Malakili.

7/ Malakili has the baby rancor cradled in his arms.

Malakili: Aren’t you the cutest little bugger. I promise that you will never have to fight for the amusement of the Hutts or anyone else.


An Old Hope by Becca Lee Gardner

8 pages
Final Draft: January 6, 2016

Page One
1/ Open with a view of Mos Eisley Spaceport from inside a control tower. You can see a woman’s legs from the knees down resting on the control consul. She is wearing sand-colored pants and high, brown boots.
CAPTION : Mos Eisley Spaceport, Tatooine
INTERCOM : Falcon to Control Tower. You have us a bay, yet?

2/ The woman bends forward to flip a switch on the board. Her face is still hidden, but she has long, straight black hair and is wearing a loose, rust-red tunic.
JENNY : Nope.
HAN SOLO : Come on, Jenny. I’m not in the mood.
JENNY : Then keep on flying, Solo.

3/ The Millennium Falcon hoovers in the view of the control tower. Jenny’s position remains unchanged.
HAN : Alright. The Cantina. AFTER I deal with business.
JENNY : You’re buying.
HAN : Don’t I always?

4/ This is the first shot of Jenny’s face. She has dark, keen eyes, high cheek bones, and a wry twist to her lips.
JENNY : Bay 94. And Han?
HAN : What is it now, sweetheart?
JENNY : Greedo docked yesterday. You’re his topic of choice.
HAN : Perfect. Just perfect.

Page 2
1/ Cut to Mos Eisley Cantina. Han and Jenny are sitting on a bench against the wall (Han on the farside and Jenny at the forefront). Han is a bit preoccupied with her presence, while Jenny’s gaze is distant.
JENNY : You don’t think I can do it?

2/ Han’s expression changes to one of practiced innocence.
HAN : The cargo’s in The Pit and surrounded by Imps. Besides, smugglin’ ain’t you, sweetheart. You’ve got a life. A choice.

3/ Han kisses Jenny.

4/ Han pulls back, he’s looking over Jenny’s shoulder at Chewbacca talking with Obi-Wan.
HAN : Looks like we both have a job to get to.

5/ Jenny sits alone, sipping a drink as the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Panda Baba happens. Her expression changes from solemn to distrustful.
JENNY : Rebels …

Page 3
1/ Jenny is still seated and watching as Greedo confronts Han at a different table. She’s tense, her spine stiff, and the cup halted midway to her lips.

2/ With her free hand, Jenny pulls a small blaster from her boot and levels it at Greedo. From her corner she has a clear angle shot at Greedo, should no one step into her line-of-fire.
GREEDO: … I’ve been looking forward to killing you for a long time.
HAN : I’ll bet you have.

2/ Jenny and Han shoot at Greedo at the same time.

3/ There’s a scorch mark on the wall where Jenny’s shot went a little wide. Jenny seems both shocked and pleased with herself.

4/ Han gives Jenny a charming half-smile.
HAN : This ain’t you, sweetheart.

5/ Cut to Jenny taking an access card from the dead Greedo’s body. The card reads SHIP CLASS: CORSAIR. MAKE: INCOM. NAME: MANKA HUNTER.
JENNY : It is now.

Page 4
1/ Cut to Greedo’s corsair in space, surrounded by large asteroids.
CAPTION : Manka Hunter. The Pit, Kessel Sector, Outer Rim Territories.

2/ The ship weaves in and out of the asteroids.

3/ Show Jenny in the cockpit. Her hair is plastered to the sides of her sweaty face. Her knuckles are white on the controls.
JENNY : Just one more crate. Stay in one piece for just ONE more crate.

4/ From the view of the cockpit, a crate drifts out of a large asteroid’s shadow.
JENNY : Gotcha!

5/ Jenny is hunched over the controls. She is not comfortable, but seems to be gaining a little confidence with the relatively new vessel.
JENNY : Locking on … now.
INTERCOM : Criminal vessel. Cease and desist–

Page 5
1/ A close up of Jenny’s face, her expression slack with horror.
INTERCOM : And prepare to be boarded by orders of the Empire.

2/ Cut to Jenny in cuffs surrounded by Stormtroopers in an Imperial hangar. Her face is downcast. An officer is in front of her and more Stormtroopers unload crates from the Manka Hunter in the background.
OFFICER : I want to believe you, Jenny Thanasis.
JENNY : Thank you.

3/ Close up to the officer’s face. He is young, eager, but disciplined.
OFFICER : But I don’t. Take her to the transport. Send her to Grand Moff Tarkin.

4/ Jenny raises her face to the officer. The fear and despair are gone. Instead she is gripped by a fierce determination.
JENNY : I am NOT a rebel SCUM.

5/ Another close up of the Officer’s face. He is wearing a smug smile.
OFFICER : That’s for Tarkin to decide.

Page 6
1/ Jenny is being led down the halls of the Death Star. She is cuffed and flanked by Stormtroopers. Her clothes are tattered and she bears the wounds of a fresh round of interrogation.

2/ Stormtroopers stop midway down the corridor. One of the Stormtroopers has a hand to his helmet.
STORMTROOPER 1 : Rescue attempt in her cellblock. Came from the Corellian freighter in Docking Bay 20-37.

3/ A close up of Jenny’s bruised and bloodied face, a glimmer of hope surfacing there.
JENNY : Han?

4/ Jenny swings an elbow into one of the Stormtroopers and he doubles over.

5/ Jenny sprints away from the startled Stormtroopers.

6/ The Stormtroopers fire at Jenny, the blaster fire surrounding her as she runs.

Page 7
1/ Jenny turns into an adjoining corridor.

2/ She pauses to the side of the doorframe to kick the control panel.

3/ The blaster doors shut.

4/ Jenny half-sprints, half-staggers her way through the corridors. Some of her wounds are bleeding more profusely than before.

5/ Jenny presses herself against a wall and a squad of Stormtroopers sprint passed the intersection.
STORMTROOPER : They’ve lowered the hangar shields!

6/ Jenny makes it to a viewport of Docking Bay 20-37.

Page 8
1/ Through the port, Jenny sees Han ushering Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca into the Falcon under Stormtrooper fire.

2/ The final scene takes in all of the docking bay and the chaos that Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewie are leaving behind. And a girl with a bloodied face that nobody notices—her cuffed hands pressed against the glass.


“The Darkness and the Light” by Tony Laplume


Panel 1

Two Jedi padawans, children, stand across from each other in a dueling arena, surrounded by a sea of their colleagues (none of whom need to be differentiated, maybe in robes with their hoods pulled up). One is a Sullustan (the species embodied by Lando’s co-pilot in Return of the Jedi), the other is a Gungan. They both hold lightsaber handles. The Gungan has their floppy ears tied up together (like Usagi Yojimbo). Standing above them are two Jedi masters, both human. One is an older man, white hair and beard, both cropped short. His name is Tiber. The other is a woman, blue hair, who looks reasonably young. Her name is Hebe.

Panel 2

The padawans ignite their lightsabers. The blades are orange. The scene is otherwise exactly as before.

Panel 3

The padawans begin their duel.


Panel 1

The focus switches to the Jedi masters. We see the duel continue in the background.

1 TIBER: I sense discomfort in you.

2 HEBE: I trust the girls. Your apprentice is strong. Mine is at least her equal.

Panel 2

Tiber arches his eyebrow at his colleague. (Dueling continues.)

3 TIBER: You surprise me, Master Hebe. I’m referring to you, not your apprentice.

Panel 3

Hebe turns away from Tiber, refusing to meet his eyes. (Dueling continues.)

4 HEBE: Your resemblance to my old master…It’s unsettling.

5 TIBER: Dooku.

Panel 4

Hebe and Tiber both look toward their dueling apprentices.

5 TIBER: That man is a disgrace to the Jedi Order.

Panel 5

Hebe and Tiber recede into the background of the duelists again. The Sullustan padawan has gained the upperhand, forcing the Gungan, Hebe’s apprentice, into a defensive posture.

6 HEBE: I refuse to see him that way.

7 HEBE (shouting): Be mindful!


Panel 1

The Gungan performs a fancy flip. Otherwise, the orientation is the same as in the last panel.

1 TIBER: No Jedi has ever voluntarily left our numbers. I fail to see how any other conclusion can be reached.

Panel 2

The Gungan’s maneuver has worked. Once more the duel is on even terms. The orientation remains the same.

2 HEBE: You don’t know why he left.

Panel 3

Switching back to the Jedi masters in the foreground. Tiber has crossed his arms, as if to calm himself. He continues to look displeased with Hebe. (Dueling continues.)

3 HEBE: I trained under him. I know his thought process. What he thinks about the Jedi. About all of it.

4 TIBER: Then by all means. Enlighten me.

Panel 4

Hebe allows herself a slight smile. She hasn’t often been in the position to hold the answers in this relationship. Tiber scowls in response. (Dueling continues.)


Panel 1

Hebe stares straight at Tiber, suddenly defiant. (Dueling continues.)

1 HEBE: He called us decadent. Not just the Jedi. The whole Republic.

Panel 2

Switch back to the padawans in the foreground. The Gungan has gained the upper hand.

2 HEBE: He said it was pride. In all his years, he had only heard of such sin from…

3 TIBER: The Dark Side of the Force.

Panel 3

The Gungan has the Sullustan backed into a corner. The other padawans are cheering, throwing up their hands.

4 HEBE: Very good, Master Tiber.

Panel 4

The Sullustan rallies, throwing up her hand, too, though she uses the power of the Force.

5 TIBER: I was merely humoring you. This line of reasoning amuses me. Please, continue.

Panel 5

The Gungan has been shoved backward, and has fallen, her lightsaber blade knocked out of her hand.


Panel 1

The Gungan is panicking, reaching out with the Force to retrieve her lightsaber as the Sullustan padawan approaches.

1 HEBE: He told me that ours is a fallen age, too blinded by arrogance to see where we have gone wrong.

2 TIBER: Interesting.

Panel 2

The Sullustan is getting closer, and still the lightsaber refuses to answer to the Gungan’s summons.

3 TIBER: He makes excuses for his own weakness. I would expect nothing less.

Panel 3

The Gungan realizes her own advantages again, abandoning the lightsaber for the moment and leaping into the air again, narrowly avoiding the Sullustan padawan’s blade.

4 HEBE: You may find this interesting. Dooku is the one who argued to allow my padawan admittance into the Jedi Order.

Panel 4

Finally, the Gungan has summoned her lightsaber, as she lands from her last maneuver.

5 HEBE: No one took the Gungans seriously, not even Master Yoda. They all argued, the Gungans are too clumsy, too stupid.

Panel 5

The Gungan and the Sullustan are once again equals in the arena.

6 HEBE: Tell me, is that the way my padawan looks now?


Panel 1

The padawans have halted their exercise, standing to face the Jedi masters. Tiber is facing them, and clearly addressing them in his next remark.

1 TIBER: Enough. That is good enough. You have done well, younglings.

Panel 2

Once again the Jedi masters are in the foreground. Tiber looks less than pleased to concede any points to Hebe. In the background, the padawans are all leaving the arena.

2 TIBER: We’ve all sensed it. The Force is weakened.

Panel 3

Hebe is once again smirking at Tiber. They are alone in the arena.

3 HEBE: You don’t want to give an inch, do you?

Panel 4

Tiber bows to Hebe.

4 TIBER: The Force is strong with you. And your padawan.

Panel 5

Tiber walks away from Hebe, who beams triumphantly.

5 TIBER: Tomorrow is another day.


Fail Better: A Play for Voice by Simon Jones

Scene 1

(We open in the outskirts of Mos Eisley space port on the outer rim world of tattoine. This scene occurs during Star Wars…I refuse to call it Episode 4: A new Hope because I saw the movie before it was called that. It’s Star wars OK.)


Kevin: Fancy that.

Nigel: Yeah, fancy that.

Kevin: Who would have thought that we would come across identical droids?

Nigel: Two identical droids.

Kevin: Not the droids we’re looking for though.

Nigel: (Slightly hypnotised)
Not the droids we’re looking for.

Kevin: Nice chap too. Helpful like. But what a strange coincidence? It’s like I keep telling you buddy. This universe is a strange a wonderful place ripe with possibility.

Nigel: That’s true. You do say that.

Kevin: Don’t just agree with me. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine.

Nigel: Well, OK. I am just not sure that I believe in all of that.

Kevin: You don’t believe in the bountiful riches of the galaxy?

Nigel: I could be described as a something of a skeptic, yes.

Kevin: No?

Nigel: I don’t think that my clone batch were bred for that sort of malarkey.

Kevin: Malarkey. How can you call it malarkey? How could you do that? When you think of all of the things we’ve seen. We have seen the universe…

Nigel: (under his breath)
From a troop carrier.

Kevin: Walked on the surfaces of countless worlds

Nigel: (under his breath)
And blown them up.

Kevin: Experienced exotic cultures and civilisations.

Nigel: (Under his breath)
And crushed them for the glory of the Empire.

Kevin: Sheesh…Nigel, there are days when I think that you don’t like this job.

Nigel: (picking his words carefully)
Well, I don’t like to say this…Maybe I should just leave well enough alone. No, I’ll say nothing.

Kevin: Just say what it is you were going to say.

Nigel: OK. OK. OK. Between you and me…this is just between us, right.

Kevin: Right. Yes, of course.

Nigel: I just find that the job a little bit…well, samey. We turn up. We get deployed. We shoot at stuff. We inevitably hit it because we’re quite accurate. And then we go home…Actually we don’t go home, because we don’t have a home. We just go on to the next thing and shoot other things.

Kevin: If I was to summarise your comments, would it be fair to say are experiencing a lack of job satisfaction then?

Nigel: That seems a accurate summary, yes.

Kevin: Have you thought of what else you might do?

Nigel: It hasn’t really come up. I’ve looked at the vacancies on the Empirenet. They’re looking for a different skill set.

Kevin: Like what?

Nigel: Project management. At least 5 years experience. C’mon, how are you going to get that sort of experience during a galactic war?

Kevin: Let’s reframe this and look at what you have to offer the prospective employer. What are your core skills?

Nigel: Storm trooping. Shooting at things. And people. Quite a bit of shooting a people these days.

Kevin: I see the problem. That’s quite a gap between…more of chasm really

Nigel: The other option is to work my way up the ranks, but ultimately if I because a Sergeant or Squadron commander, I’m still just a Stormtrooper. I’m still there to shoot things, but get a little patch on my shoulder.

Kevin: Ssssh…Here comes the Sarge.
SOUND: Footsteps in sand.

SARGE: Troopers report.

Kevin: Nothing much. A couple of Jawas.

Nigel: Little feckers.

Kevin: And the usual Mos Eisley scum and villainy.

SARGE: Nothing else?

Kevin: An old bloke and a young fella in a speeder. With a couple of droids.

SARGE: Droids? What kind or droids?

Kevin: A little astromech I think? That’s right isn’t it?

Nigel: Yeah. An astromech…And a protocol droid. Shiny.

Kevin: Strange to see a protocol droid out here on such a backward hole of a planet, now that you come to think of it.

SARGE: You didn’t seize them?

Kevin: That’s quite a funny story actually. And I can see where you’re going with this Sarge, but allow me to put your mind at rest. Let it trouble you no more. We thought the same thing and we were going to seize the droids, but of course they’re not the droids we’re looking for.

Nigel: Not the droids we’re looking for.

SARGE: You two stand there. Do. Not. Move. Or I will shoot you somewhere painful. Repeatedly.

SARGE: Unit 1138, the unsubs have been spotted near Mos Eisley spaceport. Request a hard-target search.
(some radio noise)
I want it yesterday.

(Exit Sarge)

Nigel: Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah.

Nigel: Do you think the Sarge is cross?

Kevin: Maybe. A bit.

Nigel: Do you think he’s cross with us? Because he seems cross.

Kevin: Probably just having a bad day.It is quite warm and of course that would you irritable. No, it will all be fine. Mark my words, this will all work out for the best.

SOUND: Music scene break

Scene 2

(So things have moved on a bit. We’re still in Star Wars…we will take the whole New Hope/Episode 4 stuff as read, shall we? We are on the death Star…the first one)

SOUND: Footsteps on a metal floor.

Kevin: I told you that it would all work out.

Nigel: I’m not entirely convinced that it has.

Kevin: I don’t get you sometimes. You need to be open to accepting the gifts that the universe has for you.

Nigel: We’re assigned to the Death Star.

Kevin: Awesome. Plum assignment. How lucky are we?

Nigel: Let’s consider that for a moment.
Are you insane? We’re assigned to the Death Star.

Kevin: Mate, it’s the hot new thing. It’s the biggest thing in the Empire and we’re at the heart of it. Biggest base in the Empire. Utterly indestructible. Cushy gig. How Jammy are we?

Nigel: Allow me to reframe my comments for a moment.
There is something called a DEATH STAR. We’re on it

Kevin: Yeah, so what?

Nigel: It doesn’t sound very nice.

Kevin: They have to call it something big and important though. I agree that calling it a Death Star is a bit worrying.

Nigel: It’s not like it’s…the “Luxury Warm sands, Blue oceans and Drinks with umbrellas in them” Star. It is a big old Death Star.

Kevin: I’m starting to detect a strain of pessimism in you that I really don’t like.

Nigel: Sorry. You asked my opinion.

Kevin: You are very hard to please sometimes, d’you know that?

Nigel:The way I see it, we could be on the cushiest detail ever, but we’re still posted on a giant floaty Death Killing machine.

Kevin: I think that you will find that you mean an indestructible, Giant Floaty Death Killing machine.

Nigel: Well, let me ask you this question then - If this is an…

Kevin: (interrupting)
An impregnable fortress in space…

Nigel: Well if it is…

The supreme power in the galaxy.

Nigel: If it is all of those things…and don’t get me wrong. Maybe it is all of those things. But if it is, impregnable and invulnerable and the supreme power in the galaxy, then why do they have two Mynocks like us getting dizzy going around in circles on guard duty?

Kevin: Something to do, isn’t it?

Nigel: Doesn’t sound like a productive use of our talents.

Kevin: Which as you mentioned previously are mainly in the area of shooting.

Nigel: Which are primarily in the areas of shooting things…So if this place is so impregnable, who are we guarding it from?

Kevin: I dunno. Spies maybe.

Nigel: But. if for arguments sake, the station is in itself an impregnable fortress, who would get in? How could they? Apparently it is impossible.

Kevin: What’s got your standard Stormtrooper issue undergarments in a knot?

Nigel: I’m just uneasy about this whole detail. It doesn’t seem like a promotion to me…Do you think that they’re still sore about the droids?

Kevin: No. No. It couldn’t be that. They wouldn’t really stay cross for that long. They’re quire fair minded.
Do you really think that this assignment was some sort of punishment?

Nigel: Yes. Yes I really do. I think that someone hates us and we’re stuck on a Giant Floaty thing in space, guarding against spies who shouldn’t be here but probably are. If this thing was really impregnable, they wouldn’t need us. We could take the rest of the day off.

Kevin: (giggling)
You said Giant Floaty thing.

Nigel: Be serious.

Kevin: (Still giggling)
Sounds like something you need to go the medic about. Bwahanahahaha.

Nigel: (exasperated)
I just can’t talk to you.

Kevin: Excuse me Doc. I’ve got this problem with my Giant floaty thing…OK my boy, let’s just all take a look at it.

Nigel So, if you came across a Rebel spy, what would you do?

Kevin: Shoot him I suppose. Or her. Or it. There are probably “its” on their books too I suppose.

Nigel: Why would you do that?

Kevin: Because Rebellion is bad and needs to be stamped out.

Nigel: Why?

Kevin: Because it is. It just is. The Empire is a finely balanced system and rebelling just ruins things for everyone.

Nigel: OK. That seems simple enough.

Kevin: No. If everyone did their own thing, that would just be chaos. Conformity my lad, that’s the way to go.

SOUND: multiple footsteps on the metal floor.

Officer: Troopers come with me. We need you to secure the power trench.

Kevin: Yes sir. Of course sir. Right away sir.

SOUND: running on metal floor

Nigel: Sir. What is a Power trench?

Kevin: To explain, we’re new here sir. Just posted today.

OFFICER: You will be securing the Tractor beam control

Kevin: See, that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

OFFICER; We’re here.

Nigel: That looks awfully high. I don’t like that.

Kevin: (whispers to the officer)
He has an inner ear thing.
Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.

OFFICER: Secure this area until the alert is cancelled.

Kevin: Give me regular reports.

SOUND: sound running on metal floor

Kevin: Do you know what’s going on?

Nigel: Maybe it’s another drill.
What was that?

Kevin: Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.

SOUND: OBI Wab Kenobi turns off the tractor beam



(Yeah, we’re still in the middle of Star WArs/A new Hope/Episode4. WE’re on the death Star in the Troopers habitation block.)

OFFICER: You troopers. On your feet. Attention.

SOUND: Stormtroopers scrambling to their feet.

Kevin: Yes sir.

Nigel: Sir.

OFFICER: Why aren’t you at battle stations?

Kevin: Sir. Because we haven’t been assigned anything as yet. We’re new.

Officer: Get to your TIE Fighters.

Kevin: Ah yes…Sir. That’s a bit difficult. I can’t.
I mean I would. Of course I would. I would be delighted to but I can’t…I’m afraid that I haven’t passed the test.

Officer: The test?

Kevin: Yes sir. I’ve done the theory exam, but I haven’t got around to the logging the practical hours just yet. And I didn’t pass the test when I did it.
Fifth time is the charm.

Officer: And you?

Nigel: I have an inner ear thing. I have a note.

Officer: An inner ear thing?

Nigel: Yes sir.

Officer: OK. I don’t have time for this. The Rebellion has launched an attack on this station. You two…just stay out of the way. Can you manage to that without screwing things up?

Kevin: Yes sir. You won’t even notice we’re here.


(Exit officer)

SOUND: Stormtroopers sit down.

Nigel: He seems very tense.

Kevin: He does. Probably a lot on his mind.

Nigel: Do you think that he knows something that we don’t?

Kevin: Not this “This impregnable station is actually quite pregnable if you think about it” thing again.

Nigel: Well what do you think it could be?

Kevin: It could be anything really. Those boots he’s wearing don’t look very comfortable. It probably leaves him very irritable.

Nigel So what will we do now?

Kevin: Fancy a cup of something.

Nigel: Can’t. The mess is closed. Battlestations.

Kevin: Oh yeah. Bugger.

Nigel: Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah mate.

Nigel: Do you ever think about what life would be like if you weren’t a stormtrooper?

Kevin: Nope. Never.

Nigel: No? You don’t think what life would be like if you, for example, worked on a Spice freighter?

Kevin: No. I love being a Stormtrooper. It’s brilliant. It’s exciting…obviously not today because no one picked up for their team…but mostly we have our place. We have a roof over our head, clothes, food and all the shooting that our hearts could desire. How about you?

Nigel: I dunno. I don’t see myself doing it forever.

Kevin: Is there anything you would like to do?

Nigel: I quite fancy…No, you’ll laugh.

Kevin: I won’t laugh. I promise I won’t laugh.

Nigel: OK. If you’re sure.
I think that I would like to open a shop.

Kevin: OK. I’m not going to laugh.

Nigel: Thank you.

Kevin: I’m not going to laugh. I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to laugh. With a universe of possibilities at your fingertips…Can we please change the subject before I explode?

Nigel: Sorry. It just sounded nice. I’m not like you. I don’t want to do this forever.

Kevin: Oh c’mon. I can’t be out there shooting things all over the galaxy without my best buddy by my side.

Nigel: OK…Well look at this way - Did you ever see an old Stormtrooper?

Kevin: Ah, I asked about that once. I asked one of the officers.

Nigel: Really?

Kevin: Yeah, he says that when Stormtroopers get old, they go to a planet in the Kaylar system. There is a big old farm and lots of open spaces. Beautiful lakes. Sunsets. They get to see their days out in peace.

Nigel: I’d like that. That sounds nice. Maybe grow some vegetables. Maybe look after an animal. That’d be good.

Kevin: Yeah.
Here’s an interesting question - What do you think happens to us when we die?

Nigel: I dunno. I tend not to give it too much thought.

Kevin: No?

Nigel: I figure that it would be difficult to reconcile the amount of…shall we call it “Storm trooping” that I’ve done? If I spent a lot of time pondering the greater philosophical and metaphyiscal questions, my head would explode.

Kevin: With guilt?

Nigel: Yes, with the guilt.

Kevin: That’s really interesting. I don’t really talk about it, but I have spiritual beliefs.

Nigel: Oh?

Kevin: I don’t follow any organised religion per sé, but I think that we go somewhere when we die.

Nigel: You’re not one of those Force weirdoes are you?

Kevin: No I am not. And don’t say that out loud. Lord Vader might come and get you.

Nigel: Is he the one with the scary helmet?

Kevin: It is a very intimidating helmet. You wouldn’t think that a helmet showing no facial features could be, but somehow he manages it.

Nigel: He’s a proper scary, scary man. Forget what I said about Force weirdoes. Each to their own. They’re lovely people those Force people…EnForcers. Forcetologists. What is the correct word for that?

Kevin: I don’t know. All I know is that I think that it would be a pretty bleak galaxy if there wasn’t some purpose to it all.

Nigel: So you think that we’re all here for a reason? That there’s a reason for all of this.

SOUND: intercom

INTERCOM: Rebel base, thirty seconds and closing.

Kevin: You see, it will all be done soon.

Nigel: Yeah. Brilliant.

Kevin: No more Rebellion.
And yes, I think that we’re here for a reason. And I think that the universe and providence provide us with what we need, as long as we’re big enough and strong enough to get it.

Nigel: Do you hear that? Those are the Death Star’s guns charging. They’re going to blow them up. Blow up the world under their feet.

Kevin: Yeah…You really have to admire the work though. It takes real innovation to build a…

Nigel: (interrupting)
Giant floaty Space Death Gun. Yeah, they must be real proud of themselves.

INTERCOM: Rebel Base in range.

Kevin: Won’t be long now.

INTERCOM: Commence primary ignition.

SOUND: explosion


Lucky Hand by Nathan Cernosek


Panel 1:
A wide, establishing shot. We are in a dark, industrial-looking nook of Cloud City/Bespin. Lots of piping around and overhead. It’s an open space, no doors. Three characters sit at a card table: TRAT, a human Bespin Guard (the guys in the blue outfits and bell-boy hats), is unshaven and unkempt, his uniform ruffled. On one side of Trat sits BOUGH, an Ugnaught, which is one of those Cloud City pig-guys (thank you Wookipedia). On the other side of Trat sits a bald, lumbering ox of a human, HURLY, who wears a crude facsimile of the ear-covering tech implant worn by Lobat, Lando’s mute assistant/chief aid. A deck of cards is stacked near Trat, and each player has a stack of coins in front of them. An empty chair waits, facing Trat.


Panel 2:
Close on Trat and Bough. Trat looks disgruntled, Bough looks at Trat, snorting.

Where is he?


Panel 3:
Trat nervously taps his fingers, waiting.

Tap tap tap

Panel 4:
Hurly reaches for cards. Trat slaps his hand back.

Don’t touch those! Idiot!

Panel 5:
A new character has entered, LUCKY RENAULT, also a Bespin Guard. His uniform is clean and pressed. He wears a pencil-thin mustache, is obviously confident and refined. He smiles as he enters the area from around a corner.

Ah. The gang’s all here!


Panel 1
Trat looks at Renault, annoyed. Renault stands in front of his seat, placing his coins on the table, laughing. Others are looking at Renault.

Renault. Took you long enough.

Ha! Good ol’ Trat. Already sour, and I haven’t even taken your money yet!

Why don’t you introduce me to our new friends?

Panel 2
Close on Bough. He snorts.

This is Bough. Works up in carbon-freezing.



Panel 3
View of Hurly, but we see Renault and Trat in the panel too. Trat is embarrassed. Renault looks puzzled, staring at his weird fake implants.

And…sigh…this is Hurly.

Hurly…a pleasure.

Your implants…Are you like the baron’s aid? Can you speak?

Panel 4
Trat rolls his eyes. Hurly raises his fists in the air, dim-witted excitement on his face.

Not implants! Lobat will witness! He will honor us with true implants! When we are worthy!

Hail Lobat!

Panel 5
Renault turns to Trat, smirking. What’s up with this guy?



Panel 1
Trat reluctantly explains his embarrassing associate. Hurly raises his fist again.

He’s a Son of Lobat. It’s like a cult. They’re crazy about him.

Hail Lobat!

Panel 2
Renault looks up, frowning, surveying their depressing surroundings.

Well, pleasure to meet you all. I’m Lucky Renault.

And a special thank you to Trat for securing the dingiest pit in all of Bespin for our little game.

Panel 3
Trat eyes Renault coolly. Renault reaches for the deck of cards.

It’s safe here. We won’t get caught.


Now what say we play some cards?

Panel 4
Trat slaps his hand over Renault’s, stopping him from taking the deck. Renault is surprised, Trat defiant.

No. Not today. None of your “lucky” tricks today.

Panel 5
Close on Trat, holding the deck. Eyes narrowed, slight smile, he loves it when a plan comes together.

I’ll deal.


Panel 1
Renault, both hands up in a “hey, no problemo” gesture.

Of course. You deal first, Trat. You called the game, after all.

Panel 2
Renault extends an open palm to Trat, asking for the deck. Bough looks at Trat and snorts again.

But certainly you’ll allow me to cut.


Trat hands the deck over to Renault, smiling. All part of the plan.

Of course.

Panel 4
Renault looks sideways as Bough as he cuts the deck, but is speaking to Trat.

Amazed you invited me, really. Thought after our last game you’d had enough.

Panel 5
Close on Trat. He sneers as he takes the deck back from Renault.

Watch your mouth, Renault. Not today.


Panel 1
Renault is a little incredulous and amused. Who’s this guy think he is? Trat deals the cards.

You keep saying that. “Not today.” What’s today?

Today’s MY lucky day.

Panel 2
Renault feigns a happy, surprised expression, mocking Trat. He’s picking up his dealt cards.

It is? Well congratulations! That IS long overdue.

Panel 3
Trat studies his cards. Renault leans back, amused, one hand up in a ‘what can I do about it?’ gesture, other hand placing his cards face down.

Shut up, Renault. You think you’re so LUCKY.

But I AM lucky! It’s my name! I can’t help it!

Panel 4
Close on Trat, seen from Renault’s POV. He’s pointing right at us, angry, accusing.

You ALWAYS wind up on top. Always. School…the training academy…my sister!

Well not today.

Today’s the day your luck runs out.

Panel 5
Renault, his cards in hand, smiles a devilish smile.

Runs out? Preposterous. It’s never run out. Why would it start now?

Panel 6
Renault pushes some of his coins to the middle of the table. He’s confident, a winner.

I’ll raise.


Panel 1
Hurly reaches for the deck, resting near Trat. Trat smacks his hand back again.

I want new cards.

Idiot! I said don’t touch the deck!

Panel 2
Trat smiles a nervous smile at Renault. Renault turns to Hurly, friendly. Hurly raises his fist.

Sorry. He’s still learning the rules.

Ah. In that case, Hurly my boy, Lobat wants you to raise.

Lobat! Raise!

That’s the stuff.

Panel 3
Trat, conspiratorial, evil smile, pushes all of his coins to the middle of the table.

I’m all in.

Panel 4
Renault looks down, an alarm is going off on his belt.

You don’t waste any time do…what’s this?

Panel 5
We get a view of the underside of the table and see that an alarm is sounding on both Renault’s and Trat’s belt, a little red light blinking.

SFX (by Trat):
Beep beep beep

SFX (by Renault):
Beep beep beep


Panel 1
Renault silences his alarm with one hand, getting up. Trat slams his palm on the table, hard.

Trat. We’re needed. This will have to wait.


Panel 2:
Trat tries to compose himself, nervously tries to convince Renault to stay. Renault is confused by his friend’s insistence.

Heh heh. I mean, a few moments won’t make much difference. Come on. Let’s finish one hand.

Trat, it’s an emergency signal, we should really—

Panel 3
Trat stands, yelling. Others are shocked.

NO! Sit back down! It can wait! IT CAN WAIT!


Panel 4
Trat, sitting, eyes closed tight, fist on his head, trying to pull himself together. Everyone else stares at each other, nervous, wide-eyed.


Panel 5
Renault holds his palms up. Trat leans over, reaching for Renault’s cards.

Ok. Fine. I fold.

Oh no you don’t. Look at your hand! Look at it!

Panel 6
Trat drags Renault’s coins to center of table.

You call. You’re all in.


Panel 1
Renault is exasperated. This is ridiculous. Trat, hands on his head, is losing it.

Trat, come on. It’s obvious you rigged the deck…

Shut up! Just…just shut up!

Panel 2
Trat is pleading. Renault is sympathetic. Bough starts eating a sandwich, watching them like it’s a tv show.

Don’t you understand? Don’t you see I need this!

Listen, if I had known my ribbing hurt you so—

Panel 3
Close on Trat, angry, yelling.

Ribbing? Idiot, my feelings aren’t hurt.


Panel 4
Trat stands, pointing at Renault. Renault smirks at Bough, a little bemused. Bough keeps eating. Hurly peeks at his cards.

Our last game RUINED me. Ruined.

And you, with your hair and your promotions and your…your luck.

My hair?

Panel 5
Trat reaches over to grab Renault’s cards. Everyone taken aback.

Turn your cards over!

Panel 6
Close on Renault’s cards. He’s got four-of-a-kind. Four smiling Palpatines.

No…how did you…that’s impossible…


Panel 1
Renault shrugs, smiling. Trat, sitting now, turns away, in shock and disbelief.

I’ve always been lucky.

Not today…not today…

Panel 2
Trat suddenly stands and pulls a blaster, pointing it at Renault. Renault is shocked, hands up, I surrender. Others turned in surprise at Trat.

Today’s my day!

Trat. Wait a second. Hold on now…

Panel 3
Close on Trat, deranged, still pointing blaster.

That’s my money. Mine. I won.

But you couldn’t handle it. That I won.

“He’d never lost before,” I’ll say. “He snapped. Demanded his money back.”

Panel 4
Close on the blaster.

“Drew his blaster.”

Panel 5
Pull out for a wider angle shot. Trat has composed himself enough to aim straight. Hurly and Bough look ready to get up from their seats and follow Trat’s orders. Renault looks worried, is about to stand, about to panic. Rumbling sounds begin from above.

“I didn’t have any choice. I had to shoot.”

Hurly, Bough, make sure he doesn’t move.



Panel 1
The rumbling from above gets louder. Everyone looks up.


Panel 2
The dismembered hand of Luke Skywalker falls from above, smacking Trat right in the head, knocking him down and the blaster out of his hand. Others look on in shock and disbelief.


Panel 3
A lightsaber falls from above, landing right in Renault’s hand. It rests horizontally in his palm. Trat is picking himself up, enraged.


Panel 4
Trat leaps for Renault. Renault is curious, what’s this now? He inspects the lightsaber’s bottom, the tip pointing toward Trat.


Panel 5
The lightsaber turns on, blue light shearing through Trat’s head, his body splitting in two down to about mid-chest. Renault surprised. Others shocked too.


Panel 6
The halved, ruined mess of Trat’s corpse lays on the table. Renault holds the lightsaber in same position, hasn’t moved, looks toward us, blank expression. Bough stares at Trat’s corpse. Hurly pushes his cards to the center of the table.

I fold.


Troopers by pbarb82


PANEL 1: Things start things off–as they often do in Star Wars–on a desert planet. This time: Tattooine. In particular, looking across the desert sands to the domed dwelling of Owen Lars and his wife Beru. Twin suns shine down overhead. There’s a green-ish tint to the panel here–as though someone’s viewing it through hi-tech goggles.

1 CAPTION: Long ago, far away, and unseen…

2 CAPTION: Tattooine: The Home of Owen & Beru Lars




PANEL 2: Inside the Lars’ dwelling. BERU–a middle-aged women dressed in simple clothing–stands over a kitchen counter, putting the final touches on her husband’s meal. Her brow’s furrowed in concentration, but she’s still managing a smile as she works. Her husband OWEN makes his way towards her, his hands thrown up in frustration.

5 BERU: Yes, Owen? Can I help you?

6 OWEN: Luke’s gone. Have you seen him this morning?

PANEL 3: From her spot in the kitchen, Beru looks up and out of a nearby window. Through the window, the vast sandy surface of the planet stretches on and on.

7 BERU: I thought I heard him go out early…

8 OWEN (OFF-PANEL): New droids are missing too! I knew that R2 unit was trouble.

PANEL 4: Beru brings over a large plate stacked high with food to their small, round dining table–where Owen sits fuming.

9 BERU: Oh, hush now, Owen Lars. Luke’s no baby anymore.

10 BERU: He can take care of himself.

11 OWEN: It’s just that…

PANEL 5: Over at the front door, dust flies forward against the force of a powerful KNOCKING from outside.



PANEL 1: Owen holds an arm out to keep Beru out of the way as he heads for the front door.


2 OWEN: Coming!

3 OWEN: This could be about the boy…

4 BERU: But, Owen–!

PANEL 2: Close-up on the door. Looking through a rectangular-shaped peephole that’s been opened at the top. Through this hole, a view of…nothing. There’s no one there. Just suns and sand.

5 OWEN (OFF-PANEL): Huh. Doesn’t look like there’s…

PANEL 3: Almost the same panel as above. Except now the BLACK eyes and WHITE VISAGE of a Stormtrooper’s helmet fills the peephole.



PANEL 4: A split-screen type of effect in play here. Showing outside the dwelling with the Stormtrooper on the lefthand side and inside the dwelling with Owen and Beru on the righthand side.

8 STORMTROOPER: Pardon the interruption this morning, citizen. I’m here in the area on Imperial business and…

9 OWEN: My wife and I have no business with the Empire.

PANEL 5: Beru is back in the kitchen. Pulling things out of open cabinets. Like a woman possessed. Whispering to herself as she goes…

10 BERU (soft): blaster…blaster…where’d we hide that…

11 TALKING TROOPER (OFF-PANEL): I understand your position, sir.

12 TALKING TROOPER: But I’m afraid my orders come direct from Lord Vader himself and well…you know.


PANEL 1: Owen looking out the door’s peephole. There’s a glimpse of the Talking Trooper staring back at him, head slightly tilted.

1 TALKING TROOPER: So can we come in?

2 OWEN: We?

PANEL 2: In the kitchen with Beru–where she’s found her hidden BLASTER. And has just as soon dropped it–as she spies a SNICKERING STORMTROOPER peering in through the kitchen window.

3 SNICKERING TROOPER: heh. heh. heh.

4 BERU: Eee!

PANEL 3: Owen’s turned from the door to yell back to his wife.

5 OWEN: Beru Whitesun! Get away from that window!

PANEL 4: Another split-panel view. This time TWO Stormtroopers stand outside the door. A nervous Owen presses a fist against the door–tense–as he speaks to them.

6 OWEN: Please go away. Please just…

7 OWEN: Just leave us be.

PANEL 5: Through the peephole: the Talking Trooper holds his arms up in an “Oh well!” sort of shrug.

8 TALKING TROOPER: Of course, sir. You and your wife have a nice day.

PANEL 6: A relieved Owen leans his back against the door, rubbing a hand across his suddenly sweaty brow.

9 OWEN: I don’t know what that was all about, but we need to find Luke and those…


PANEL 1: Owen against the door. Mouth hanging open in frozen fearful surprise. From behind him, laser blasts tear through the door. One stray blast has hit Owen in the side–sending bits of cloth and bloodspray forward.

1 OWEN: ukk-!

PANEL 2: Close on Owen’s face. Eyes watering up as he looks down at his fresh wound.

2 OWEN: They…they shot me…

PANEL 3: Close on Beru. Yelling for her husband.

3 BERU: Owen!

PANEL 4: Beru stands at the side of her husband. Offering a hand and shoulder for him to lean on, as she maneuvers him to “safety”–away from the door and the still steady stream of laser blasts tearing through it.

No dialogue.

PANEL 5: BOOM! The front door comes crashing down into the home. THREE sets of Stormtrooper boots fill the doorway.



PANEL 1: A large horizontal panel at the top of the page here. Three Stormtroopers stomping into the Lars home. We’ve got the Snickering Trooper, the Talking Trooper, and the new one–SKULL TROOPER (whose name will be made clear enough shortly).


2 TALKING TROOPER: Where are they? Where are the droids?

PANEL 2: With a BEEP and a BORP, some sort of tiny OFF-BRAND HOUSEHOLD DROID rolls up to the feet of the Talking Trooper.


PANEL 3: Blasts from 3 blasters rain down upon the poor droid–BLOWING IT TO SMITHEREENS.


PANEL 4: The 3 Stormtroopers tear apart the Lars house. Ransacking it. The Talking Trooper waves a finger over at Owen and Beru.

5 TALKING TROOPER: Look at what you’re making us do here, sir. This is you…

6 TALKING TROOPER: You’re the one making this happen.

PANEL 5: Owen stands. Waving his hands above his head, signalling “surrender.”

7 OWEN: Okay, okay! I’ll tell you what you want to know.


PANEL 1: The Talking Trooper holds Owen up by the neck. Strong black-armor clad hands pressing against the aging man’s windpipe. The other two Stormtroopers stand off to the side, watching. Waiting.

1 TALKING TROOPER: Where. Are. They?

2 OWEN: Akk…can’t…breathe…

PANEL 2: Over by the kitchen and out of the Stormtrooper’s sight for the moment, Beru has picked the blaster up off the floor. She’s crouched down, making herself as small as possible. Aiming…

3 TALKING TROOPER (OFF-PANEL): There! That better, famer?


PANEL 3: Owen’s turned his face from the white and black visage of the Talking Trooper holding him off the floor. He’s making eye contact with the crouched down Beru.


PANEL 4: Owen spits down at the Trooper.


PANEL 5: The blast from Beru’s blaster flies in from off-panel. But the Talking Trooper has turned his head away at the last second. Instead, the blast HITS OWEN IN THE NECK. Blood splashes onto the mask of the watching Skull Trooper. The blood will land on the bottom portion of the mask in 3 distinct splashes–forming a skull pattern ala The Punisher’s icon.

7 TALKING TROOPER: Get the woman!

8 OWEN: Arrgh!

PANEL 6: The Snickering Trooper and the Skull Trooper haul a sobbing Beru up to her feet.

9 BERU: Owen…no!


PANEL 1: Things start off with 3 panels across the top of the page. First, an image of the busted down front door to the Lars home.

No dialogue.

PANEL 2: The exploded remains of the Lars’s household droid. Sparks fly off of its busted metal.

No dialogue.

PANEL 3: Owen Lars. Eyes wide open. Mouth hung slack. Blood pooling out from the blaster wound to his neck. Dead.

No dialogue.

PANEL 4: A horizontal panel across the middle ⅓ of the page. Beru amidst the carnage. She’s thrown herself against Owen’s body. Head against his chest.


PANEL 5: The Three Stormtroopers stand in the busted-down doorway.

2 TALKING TROOPER: We’ve searched the surrounding premises. All clear.

3 TALKING TROOPER: Now we just have to finish cleaning up our little mess here…

PANEL 6: The Snickering Trooper holds up a FLAMETHROWER. A mini-flame spurting out of the nozzle. Teasing what’s to come.



PANEL 1: Close on Beru. She’s moved up to Owen’s head, which she holds in her hands. Her fingers tightly gripping his hair. There are tears in her eyes as she speaks to her dead husband.

1 BERU: Oh, my Owen…

PANEL 2: Flames spread across the Lars home.

No dialogue.

PANEL 3: Beru kisses Owen’s forehead. Now the flames surround the couple. Inching ever closer to them.

No dialogue.

PANEL 4: Close on Beru’s face. Eyes closed. The surrounding encroaching fire giving a red glow to her cheeks.

No dialogue

PANEL 5: Almost the same image of Beru. But now her eyes are open. We see the reflection of flames in her eyes.

No dialogue.

PANEL 6: The Skull Trooper’s visage–with his menacing blood-splattered helmet–leering out at us (from Beru POV).

2 TALKING TROOPER (OFF PANEL): Looks like these two weren’t alone. There’s another one out there somewhere…


“IG-Love Story” by Michael Ernest Nichols

Page one

1-3/ Varying images of the interior of a manufacturing plant. Human, humanoid and alien line workers, dressed in company coveralls designed to clothe their unique physiologies, are positioned at individual work stations, constructing a variety of circuit boards and other strange, unrecognizable, mechanical assemblies.

4/ Looking down a long corridor. To the right/inside of the corridor sits a line of workers side-by-side, perched on metal stools fastened to the floor. In front of them is a large, Plexiglas window which itself stretches the entire length of the hallway as they do. The corridor terminates (furthest into the panel) in front of a high, wide blast door. The seated workers manipulate controls that in turn move automated arms behind the glass. The arms connect to robotic hands, which rotate, screw, weld, etc the pieces they hold.

5/ Same as previous panel; only now the blast door suddenly explodes violently inward.

SFX (explosion): KA-BOOOOM!

Page two

1/ Profile shot of the muzzle of a firing laser rifle edging through the destroyed blast door. An alarm sounds.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSH!

SFX (alarm): WEE-OOO! WEE-OOO!

2/ Close-up of IG-88 storming the corridor. He appears in his normal configuration with the small exception of a satchel fixed around one shoulder.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSH!

SFX (alarm): WEE-OOO! WEE-OOO!

3/ Perspective is from behind IG-88. We see the damage his explosion has caused. Bodies of workers lay injured or dead on the floor of the smoky, ruined workstation. The ones that can run panicked.

4/ The other blast door at the opposite end of the panel suddenly rises and security personnel rush in ready to engage the deadly, assassination android.

5/ The leader of the security detail levels his weapon at IG-88 and prepares to fire. A small, clicking sound emanates near the leader’s feet.

SFX (alarm): WEE-OOO! WEE-OOO!

6/ Security leader’s POV. Three, small, oblong grenades bounce around his feet.

SFX (grenades bouncing): tek tek te–

Page three

1/ An adjacent corridor is destroyed as the three grenades detonate.

SFX (explosion): KA-BOOOOM!

2/ IG-88 moves into the new corridor. No further resistance is met. The warning claxon continues to blare.

SFX (alarm): WEE-OOO! WEE-OOO!

3/ IG-88 punches its metal fist into a junction box on the wall, creating a shower of sparks while simultaneously killing the alarm.

SFX (punch): KRUNNCH!

SFX (sparks): s-h-r-z-z-z-k

SFX (alarm): WEE-OOO! WE–

4/ POV waist-up, as IG-88 glances upwards to see the emergency power red lights come on.

5/ Profile shot of IG-88 marching forward under the red hue.

Page four

1/ IG-88’s POV as he raises his arm looking at his wrist.

2/ Same as previous panel; only now a holographic representation of the station layout appears.

3/ IG-88 stands before a door with a keypad.

4/ A small skeleton key extends from one of his pointed fingers.

5/ IG-88’s POV looking at the keypad; his electronic lock pick whirs and disengages the door lock.

SFX (door lock): whirr… click

Page five

1/ Aerial view looking down at IG-88 framed within the doorway of a large warehouse/hanger (think final shot from Raiders of the Lost Ark). Bins are stacked on one another, filled with discarded android and robot parts. The metal carcasses, some headless and/or limbless of androids, hang inert and dusty from long, disused conveyor rigs that snake overhead like some horrific rollercoaster.

2/ IG-88 holds a small, rectangular, palm-sized scanner in front of him, following its trail of beeps, which increase in intensity and speed as he moves.

SFX (scanner): bip…. bip…. bip… bip…

3/ IG-88’s POV looking down at its scanner, which hovers over a large open bin, piled high with mechanoid parts. At its destination, IG-88 shuts the scanner off.

SFX (scanner): bip bip bipbipbipbiiiiip --klik.

4/ IG-88 begins to dig madly in the bin. Parts go flying everywhere.

5/ IG-88 pulls the head and torso of another IG assassination android out of the bin.

Page six

1/ IG-88 turns the broken android around.

2/ He removes its back plate.

3/ Close-up on the inoperative android’s control board.

4/ IG-88 plucks a chip/module from the board.

5/ He holds it up in a triumphant gesture.

6/ Same as previous panel; only now a laser’s blast near misses him

SFX (security laser pistol): ZORP!

Page seven

1/ IG-88 turns to see reinforcements for the security detail it defeated previously have arrived.

2/ IG-88 deposits the chip into the bag slung over its shoulder with one hand while simultaneously returning fire with the other. The security officers’ blasts surround him.

SFX (laser rifle): FWASSH!

SFX (security laser pistol): ZORP! ZORP! ZORP!

3/ IG-88 looks to its side at the room’s wall and fires a single bolt in that direction.

4/ Exterior shot. We see the android’s blaster has ruptured the wall. IG-88 has exited the warehouse via rocket-belt, flying toward the reader in the panel’s foreground. Behind it we’re witness to the decompression caused by the breach and we see that the station IG-88 attacked is actually operating in deep space. Station debris, guards’ bodies and bin parts follow IG-88’s flight path, floating behind it.

5/ IG-88 soars upwards and outwards further into the top edge of the panel and we see a small, nondescript shuttle orbiting the scene.

6/ IG-88 opens the shuttle door and floats in under zero gravity.

Page eight

1/ IG-88’s POV, looking down on the form of another, identical IG series assassination android. The second android (IG-76) lies immobile atop a long, metal table suspended by a center column. The supine android speaks to IG-88 in their unique machine language (base64 converted to ASCII for *translation captions which appear at the bottom of each panel).

IG-76: W2ludGVycm9nYXRpdmVdIDg4Pwo=

Caption (IG-76): *[interrogative] 88?

IG-88: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSA3Ngo=

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] 76

2/ IG-76’s perspective looking up at its friend. It questions IG-88 about his mission. IG-88 answers while reaching over his shoulder to gather his stolen item.

IG-76: W2ludGVycm9nYXRpdmVdIERpJiBE

Caption (IG-76): *[interrogative] Di… Did you find–

IG-88: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBJIGhhdmUga

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] I have it here.

3/ Viewed from behind as IG-88 reaches over its shoulder into the bag. The small bag is shredded like cheesecloth from the station guards’ blaster fire.

4/ IG-88 produces the small, ruined, smoldering module in one mechanical hand. It screams in agonized frustration, shaking the other.

IG-88: W2V4Y2xhbWF0aW9uXSBBcn

Caption (IG-88): *[exclamation] Arrgh! Nooo!

5/ IG-88 turns to leave. IG-76 grasps its hand.

IG-88: 2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBJIGhhdmUgd

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] I have to go back. I’ll find another.

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBOby4uLg==

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] No…

6/ IG-88 gazes down, saddened by its friend’s plight.

IG-88: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBXZSd2ZSB

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] We’ve no choice… I’ve got–

IG-76: 2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBJdCdzIHRvby

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] It’s too late. I’ve no time left. Total system failure is in 11 cycles.

Page nine

1/ IG-88 implores its companion.

IG-88: W2ltcGVyYXRpdmVdIFRoZXJ

Caption (IG-88): *[imperative] There must be something…

2/ Close-up on IG-76 opening a control panel in IG-88’s chest plate.

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSAuLi

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] …There is.

3/ IG-88 grabs IG-76’s wrist.

IG-88: W2V4Y2xhbWF0aW9uXSBObyE=

Caption (IG-88): *[exclamation] No!

4/ IG-76 gently withdraws IG-88’s hand.

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBpd

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] …It’s for the best.

5/ IG-88 lovingly cradles IG-76’s head.

IG-88: KltkZWNsYXJhdGlvbl0gSS4uLi

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] I… I don’t want to forget you.

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBub

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] nor I you

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBidXQgSSB3b3

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] but I would spare you this… pain.

6/ IG-76 keys in the command to delete his data from the grieving IG-88’s memory banks. $ rm -rf mydir IG-76 y/n y sure? y

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBQbGVhc

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] Please 88… for me.

Page ten

1/ Exterior of the ship. Close-up view of IG-88 seen through the cockpit canopy’s glass shield . It stands next its failing companion, still holding its robotic hand. A human voice announces the imminent deletion of IG-88’s data in the form of a countdown.

Computer voice: “Deletion of directory IG-76 complete in six cycles”

2/ Same as previous panel but now we’re double the distance from the ship. The two androids still appear through the canopy.

IG-76: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBZb3Ugc

Caption (IG-76): *[declaration] You should go.

3/ Same as previous panel but now we’re double that distance from the ship.

IG-88: W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBUaGF0J

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] That’s all right.

4/ Same as previous panel but we’re double that distance from the ship. The androids are no longer visible at this point.

IG-88 (off-panel): W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXSBp

Caption (IG-88): *[declaration] If it’s all the same…

5/ Same as previous panel but we’ve again doubled our distance. The shuttle appears very small at this point and the burning space station is now in view in the corner of the panel.

IG-88 (off-panel): W2RlY2xhcmF0aW9uXS

Caption (IG-88): [declaration] I’ll stay awhile longer.



Page One

1/ Side view of Erol Korr crawling in a sandstone air duct in Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine. He is a 17-19 year old African/American male (think Tyler James Williams from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’) with short dreads and goggles like Luke had in ‘A New Hope’ pushed up on his forehead. He is wearing typical tan garb of Tatooine, but has a Tusken type belt and a brown leather messenger type bag like Indian Jones. In front of Erol is a MSE-6 droid (mouse droid) with MCK-EE stenciled on the side, but instead of wheels he has caterpillar treads. On top of the droid is a Go-Pro looking box, but with two “eyes”, one big one small. MCK-EE should have a dim white light projecting from him lighting them up. He is traveling backwards so that we see Erol.

CAPTION: When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.
CAPTION: If you are like me, living on Tatooine and working in a junkyard, you’ve got less than nothing.
CAPTION: Your reputation is the only thing that matters.

2/ Front view of Erol in duct, mainly focused on his face.

CAPTION: Nobody has ever done what I’m gonna do.
CAPTION: But when that nerfherder, Draze called me out in front of everyone, I had no choice.

3/ Side view of Erol and MCK-EE again. MCK-EE is now facing forward, scanning the duct with a blue laser light and we should slightly see there are some cracks in the floor of the duct.

CAPTION: This is the easy part, sneaking in through the air ducts like this.
EROL: What do you mean, unstable? Can we go further or not?
CAPTION: It’s when I get inside that things get tricky.

4/ Close-up on Erol again eyes wide with shock.

EROL: Oh, sh–!

5/ Side view of the duct, now a gaping hole in it. There should be motion lines and we see Erol and MCK-EE falling through the hole.


Page Two

1/ Looking down from the hole in the ceiling, framing the shot we see Erol laying on top of an unconscious Gamorrean Guard. It’s dark because it’s night in Jabba’s Palace. Bits of the air duct should be still falling and chunks should be on the floor. Erol should look a bit surprised, but conscious. MCK-EE should be in the shot as well, no worse for wear.

EROL: Sorry about that, porky. Mick-EE, you alright?
MCK-EE: Breeep, doo-dit-doo-doot
EROL: Yeah, it was lucky this guard was here.

2/ Erol is now standing dusting himself off facing towards the viewer, the Gamorrean Guard laid out behind him. MCK-EE is by his feet.

EROL: But I thought they always…

3/ Same type of shot, but now Erol is crouched and looking over his should in shock. MCK-EE’s GoPro like head should be raised in his version of a “shocked” look as the other Gamorrean Guard is coming around the corner.

EROL: …traveled in pairs!

4/ Same type of shot but pulled out a bit. Erol and MCK-EE are running towards the viewer and the Gamorrean guard has noticed them and is running as best he can after them.


Page Three

1/ Kind of a worms-eye shot as Erol and MCK-EE are going around a corner, the Gamorrean is far behind them. It should be empty other than these three.

EROL (thinking): Gammorean’s have a terrible sense of direction, so if we just get out in front of him, we should be able to lose him.

2/ Erol and MCK-EE leaping down a flight of stairs. There should be some people sleeping and passed out against walls, with bottles and glasses around, like there was a big drinking party, etc. This is the same stairway that Luke came down to Jabba’s Throne Room in ROTJ.

EROL (thinking): Jeez, what kind of party went on here? Everybody is out cold!

3/ Wide shot of Gamorrean Guard at the end of the hallway, far from the viewer heading off panel, taking the wrong turn. Erol has his back up against the wall, head towards where the guard was. For reference, they are now in the entrance of where Han Solo in carbonite is on display. MCK-EE should be heading off panel, deeper into the chamber.

EROL (whispering): I think we lost him, Mick-EE. Now to find –

4/ From behind, Erol and MCK-EE gaze upon Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, hanging on the wall.

EROL: Han Solo!

Page Four

1/ Full-bleed splash page of Erol touching is entire palm on the carbonite form of Han Solo, MCK-EE is shining a light on the whole thing and Erol is looking at MCK-EE, smiling.

Page 5

1/ Pulled back shot of the entire alcove where Han is hanging, and the scene is framed by the inverted V of the legs of the Gamorrean Guard. Erol still has his hand on Han and MCK-EE is still shining the light on him.


2/ Medium close-up, Worms Eye view of MCK-EE who has swiveled his head (and light) back towards the viewer (towards the Gamorrean), leaving Erol in subdued light.

EROL: HEY! Mick-ee, I wasn’t done-

3/Medium close-up similar to last panel but now we are framed on Erol’s face and there is a slight shocked look on it. (the next panel will be similar so these two might be square panels).

EROL: Hey, listen…

4/ Same shot as before, but now Erol should have an incredulous grin on his face, very Han Solo-like.

EROL: I’m just some stupid kid wanted to see Jabba’s prized possession.
EROL: We don’t have to tell Jabba I touched it, right?

5/ Close-up of Gamorrean Guards face, snarling, drool coming out of his mouth.


Page 6

1/ Erol and the Guard are running towards each other, and MCK-EE should be there, still illuminating the area.

EROL: I got a bad feeling about this, Mick-EE!
MCK-EE: Vweeep! Bee-dwoop-dwoop.
EROL: Great idea, MCK!

2/ Erol jumping into a hook-slide, MCK-EE starting towards the Gamorrean Guard and his light should be very bright and pointed at the guard.


3/ Very dark panel as MCK-EE turns off his light and we can barely see the guard standing there and Erol and MCK-EE have slid through his legs, Erol sliding right and MCK-EE going left.

EROL (thinking): Dammit, all I can see is a big dark blur.
EROL: Mick-EE, find a way out, and we’ll catch up!

4/ Erol back against another wall in the half-light and he’s peering around the corner.

EROL (thinking): Man, I hope Mick-EE is okay, but I can’t wait any longer, I gotta get out of here now.

Page 7

1/ Pile of boxes, etc. are piled but knocked down below the hole in the ceiling that Erol came from.


2/ Extreme wide-view of Tatooine desert-scape with solitary running figure silhouetted in the distance.


3/ High-shot of the outskirts of a Tatooine town. There are five young men (17-21yr olds mixed ethnicities, but they should be rough looking, tattoos, think South African hooligans) hanging out on some junk by a rag-tag junk yard. Some distance away from them is a solitary figure walking toward them. One of the kids is bigger than the rest, and one of the oldest. He should look like a young version of Ninja from the band Die Antwoord. This is Draze Novar.

DRAZE NOVAR: EROL? Erol, that you, man?
EROL: Yeah Draze, it’s me.
DRAZE NOVAR: Well, I’ll be a floppin’ womp-rat, I woulda bet you was a dead man!

4/ Med-close shot of EROL, dirty, goggles lifted up and his face is filthy and his lips are cracked. His clothes are worse-for-wear, but he has that wry smile again.

EROL: Then you woulda made the wrong bet, Draze.
EROL: Cuz not only am I here, I did what you said was impossible.

Page 8

1/ Medium shot of the kids gathered around Erol. Draze is slightly apart from the group and in the background we can see the Junkyard is named “Korrs Junkyard”. This is Erol’s family’s junkyard.

DRAZE: Man, you could’ve been wandering around the dunes drinking the whole time for all we know.

EROL: No way, Draze. I was INSIDE. Me and Mick-EE went through the air ducts and found it. It was so cold too, like frozen metal or something.

2/ Medium shot of Draze with the rest of the guys in the background. He should look like he’s trying not to believe what Erol is saying, and trying to be imposing.

DRAZE: You sayin’ you touched it?
DRAZE: You touched the Carbonite?
DRAZE: I call bull-

3/ Same kind of shot but now of Erol. He’s looking like he’s trying to hold back punching Draze, hands clenched, kind of yelling.

EROL: Mick-EE-

4/ Back to the same kind of shot as panel 1.

DRAZE: Mick-EE? I hate to tell you man, but I don’t see no Mick-EE around.

5/ Close-up of Erol with a look of remembrance that he and MCK-EE were separated and he never found each other.

EROL (thinking): Oh man, I got so caught up in telling them, I forgot.
EROL (thinking): I waited, but Mick, he never came out.
EROL (thinking): And now I got no proof.

Page 9

1/ High far shot with Erol and Draze’s group on one side and a small blip with a dust cloud billowing up behind it

DRAZE: No proof. Like I said, you probably just went out to the dunes and drank.
KID 2: Hey, what’s that duster out there?

2/ Erol is turning around and facing the viewer with the rest of the group looking on behind him.

EROL: Mick-EE?

3/ Side-view, Erol is kneeling down, his arms up in excitement as MCK-EE has rolled near him. He’s not hiding his emotions and has a big grin on his face.

EROL: Where the hell have you been, Mick?
MCK-EE: Tweep-

4/ Same shot, but Erol realizing the rest of the group is still there, including Draze, his face now serious and kind of looking down and back at the group.

EROL: Wait. You can tell me later.
EROL: Please tell me you have it.
MCK-EE: Bdeoop-dee-doot?

Page 10

1/ Small square panel. Erol’s face has dropped.

EROL: What do you mean, what do I mean? The shot!

2/ Small square panel. MCK-EE has tilted his GoPro head.


3/ Small square panel. Erol now smiling.

EROL: You were making a joke?
EROL: Don’t do that!

4/ Pulled out view from behind Erol. Erol is now facing the group and MCK-EE is there.

EROL: Show ‘em what we got!

5/ Bigger panel of MCK-EE displaying a hologram shot of Erol, hand on the Carbonite other hand giving the bird, but the finger is blurred out, and Erol has a huge grin on his face in the hologram. The group of guys should be pointing, shocked, impressed and Draze is looking incredulous. Erol should have his arms out, gesturing with both hands at the hologram with a smug look on his face.

EROL: How’s THAT for proof, Draze!?


Art & Science by Adam Goldstein


Panel 1: A rust red planet against a star field.


Panel 2: Wide on a light transport, modified for combat, parked at the base of a butte. Red rock, grey clouds, heavy rain, high winds – the light of the sun so diffuse that it’s position is indeterminable, and only the softest of shadows are cast. A speech bubble emanates from the ship.

4-LOM (OFF): Obviously, the current weather conditions preclude tracking, per se.

Panel 3: Medium shot on a round steel table, on top of which, disassembled blaster parts have been arranged neatly. A droid’s hand, weathered and faded, black, plucks up a component. Next to the deconstructed heavy blaster rifle, on a datapad at the edge of the panel, two images are visible – the grizzled face of a short-haired, middle-aged, human female, and a light freighter.

4-LOM (OFF): So, I’ve generated a predictive model from planetary data logs, maps, climate analysis…

Panel 4: MS on 4-LOM. He’s cleaning one of the weapon components, holding it up in front of his compound optic sensors. He looks like this. Behind him, we can see the open hatch to the ship’s cockpit and a glimpse of the planet’s surface, grey and red beyond the transparisteel canopy.

CAPTION: 4-LOM. Protocol droid turned intergalactic thief.

4-LOM: …and, of course, Lekat’s personal records, psychological profile, and last known position.

Panel 5: Medium wide on Zuckuss, a vaguely insectoid alien with a breathing apparatus over his mouth. This guy. He’s kneeling on a small, ornate rug. His eyes are closed, his three-fingered hands resting lightly on his knees. 4-LOM assembles his heavy blaster rifle in the background.

CAPTION: Zuckuss. Gand findsman. Known as “The Uncanny One.”


Panel 1: WS on the ship’s interior. 4-LOM, seated at the table, assembles his weapon. Zuckuss meditates, his back to the droid. A better view of the compartment reveals a cluttered cargo bay housing a small landspeeder, varied equipment, two holding cells.

4-LOM: My calculations indicate with eighty-seven point five recurring three percent certainty that…

Panel 2: MS on 4-LOM pointing toward the cockpit, page left.

4-LOM: …she went that way.

Panel 3: Close-up on Zuckuss as he opens his eyes.


Panel 4: CU on Zuckuss’s outstretched finger.


Panel 5: Same WS from before. 4-LOM is still pointing left, toward the cockpit. Zuckuss, still kneeling, looks back at his partner whilst pointing right.

CAPTION: Bounty hunters.


Panel 1: Extreme Wide shot on the landspeeder as it cuts through the rain – moving left to rght. Zuckuss must have won the debate.

4-LOM: You do realize that, of the two towns, Ectoshi is far more likely.

Panel 2: WS behind the speeder. Far ahead, partially obscured by weather and distance, a town can be made out.

4-LOM: Baktooz, on the contrary, is known to frown upon extralegal commerce.

Panel 3: WS on 4-LOM and Zuckuss as they walk along a Baktooz street, weapons slung over their shoulders. Most of the buildings are cylindrical, constructed of rusting steel, maxing out at around three stories. A few locals scurry about, clutching closed coats, stooping under hoods, though neither of the bounty hunters seems to mind the rain. One side of the street is dominated by a starport – a row of eclectic ships, one after the other.

4-LOM: You have noticed, I assume, that the accuracy of my computations draws ever closer to that of your famed intuition.

Panel 4: Medium two-shot on 4-LOM and Zuckuss, favoring the Gand. He has stopped, is pointing straight ahead.

4-LOM: Which, however inscrutable, is statistically quantifiable. And, while remarkably effective – not unerring.

Panel 5: WS over the bounty hunters’ shoulders. It’s the ship from the datapad, Lekat’s freighter, docked just ahead.

4-LOM: Oh.


Panel 1: MCU as Zuckuss removes a device, the size and shape of a thermos, from his sleeve.


Panel 2: WS – Zuckuss tosses the device to 4-LOM, who has moved closer to the ship.


Panel 3: MS on 4-LOM planting the device firmly on the ship’s hull.


Panel 4: CU – 4-LOM turns a dial on the device, red indicator lights powering on in a circle around the dial.

SFX: cliclicliclick

SFX: bwoobwoobwoobwoop

Panel 5: M2S on 4-LOM and Zuckuss walking toward camera. Behind them, the ship is enveloped in a field of jagged blue electrical currents.


4-LOM: Well done, certainly. Though I should have liked to be right this once.


Panel 1: WS on Zuckuss and 4-LOM standing in the street, facing each other. Light speeder traffic in the background, one passing by in the extreme foreground.

4-LOM: So, Lekat is demonstrably here in Baktooz. The question before us now is where exactly?

Panel 2: MS on the partners as they continue the conversation. Zuckuss interrupts 4-LOM by pointing just past camera.

4-LOM: Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list…

Panel 3: MWS behind Zuckuss and 4-LOM, backs to camera, facing a modest one-story building. A holographic sign above the entry bears alien script and an image of a steaming bowl. 4-LOM raises his arms in exasperation.

4-LOM: A Jojoran noodle house?!! But, humans find unta noodles entirely unpalatable!

Panel 4: Same framing. Zuckuss walks toward the noodle shop, leaving 4-LOM behind, hands on hips. The image of the bowl now also depicts noodles being lifted out, gripped by a utensil resembling vintage ice tongs.


Panel 5: MS on 4-LOM as he trots after Zuckuss, most of the negative space in the panel behind him.

4-LOM: Coming. Coming.


Panel 1: WS on the interior of the noodle house – green lighting and the blue of the steel walls dominating the color palette. Not a huge place, but crowded with decorations and a lot of small tables, mostly occupied by a fun variety of aliens. There’s a counter along one wall, where the exotic cooks manage an exotic assortment of pots. Toward the back, alone at a table, bent over a steaming bowl of noodles is a human – the only one there. The face from the datapad. Lekat.


Panel 2: MS of Zuckuss and 4-LOM in the doorway. Zuckuss’s arm rasied 45 degrees, finger extended, while 4-LOM shoves his arm down.

4-LOM: Egads! Don’t point at her!

Panel 3: CU on Lekat. She’s stopped eating mid chew, cheeks bulging, eyes wide, noodles wriggling (they move apparently) in those tongs, which are frozen a few inches from her mouth.


Panel 4: MS on Zuckuss and 4-LOM as they rush in. Zuckuss is readying a bizarre looking rifle. 4-LOM is shoving a patron aside, hand on face.


Panel 5: MS on Lekat firing her blaster pistol as she makes a run for it, body twisted, her table flipped in front of her, noodles airborne.


Panel 6: MS on Zuckuss as he fires a shot from his rifle. In the background, 4-Lom ducks Lekat’s blaster fire.


Panel 7: WS on a nearby patron pinned to the wall by a translucent liquid net, as Lekat disappears through a back door.



Panel 1: WS on Lekat dashing through an alien prep kitchen, with all the cool details that implies. One guy’s tossing noodles in a pan. Another is chopping space veggies. A tiny guy in a seat hanging from the ceiling sprinkles seasoning into a pot.


Panel 2: WS, same framing, 4-LOM and Zuckuss in pursuit. The noodle tosser has now tossed his whole pan. The chopper has cut off the tip of his long finger. The little guy has fallen into his pot.


Panel 3: WS on a Baktooz backstreet. Lekat, toward the foreground, hesitates in choosing a direction to run, her face a desperate grimace, her arms splayed for balance, the blaster pistol still in hand. A good distance behind her, 4-LOM is dropping to one knee, heavy blaster rifle raised. Just behind him, Zuckuss emerges from the noodle house’s back door.


Panel 4: MCU on 4-LOM as he lines up a shot, aiming carefully down the sights.


Panel 5: MS on Lekat as her hand is struck by blaster fire, the pistol falling from her grip. Looks like it hurt.


Panel 6: WS as Lekat turns to face her pursuers, the wounded hand cradled in the other. She looks grudgingly resigned. 4-LOM and Zuckuss approach from the foreground.



Panel 1: WS on the three of them. 4-LOM keeps his weapon trained on Lekat, as Zuckuss applies a spray to her wounded hand.

4-LOM: Would you mind terribly if I asked you a question?

LEKAT: Why sell arms to the Rebellion? Why take the risk?

SFX: ssshhhht

Panel 2: WS, same framing. Lekat shakes out her wounded hand. Zuckuss removes manacles from a satchel located on his abdomen.

4-LOM: You are an arms dealer and they are in clear need of black market weapons. And willing to pay a significantly inflated price, I surmise.

LEKAT: Cold reason. Just like a droid. Nah, I sold to ‘em at cost. Gut said it was the right way to go.

Panel 3: WS, same framing. Zuckuss applies the manacles.

4-LOM: Your gut! Splendid. But no, I find I must know about the noodles.

LEKAT: Aren’t you a funny one? Jojoran cook on my first freighter. Limited repertoire.

SFX: klack

Panel 4: CU on Lekat. She looks wryly wistful, as Zuckuss finishes securing her, raindrops pattering on her face.

LEKAT: Probably the only human in the galaxy with a taste for the stuff.

Panel 5: CU on 4-LOM.

4-LOM: A gap in the records. I declare, Zuckuss, it is incomplete data that vexes me every time!


Panel 1: WS on the bounty hunters’ ship, lifting off from the planet’s surface.


Panel 2: MWS on Lekat, as she sits on the floor, in one of the ship’s holding cells – hands bound in front of her. In the foreground, 4-LOM’s finger pushes a button on the wall. She’s looking up at him, a hint of imploring.


Panel 3: WS on 4-LOM as he turns his back on Lekat and walks toward the cockpit. A forcefield has powered up behind him, trapping Lekat in the cell.


Panel 4: M2S, Zuckuss in the pilot’s seat, 4-LOM taking the chair next to him.

LEKAT (OFF): I’ll double the bounty if you let me go.

Panel 5: CU on Zuckuss.

ZUCKUSS: !keng chk drrzz k’ek !kt.

Panel 6: CU on 4-LOM, looking amused.

4-LOM: Zero percent chance, indeed!


Panel 1: M2S on 4-LOM and Zuckuss as they share a hearty laugh.

4-LOM: Heh heh heh heh.

Zuckuss: Chi chi chi chi chi.

Panel 2: WS as the ship hurls through space, leaving the planet behind.



Star Wars: An Unlikely Companion By: Glenn Francis Faelnar

In the final days of the Empire, most of the Empire supporters, even Stormtroopers went into hiding in an attempt to escape the rebels. They fled to the planets near they were stationed and proceeded to make their escape there.

1/(large): In the final days of the Empire, a silhouette of a stormtrooper, designated TK-532, can be seen in the desert lands of Tatooine.
Caption(TK-532): Need to keep moving.
2/(small): TK-532’s foot is seen as he is running.
Caption(TK-532): The Empire is falling.
3/(small): TK-532 grips his blaster firmly.
SFX: grip
Caption(TK-532): In my escape from the rebels, my ship landed here.
4/(small): TK-532’s helmet is seen in close-up.
Caption(TK-532): I don’t know how they got it but they do.
Caption(TK-532) cont’d: And they’re coming…
5/(large): TK-532 stops as he desperately searches for any kind of vehicle.
Caption(TK-532): I gotta find a vehicle to make my escape faster.
Caption 2(TK-532): Wait, I see something…
6/(large): A Jawa is seen reloading his sandcrawler with new droids.
Caption(TK-532) cont’d: A sandcrawler!


1/(large): TK-532 immediately approaches the sandcrawler with his blaster ready to aim. Kan sees TK-532 and raises his hands up without hesitation as to initiate surrender.
Caption(TK-532): A sandcrawler is not that fast but it beats going on foot. I’ll have to make do with what is given.
TK-532: I’m going to need your sandcrawler. I’m here on orders from…
2/(large): TK-532 and Kan hear a sound from a bike. TK-532 appears scared as he turns his head towards where the sound is coming from.
Caption(TK-532): I suddenly hear a sound of bikes approaching and I realize that they’re nearing.
TK-532: Oh shit!
3/(large): TK-532 shouts at Kan that they should get in the sandcrawler. Kan and TK-532 board the sandcrawler with utmost haste.
Kan: Ok!*translated from Jawaese.
4/(large): A group of 20 tusken raiders in 74-Z speeder bikes speed towards where TK-532 is.
Tusken raider leader: We must hunt that stormtrooper. He is ours to kill. *translated from Tusken


1/(large): The sandcrawler moves the best it can as TK-532 and Kan run from the Tusken raiders.
SFX: vrooomm!
Caption(TK-532): With the speed of this sandcrawler, I doubt we’re going to get far. I need to prepare for counter measures.
2/(small): TK-532 while searching for a small opening in the ship asks the Jawa if he has any explosives. Kan has a little disdain for TK-532 as he is a stomtrooper from the empire and he saw that they killed another clan while they were searching for droids years ago. (During episode 4 when they were looking for R2-D2 and C-3P0. and yes, he saw that.)
TK-532: I don’t suppose you don’t have any explosives lying around would you?
Kan: I have but I’m not telling you where they are. And who is coming for us anyway?
3/(medium): TK-532 stands face to face with Kan as he confronts him. He is aware that stormtroopers may not be the best people but they are in a dire situation and he needs Kan to cooperate. He is also unaware of the personal feelings Kan has towards stormtroopers. An argument between the two then ensues.
TK-532: I don’t have time for this! We are in a scary situation right now and we need to prepare. So, where are the explosives?!
Kan: Why do you need them anyway? More importantly, who is after us?!
4/(small): Kan then proceeds to walk away from TK-532. But TK-532 knows that he needs to convince Kan that the explosives are necessary if they are to escape from the tusken raiders that are on their way.
TK-532: Look, Tusken Raiders are after us-- me, more specifically. And they’re not going to spare anyone, not even you.
5/(medium): Kan then faces towards TK-532 and points at him. He doesn’t care at all what happens to TK-532 given what he saw long ago.
Kan: Why should I help you? You, people from the Empire, have little to no regard for a Jawa’s life. I could just negotiate with the raiders and give you to them. I think I can find a way for them to spare me.
6/(large): TK-532 looks back at the Jawa. He understands how the Jawa feels but given their situation, working together is the only way either of them come out of it alive. He knows that much.
TK-532: They won’t negotiate with you. Raiders are crazy. They’ll kill me and then you. There is no middle ground.
Kan: I can just drop you out of the sandcrawler.
TK-532: You can’t carry me.


1/(small): Kan understands that TK-532 has a point. Raiders are crazy and he is too small to throw TK-532 out of the sandcrawler. He appears defeated and decides to tell TK-532 that he will cooperate.
Kan: Fine then, I’ll help you.
2/(medium): Kan then points towards where he hides his explosives. He has no choice but to help TK-532 if he wants to survive.
Kan: The explosive are over there next to that R3 unit.
TK-532: Thanks!
3/(large) Both of them finish preparing and await the imminent arrival of the raiders as they move forward inside the sandcrawler. TK-532 sits up high near a small window while Kan waits below. TK-532 gets curios and proceeds to initiate a small talk with Kan.
TK-532: I heard Jawa’s travel with their clan. That isn’t the case with you. Any reason why you’re traveling alone?
Kan: I was separated from my clan a long time ago. I haven’t seen them ever since.
TK-532: Sorry to hear that. Look, I know we troopers come off as scary so I understand your hesitation at first.
4/(small): Kan proceeds to tell TK-532 about his previous encounter with stormtroopers as he sits down near the pile of scraps he has.
Kan: I saw stormtroopers once. I was young. I saw them murder another clan. It seems as though they were looking for something. Needless to say, they murdered them in cold blood.
5/(small):TK-532 feels sorry for what Kan saw but explains to him that they probably were given orders.
TK-532: They were probably given orders. I’m sorry you had to see that.
6/(medium): TK-532 then decides to introduce himself to Kan.
TK-532: I’m TK-532 by the way.
7/(medium): Kan is hesitant to tell TK-532 his name. He only gives his name to people he trusts and telling someone his name is something he holds with utmost importance. So, he decides to be silent and doesn’t even respond to TK-532.
No dialogue.


1/(Large): A sudden barrage of blasts hits the sandcrawler which breaks the silence. They both brace themselves and prepare to fire back.
TK-532: They’re here.
Kan: You actually failed to mention why the Tuskens are after you.
TK-532: Well, I saw them killing a bunch of stormtroopers and they thought I got away. They’re here to finish the job. Did I also mention they’re crazy?!
2/(medium): TK-532 opens the compartment in front of him and returns fire with his blaster.
TK-532: Just trust me on this okay? We can do this.
3/(small): One of the Tusken Raiders gets hit with the blast and falls off his bike.
Tusken Raider: AAHH!!
4/(small): Before the Raiders can react to their fallen comrade, TK-532 immediately throws an explosive at them.
No dialogue.
5/(large): It explodes in front of the Raiders. A large smoke with sand engulf them.
No dialogue.
6/(large): TK-532 is very pleased with the explosion and immediately assumes that victory is with them. But Kan doesn’t have the same feelings.
TK-532: I think we got them. I think we won.
Kan: Let’s not jump to conclusions stormtrooper.


1/(Large): Two Raiders emerge from the explosion rushing to the sandcrawler at full speed.
No dialogue.
2/(Medium): TK-532 sees this and realized that his celebration was premature at best.
TK-532: Two of them just came out from the smoke and their coming at us really fast.
3/(medium): Kan immediately stands up and begins to climb up the ladder to where another compartment is at on the opposite side from where TK-532 is at.
No dialogue.
4/(large): The two raiders then proceed to take each side of the sandcrawler.
No dialogue.
5/(small): TK-532 and Kan notices this and they both begin to wonder what the raiders have planned.
TK-532: What the hell are they trying to do?!
Kan: I have no idea. Their behavior is extremely unpredictable.
6/(small): Both raiders tightens their grip on hooks.
No dialogue.


1/(splash page): And as if in unison, both raiders from both sides jump towards the sandcrawler with all their might as they prepare to pierce it using their blades.
No dialogue.


1/(small): Both blades pierce the side of the sandcrawler. This leaves both the raiders dangling from the side.
No dialogue.
2/(medium): Both Kan and TK-532 notices this as they look at both raiders on the side of the sandcrawler.
TK-532: They’re on the sandcrawler.
Kan: No shit!
3/(small): Kan then mounts his weapon and shoots the raider hanging from his side. He uses a Tusken rifle which he salvaged just recently before his untimely meeting with TK-532.
No dialogue:
4/(small): The raider gets hit in the head and falls off the sandcrawler crashing into the sand.
No dialogue:
5/(Medium): TK-532 prepares to take his shot and is immediately stopped when the sandcrawler is hit by large blast.
No dialogue:
6/(Large): The blast was big enough to topple the sandcrawler. Then it comes crashing into the sand.
No dialogue.


1/(Large): Both Kan and TK-532 try to shake it off as they stand up. They’re both shock and didn’t know what hit them.
TK-532: Are you okay?
Kan: Yeah.
TK-532: Good.
Kan: What hit us?
TK-532: Must be a canon. It was strong enough to flip the sandcrawler.
2/(small): TK-532 immediately notices the raider lunging into Kan and immediately warns him.
3/(medium): Kan is too slow to react since he is still recovering from the fall and can only stare at the raider coming to claim his life.
Kan: Shit!
4/(large): And then out of nowhere, TK-532 appears in front of Kan and gets hit in the back by the blades of the raider.
TK-532: AAHHH!
5/(medium): Kan realizes this and immediately takes TK-532’s blaster and shoots the raider down.
No dialogue: PEW!PEW!
6/(medium): Kan then grabs TK-532 as he falls. He is in shock of the what TK-532 did. He saved his life.
Kan: Why did you save me? Why’d you take that hit?
TK-532: As cough crazy as it seems cough, I’m the one who cough got you into this mess. So, cough we’re even now cough.


1/(Large): A large group of raiders surround the fallen sandcrawler. Reinforcements came and now their numbers have increased.
No dialogue.
2/(small): TK-532 and Kan hears this and they both realize that this maybe their final stand.
TK-532: They’re cough outside cough. This maybe cough it for us.
3/(small): Kan acknowledges what TK-532 said and shows him gratitude before their inevitable demise.
Kan: I know. Thank you for saving me. The name’s Kan by the way.
4/(small): They both blast the a part of the sandcrawler which creates a hole.
No dialogue.
5/(medium): They both then position themselves at each side of the hole they’ve just created. They hold their weapons and prepare to charge their enemy. But before that, they have one last conversation between them.
TK-532: Hey Kan, I never expected to be alongside a Jawa in battle. cough
Kan: Neither did I expect to be working beside a stormtrooper. This alliance was unexpected and highly unlikely.
TK-532: Hah.cough Couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s give them all we’ve got, friend.
Kan: Let’s do it, friend.
6/(Large): And with all their might, both of them go charging towards they’re enemy. They were ready to fight for each other in their final moments.
No dialogue.



GREEDO by Samuel Sachs

PANEL 1: ESTABLISHING SHOT the planet TATOOINE. Spaceport Mos Espa. Groups of people, aliens, droids etc. in the markets near a cantina going about their usual morning’s business trading, bartering, running into old friends. Currently a calm urban environment, dirty, and used to chaos.
CAPTION: Tatooine, Mos Espa Spaceport
NARRATION: I used to wonder how you did it.

PANEL 2: Small greenish blue feet running. What we see of the legs are clad in stained and torn sand colored breeches.
NARRATION: How you were so fast. So good.
GREEDO: Huff, huff

PANEL 3: On the same line as PANEL 2. PANEL 3 should take up two-thirds of the space. Four or five pairs of feet in boots running. They all roughly match.
KID 1: There he goes!
KID 2: Over there!
KID 3: Get ‘im!

PANEL 4: A small Rodian, GREEDO, hopping over a market booth, a dark leather pouch clutched in his arms. Though his jump has scattered the booth’s wares behind him only the owner seems shocked and angry. A few other spectators observe rather bored.
GREEDO: Sorry!

PANEL 1: Perspective behind GREEDO as he turns down an alley.
NARRATION: People always said you were lucky.

PANEL 2: Podracers whipping by at a racetrack, coming towards us as if we’re sitting right at the final turn.

PANEL 3: HIGH ANGLE, Greedo turns down another alley. He is tiring, looking more panicked, the alley ways are getting tighter.
NARRATION: But luck had nothing to do with it.

PANEL 4: WIDE ANGLE. GREEDO with his back to the wall, we see him between the looming, shadowy figures of the GANG chasing him takes up most of the panel as the alley narrow sin on GREEDO like sights on a rifle.
NARRATION: You always had a plan. Always found a way out.
KID 1: Got you now, bug boy.
KID 2: Nobody steals from The Scrappers.
KID 3: Yeah! Squash ‘im!

PANEL 1: The GANG is gathered around a cowering GREEDO, kicking and hitting him while he huddles in the fetal position.
NARRATION: Talking was never my strong suit.

PANEL 2: A laser bolt explodes against the wall over the shoulder of one of the GANG members. Everyone turns to look behind them in surprise, several with a fearful look of recognition. GREEDO continues to cower with his eyes closed.

PANEL 3: CLOSEUP on one half of the mysterious benefactor’s face, sneering. The other half of the shot taken up by the blaster the BOUNTY HUNTER holds. The BOUNTY HUNTER is not the same as GREEDO but should be a similar, insect-like species.

PANEL 4: The GANG flees past the BOUNTY HUNTER as he approaches GREEDO and scoops up the leather sack GREEDO stole.
KID 1: Whoa, is he with the Hutts?
KID 2: I’m not staying to find out!

PANEL 5: Sitting next to GREEDO, the BOUNTY HUNTER empties the sack. A few scrap parts fall out onto the ground
HUNTER: All that for a few rusty converters? Kid, you can do better.

PANEL 1: EXTERIOR Jabba’s Palace, GREEDO and BOUNTY HUNTER approaching alongside a strange convoy of exotic alien animals.
CAPTION: Jabba’s Palace

NARRATION: I had a plan now too.

PANEL 3: BOUNTY HUNTER and a more developed GREEDO sparring with swords
NARRATION: And it was going well. I never learned to talk my way out.
PANEL 4: BOUNTY HUNTER holding a slightly older GREEDO’s hands, showing him how to fire a blaster, they have shot a bolt towards a target dummy.

NARRATION: But sometimes there were better options than talking.
PANEL 5: BOUNTY HUNTER and adult GREEDO fighting thugs in a cargo hangar, piles of loot spilling out of dropped bags beside them.
NARRATION: Much more profitable options.

PANEL 1: ESTABLISHING SHOT space. A lone freight ship piloted by GREEDO is running from a small GANG of angular fighters. The fighters are firing at GREEDO’s ship as they approach an asteroid belt. The planet TATOOINE is barely visible beyond the asteroids.
CAPTION: Outer Rim, Tatoo System.

PANEL 2: INTERIOR, GREEDO’s freighter, GREEDO at the helm, the lone member of the crew, stretched thin, steering and flipping switches just within his reach.
NARRATION: Still, there was something missing.

PANEL 3: EXTERIOR, space, entering the asteroid belt. GREEDO whips his ship between two large rocks, most of the fighters turn back, a few pursue.

PANEL 4: GREEDO continues to steer around rocks. The fighters are firing on him, smaller asteroids exploding around him.

PANEL 5: GREEDO’s ship shoots out of the asteroid belt. The remaining fighters smash into rocks and explode behind him.

PANEL 6: GREEDO’s ship descending on TATOOINE
NARRATION: Something I never got a hold on.

PANEL 1: GREEDO in front of his ship, walking away. In the background droids and smugglers are unloading cargo. A shady character (SMUGGLER) drops a pouch of coins into GREEDO’s hand.
GREEDO: (alien speech)
SMUGGLER: (alien speech)

PANEL 2: INTERIOR, GREEDO’s home, a small, dusty hovel made of scrap metals. A hammock hangs on wall as a bed. Dirty dishes are piled on the floor and a small table has a clutter of small weapons, currencies, ledger books and wanted posters. The wall opposite the hammock is clean except for one poster we can only vaguely make out. It clearly says WANTED at the top, and the outline is of a man’s face. In a later shot we will reveal it be HAN SOLO.

PANEL 3: HIGH angle, GREEDO flops down into the hammock and stares up at the ceiling.
SFX: whump
GREEDO: sigh Pretty good run today. Not a bad haul.

PANEL 4: GREEDO rolls over, from over his shoulder we see the WANTED poster, set against an empty wall dominate the panel. It is a mugshot of HAN SOLO, offering a reward of 224,190 credits. A communicator rings off screen.
GREEDO: You glorious bastard. 12 Parsecs! How do you do it?

PANEL 5: GREEDO answers the communicator, looks defeated.
GREEDO: Hello? Yes… Yes. Uh, no, I just got in. Another job? C’mon! Does it have to be today? How much? Alright, I’ll be there.

PANEL 1: INTERIOR Mos Eisley Cantina. The band is playing vigorously. Patrons are crowded around the bar. Chatting in various languages.

PANEL 2: GREEDO taking a drink of a potent looking liquid.

PANEL 3: CLOSEUP, GREEDO from the waist down, his hand on his blaster as he crosses the room.

PANEL 4: LOW angle, staring down the barrel of GREEDO’s blaster as he steps up to a corner table. We are seeing the scene from the relaxed angle of HAN SOLO, who assuredly rests his booted feet on the table.
GREEDO: Going somewhere, Solo?

PANEL 1: Over Greedo’s shoulder, HAN the center of the shot.
HAN: Yes, Greedo, as a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba that I’ve got his money.

PANEL 2: TWO SHOT, GREEDO sits down across from HAN, holding him at gunpoint with the blaster.
GREEDO: Jabba’s through with you.
HAN: Even I get boarded sometimes. Do you think I had a choice?
GREEDO: Tell that to Jabba. He may only take your ship.
HAN: Over my dead body.

PANEL 3: CLOSEUP, HAN’s hand drawing his blaster under the table.
GREEDO, off-screen: sigh I’d been looking forward to this.
HAN, off-screen: Yes. I’ll bet you had.

PANEL 4: OVER HAN’s shoulder, HAN shoots GREEDO

PANEL 1: CANTED, HAN throws the bartender some coins and runs off
HAN: Sorry about the mess.

PANEL 2, 3, 4: HIGH ANGLE, misaligned, segmented panels, that, stacked together, show GREEDO fried, face down on the table.
NARRATION: So, that’s how you did it…



The Reapers of Khalist VI by Kyle Stanberry

Ten Pages

Page One

1/We open on a murky crop space in the middle of an Imperial Compound. Young laborers toil over poisonous plants, pulling them out of the soil. Toxic fumes permeate the area. Our focus falls on a young, fourteen-year-old boy, working over the land. Unbeknownst to the reader, this is a young Dak Ralter. (You remember, Luke’s snowspeeder gunner who meets his demise in the Empire Strikes Back?) Standing near the boy, a supervising Imperial Lieutenant wearing a gas mask speaks his concerns with Commander Gray, a masked, foreboding Captain Phasma-esque superior officer. Also unbeknownst to the reader, Commander Gray is one of the last remaining clones of Jango Fett. Commander Gray is now an older man as a result of his artificial aging process, but right now, all of his physical features are covered in Storm Trooper-esque gear.

LIEUTENANT: Commander Gray, I know this is important work, and they’re only prisoners, but our workforce is dwindling. We won’t be able to maintain this level of progress.
COMMANDER GRAY: Do not concern yourself with this matter. If I have learned one thing, it is that everyone can be replaced.

2/The Lieutenant looks startled, not only by the formidable presence of Commander Gray, but sirens and alarms begin to sound in the compound.

COMMANDER GRAY: Even lieutenants.
LIEUTENANT: The Rebels?! We’re under attack!
COMMANDER GRAY: Secure the prisoners in the holding chambers and lock down the premises!

3/The Lieutenant shoves the young Dak into a holding chamber (similar to the one Luke rescues Leia from in A New Hope).

LIEUTENANT: In with you, Rebel Spawn!

4/Dak sits quietly in the empty room. We can feel his loneliness, and though the cell is small, it seems too large for his silent figure. Who knows how long he’s had to sit here?


Page Two

1/Startled by the sudden sound of blaster fire, young Dak looks over at the chamber door, wondering what mayhem is loose outside.

SFX: Blam! Blam! (Use small lettering to indicate that this is a faint sound, outside of the chamber and farther away.)

2/This is a small close-up of one of Dak’s widened, fearful eyes. A bead of sweat runs down beside it. The blaster fire is getting louder and increasingly successive!

SFX: Blam! Blam! Blam! (Lettering should be a little larger now to indicate proximity, though still muted from being outside of the chamber.)

3/Close-up on a gloved hand, prying the cell door open from the outside!

4/Largest panel of the page! The sources of the blaster fire stand revealed in the appearance of two more important characters in our story: Bounty Hunters Lylek and Sohay! Another clone of Jango Fett, Lylek is the spitting image of Jango in his prime. The exception in his near-identical appearance to the original is his long unkempt black hair and grizzled, unshaven face. He should be clad in the normal bounty hunter attire of a vest, belt, gloves, two pistols, etc., but he shouldn’t be wearing anything close to the Mandalorian battle armor of Jango, almost as a rejection of what came before him. Behind Lylek, but perfectly visible, stands Sohay. Sohay is not a Jedi nor a Sith, but a bounty hunter who just happens to be strong with the Force. Sohay is untrained, so this quality manifests itself in heightened senses, foresight, and an understanding of the world around him. I describe this trait because his outward appearance should evoke a feeling of calm and serenity. He’s an efficient man, and he carries very little. Sohay stands watch behind Lylek with a blaster rifle at the ready.

LYLEK: Is this the kid?

Page Three

1/Both of the bounty hunters have now entered the room. Dak recoils from them in fear, his back pushed against the wall of the cell.

LYLEK: My scanner got blasted in the hall. Can’t you tell with the…y’know, the Force thing?
SOHAY: Is that how you think it works?
LYLEK: Well?

2/Sohay puts two fingers against his wrinkled brow, indicating his confusion. Lylek stands beside him, arms crossed and looking impatient. Dak keeps his eyes on both bounty hunters, still afraid.

SOHAY: It is…unclear.
LYLEK: Hrmm…well, let’s just grab the kid and get out of here.
DAK: Who–Who are you?

3/Sohay calmly and understandingly leans over to the boy. Lylek grows increasingly impatient.

SOHAY: Listen boy, I am called Sohay, and this is my partner, Lylek. We’re bounty hunters hired by your parents to retrieve you from this place.
DAK: My parents?
LYLEK: Yeah, the Senator wants us to bust you out.

4/Dak squints his eyes inquisitively at Lylek while Sohay gives the hint of a smile. Lylek rolls his eyes in irritation.

DAK: Have we met before?

SOHAY: He’s got one of those faces. Now, I need you to decide if you’re coming with us. Danger is approaching.
DAK: What? How do you know?

5/Lylek is reaching his boiling point, but he’s doing his best to hold in his anger. He fidgets around while tersely answering Dak’s questions without looking at him directly. Dak looks curious and in wonder.

LYLEK: He knows. Because of the Force.
DAK: The Force? Like a Jedi?
LYLEK: Sure.

6/Sohay attempts to continue his calm interaction with the boy, but Lylek lashes out and grabs Dak by his clothes, pulling him close to his gnarled face and gritting teeth.

SOHAY: We still need to–
LYLEK: Enough! Listen kid, we just need you to answer two questions: Are you the kid we’re looking for? And do you want to live in a world where you don’t have to die?!

7/Close-up on Dak’s face, wide-eyed while he remains in Lylek’s grasp.


Page Four

1/Smaller panel. We see our three heroes(?) rush out of the cell. In reaction to what he sees (but what the reader cannot), Lylek manages to contort his already cranky face into an even crankier one.

LYLEK: Looks like you were right, Sohay.

2/Larger panel. We see the hallway is filled with 8-10 Storm Troopers with their blasters at the ready.

LYLEK (o/p): Danger.

3/Sohay readies his rifle and urgently heads in to battle. Lylek hands one of his pistols to Dak.

SOHAY: Protect the boy. I will handle them.
LYLEK: Here kid, in case you have to defend yourself.
DAK: My parents told me that Jedi use sabers made of light.
LYLEK: Maybe they do kid, but…

4/Large panel. Sohay uses his heightened senses to avoid blaster fire as he coldly and adeptly uses his rifle to dispense with a few of the Storm Troopers.

LYLEK (o/p): He’s no Jedi.

5/Sohay continues his calm and precise rapid blaster fire, avoiding the enemy attacks.


6/More Storm Troopers meet their demise, vanquished by Sohay’s rifle.

Page Five

1/Lylek grabs Dak’s arm and pulls him away from the direction of Sohay and the Storm Troopers. Lylek is looking back at Dak, and Dak is startled by a new, unseen combatant.

LYLEK: Sohay will hold them off. Let’s get you out of here.
DAK: Wait–Look!

2/Dak attempts to recoil at the sight before him and Lylek, but Lylek maintains his grip on Dak’s arm. Before them stands…Commander Gray! This isn’t the big reveal of the page, so this should still be smaller than the largest panel of the page.

COMMANDER GRAY: I don’t believe it. How can you be so young?

3/This is the largest panel of the page. This is a close-up of Commander Gray as he removes his helmet to reveal….that HE’S a clone of Jango Fett! Commander Gray’s face looks identical to Lylek’s, except his is aged, wrinkled and clean-shaven. Gray (fittingly) has short gray hair. He looks determined, yet curious. (In this panel, the reader should now realize that both Gray and Lylek are clones of Jango Fett.)

COMMANDER GRAY: You must be the last of us. The last of the Clone Troopers.

4/Commander Gray stands opposite of Lylek and Dak, casting his helmet aside. Sohay can be seen behind Lylek and Dak, still firing rapidly at the enemies in the other direction.

COMMANDER GRAY: But it still doesn’t make sense. Even if you are the last of us, you shouldn’t be this…young.
LYLEK: Simply put, there was a glitch in the artificial aging process we and all of our brethren were cursed with.

5/Small panel. Lylek (still gripping Dak’s arm) raises his other hand into a fist.

LYLEK: Chance made me immortal. Chance made me perfect.

6/Commander Gray now stands in a fighting pose, about to join Lylek in honorable hand-to-hand combat.

COMMANDER GRAY: Incredible. But you must know I am duty-bound. Come.

Page Six

1/Lylek tosses his pistol to the side and charges at the off-panel Commander Gray. Dak stands behind him, calling to Sohay who is still eliminating the Storm Troopers.

DAK: Sohay! Lylek needs our help!

SOHAY: He will be fine, boy. Do you know why they call him “Lylek?”

2/Joined in combat, Commander Gray lands a punch across Lylek’s face.

SOHAY (o/p): The Lylek is a creature–a compulsive hunter without peer.

3/Lylek now throws a punch, connecting with Commander Gray’s jaw. Gray stumbles to the ground.

SOHAY (o/p): So strong–So intoxicating is the Lylek’s thirst to hunt, that without prey–

4/Lylek stands over Commander Gray (now on his knees), and with his hands wrapped around the Commander’s neck, begins to strangle the life out of the Commander.

SOHAY (o/p): --the Lylek will feast on its own kind.

5/Clinging to life, Commander Gray struggles to ask Lylek a question.

COMMANDER GRAY: Just–Just tell me. What do you want with the orphan boy?
LYLEK: Orphan?

6/Close-up on Sohay as he whips around in realization!

SOHAY: Orphan?! But that means–

7/Sohay turns to see Dak, pointing the pistol Lylek gave him directly at Sohay (at point-blank range).


8/Close-up on Sohay’s face. He is as calm and serene as ever, accepting his fate. We can see the end of the pistol pointed directly at him.

SOHAY: It’s fine.

Page Seven

1/Large panel! A conflicted and traumatized Dak fires the pistol at Sohay, killing him.

2/Dak clutches his pistol, now aiming it at Lylek. The area around them is littered with the bodies of Sohay and a multitude of Storm Troopers. Lylek lets go of Commander Gray who collapses to the ground, unconscious.

LYLEK: Why, kid?
DAK: It–It’s true. I’m an orphan. My parents weren’t senators. Now that you know, you’d have left me for dead. You wouldn’t need me anymore. Just get me out of here. I want to live in a world…

3/Instead of a large, area encompassing shot, our scope is narrowed to Dak simply pointing the gun at Lylek.

DAK:…Where I don’t have to die!

LYLEK: Hah! Y’know, you’re right about me kid, but that not dying thing…that was just some garbage I told you to get you out of that room!

Page Eight

1/An unafraid Lylek walks closer to a trembling Dak, who still points his pistol at the approaching bounty hunter.

LYLEK: Everyone dies, kid. Sohay knew it. He lived at peace with it, knowing one day, his end would come. You’re never gonna be able to really live until you accept it, or like me…

2/Lylek raises a fist, about to strike Dak.

LYLEK:…deny it as a possibility.

3/Black panel! Dak is unconscious!

Page Nine

1/Small, blurry panel from Dak’s perspective. He sees the figure of a person standing over him, but he can’t make out who it is.

REBEL: Hey kid!

2/Close-up on Dak’s face as he slides back into consciousness. We don’t know what’s happening yet.

DAK: Ly–Lylek?
REBEL (o/p): What? What’s a Lylek?

3/Dak springs up, and a young Rebel woman attempts to put him at ease.

DAK: Lylek!? Lylek!?
REBEL: Hey, calm down kid. You’re safe.

4/Large panel showing the entire hallway. Rebel soldiers fill the area. The bodies from before are all absent, including the figures of Sohay and Lylek. The Rebel talks to Dak, trying to calm him down.

REBEL: Nobody here but us.

5/The Rebel woman stands away from Dak. In the background, we can see another soldier interacting with Dak, still on the ground. Another rebel soldier speaks to the Rebel woman about what they have learned from the boy.

SOLDIER: He says two bounty hunters were here, among a multitude of Storm Troopers, but there’s no trace of anyone having been here.
REBEL: Could they have eliminated signs of their presence?
SOLDIER: It’s not impossible, but I’ve never known a bounty hunter to be that skilled. More likely, the trauma of his situation lead him to fabricate the story. Who knows how long he was alone in there.
REBEL: Hey kid! What’s your name?

6/Close-up on Dak’s face. He’s in complete disarray.

REBEL (o/p): Who are you?
CAPTION (This is a fellow rebel pilot, o/p): Dak? Dak!

Page Ten

1/The focus is on Dak, a few years older, and lost in his memories as he readies for the Battle of Hoth (from the Empire Strikes Back). A fellow Rebel Pilot, off-panel, snaps him out of it. Dak is dressed in the same attire as shown in the Empire Strikes Back and identical to those of the other Rebel Pilots.


2/The before unseen Rebel Pilot puts his arm on Dak’s shoulder, but the Pilot’s face is still unseen (as well as the faces of all other characters besides Dak in this last page, as though the Dak character is not only the focus, but to suggest his egocentric nature and potential view of those around him).

PILOT: Dak, are you all right?
DAK: Yes. Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. I must’ve been lost in thought for a moment.
PILOT: Well, you better get to your snowspeeder. The Empire has found us out.

3/Dak, now sitting in the snowspeeder (and re-enacting the scene from the Empire Strikes Back) prepares for the coming battle. Luke (with his face o/p) enters the snowspeeder.

DAK: Feeling all right sir?
LUKE: Feeling like new, Dak. How about you?

4/Close-up on Dak’s face. His expression is one of conviction and determination. (Though, as we know, he is about to meet his demise.)

DAK: Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself.



The Tatooine Inquiry by Christopher Kosek

Page 1

Title lettering: The Tatooine Inquiry

Panel 1: A trio of figures enter the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina. It’s dark and smoky but we can tell from their silhouette that there are 2 Stormtroopers and an Imperial Officer.

Panel 2: Looking through the crowd of eclectic Cantina patrons, we get a better view on the troopers and the officer, who is talking to a odd looking alien who is pointing off panel. The Stormtroopers have their heads on a swivel as they are accompanying Imperial Investigator, Major Tuhlf.

Panel 3: Medium shot. A curtained off doorway in the corner of the Cantina. We can see a faint silhouette of a figure with round goggled eyes

Major Tuhlf: Scan the room for the spy.

Panel 4: Same shot. A faint outline of a figure from behind the curtain with two round goggles reflecting light out of the darkness.

Major Tuhlf off panel: There he is. There’s my Kubazian.

Page 2

Panel 1: Major Tuhlf goes behind the curtain while issuing orders to the the Stormtroopers.

Major: Secure this entrance. I won’t be long.

Panel 2: A small, dark nook in the back of the seedy Cantina. Major Tuhlf is seated at a small table, next to Garindan, The infamous spy of Mos Eisley and only source of credible information on the planet.

Garindan: I have investigated the incident fully. The location of the vehicle is unknown*
Caption: *translated from Kubazian

Major: I only hired you for information. Leave the investigations to me. Now, tell me what you know.

Panel 3: On Garindan

Garindan: It was Jawas…

Panel 4: A pair of Jawas sitting by a rock formation on Tatooine, playing a game resembling dominos, with rocks and small bones. Jawa Bob and Jawa Frank are old buddies enjoying a break from their usual hijinks.

Jawa Bob: (unintelligible Jawa-ese)
Jawa Frank: (laughter)

Panel 5: On Jawa Bob who notices something a few hundred yards away

Jawa Bob: !!!

Page 3

Panel 1: The pair of Jawas crawl up onto a rock formation and notice a small Imperial Unit a few hundred yards away. There are 3 AT-ST walkers, a pair of transport vehicles and a dozen stormtroopers.

Panel 2: Jawa Frank and Jawa Bob pull out crude binoculars

Panel 3: Crude and distorted digital Binocular view. They are zoomed in on a Stormtrooper Captain issuing orders.

Stormtrooper Captain: malfunctioning AT-ST until we can return with another transport vehicle. TK-421 and TK-422 will stand guard.
TK-421: Roger that, Captain.

Panel 4: The Imperial transports speed off on the horizon.

Panel 5: Jawa Bob and Jawa Frank look at each other in agreement.

Jawa Bob and Jawa Frank (shared balloon): Hmmmmm!

Page 4

Panel 1: A rock formation. The Jawas are moving stealthily down the rocky landscape.

Panel 2: Same shot. The Jawas are moving closer

Panel 3: Same shot. The Jawas are even closer, peering up behind a rock in the foreground

Jawa Bob: !
Jawa Frank: !

Panel 4: Dusk. TK-421 and 422 stand by an imperial campfire with 2 service droids around them. The AT-ST stands over them.

Panel 5: On the Stormtroopers with the Jawas moving in the distant background

TK-421: Gonna get that blaster firmware upgrade?
TK-422: Heard it’s got bugs. Turns the kill setting into stun randomly.
TK-421: I got mine last week. We’ll see how it works if we ever see combat.

Panel 6: The Jawas are close to the troopers. They have their blaster rifles raised.

Panel 7: TK-422 spins around and notices them
TK-422: HEY!
TK-421: Whaaa?

Panel 8: Jawa Bob and Jawa Frank fire!

Page 5:

Panel 1: Both Stormtroopers are frozen with the Jawa Blaster electrocution stun.

TK-421 & 422 (shared balloon): aaaaAAAAAaaah!!!

Panel 2: The Jawas quickly climb up the side of the AT-ST while the stunned Stormtroopers are lying unconscious at the feet of the vehicle.

Panel 3: In the cockpit of the AT-ST. It’s dark and cramped with gauges, screens and other cockpit stuff. Jawa Bob has dropped awkwardly into the driver’s seat, while Jawa Frank is falling in upside down (head first)

Jawa Frank: WHHHOOAAAA!*
Caption: *translated from Jawaese

Panel 4: Jawa Bob frantically hitting buttons and levers inside of the AT-ST. Jawa Frank has some sort of device resembling a Sonic Screwdriver, and he’s shooting some sort of energy bolts into the console. They’re trying to jumpstart this vehicle.

Caption (off panel): An AT-ST is a highly sophisticated armored vehicle that was guarded by two Stormtroopers and i’m to believe simple Jawas’s stole it?

Panel 5: On Garindan back in the Cantina

Garindan: You underestimate the resourcefulness of the Jawa, and their uncanny ability to rely on consistent dumb luck*


Panel 6: One of the Stormtroopers at the feet of the AT-ST starts to regain consciousness. While he hears the AT-ST trying to be started up.

TK-421: Those rodents!

Page 6

Panel 1: From the POV of inside of the AT-ST, we see the Stormtroooper pointing his blaster at them, talking into a handheld communicator

Tk-421: Unintelligible Communicator dialogue.
Jawa Bob (off panel): OH!

Panel 2: On Jawa Bob and Frank arguing with each other. Bob is pointing at the control board with one hand and Frank with the other hand. Frank is doing the same. It’s an awkward Jawa blame game.

SFX: unintelligible Jawa arguing.

Panel 3: On Jawa Bob who has a lightbulb moment.

JawaBob: OOOoutah!

Panel 4: Jawa Bob pulls out his blaster rifle and shoots a control panel behind where they are sitting.

SFX: Blaster FX

Panel 5: On TK-421 talking on his communicator, while TK-422 is coming to, holding his head

TK-421: Mayday Mayday, We’re being attacked by…um PIRATES! Dozens of them! Send reinforcements!

TK-422: UuugggHHHHHHHHH What the Force happened?

Panel 6: On the AT-ST, as its starting up in an imposing view from what the Stormtroopers might see.


Page 7

Panel 1: On the Jawas inside the AT-ST celebrating their successful hot wiring

Panel 2: On Jawa Bob pointing to the Stormtroopers below

Panel 3: Jawa hands on the AT-ST control sticks


Panel 4: The feet of the AT-ST start to walk.

Panel 5: The AT-ST is walking in circles, staggering…its kind of drunk, or being driven by Jawa’s who don’t know what they’re doing.

Panel 6: Both Stormtroopers assume a battle stance and start to fire their blaster rifles at the AT-ST. TK-421 is shooting with the circular blaster stun setting.

TK 421: Mine’s stuck on Stun!

SFX: Blaster SFX

Page 8:

Panel 1: 1st Person wide angle POV of a desert landscape rushing by at intense speed with the AT-ST and stormtroopers very small in the distance. Trying to communicate the idea of someone piloting a craft going at a very high speed. Perhaps we see a dynamic view of the front end of a Speeder Bike showing we’re on the POV of a biker scout.

Speeder Scout (off panel): TK-441 and 442, Speeder Bike Reaper Squad on your 6

Panel 2: Another wide shot of a squad of 7 Speeder Bike scouts riding in tight formation at high speed.

Speeder Scout Leader (front): Target the hijacked armour. Take no prisoners!

Panel 3: On a mounted blaster cannon

SFX: Blaster SFX

Panel 4: Establishing shot (possibly overhead view?) of Speeder Scout bikes moving in and breaking formation to surround the AT-ST, while firing their blaster cannons.

Panel 5: On the cockpit of the AT-ST. Jawa Frank is frantically moving the control sticks while Jawa Bob is frantically hitting every button and gauge in sight. It’s a blur of motion.

Jawa Bob: !!!
Jawa Frank: YYYYuuppp!*
<*translated from Jawaese>

Page 9:

Panel 1: The AT-ST runs off towards the horizon in full stride towards a mountainous canyon, while the biker scouts give chase and continue firing at it…mostly missing. In the foreground are TK-421 and TK-422 looking defeated.

TK-422: We’re gonna get demoted…again.
TK-421: I hear sanitation is a pretty chill gig.

Panel 2: On the AT-ST in full stride. Frontal view and closer in cropping out a lot of the legs

Garindan(Off Panel): The Jawa is a master of stealth and are quite formidable thieves.

Major Tuhlf(off panel): All the same, those troopers have already been reassigned to a remote outpost currently under construction.

Panel 3: On the cockpit of the AT-ST. Jawa Bob is in intense pose waiting to strike.

Jawa Bob: hmmmmm

Panel 4: (Big Panel)In the foreground the legs of the AT-ST are still and we can see part of the blaster cannons. We’re on a corner of the canyon and in the distance we can see 4 of the speeder bikes whip around a corner.

Panel 5: AT-ST Blaster Cannons fire!

SFX: Blaster Sounds!

Page 10

Panel 1: Blaster shots hit a large rock formation

Panel 2: 2 of the speeders crash into the falling rocks
SFX: explosion

Panel 3: Blaster Cannon keeps firing

Panel 4: 3 speeders are destroyed in Blaster Cannon fire

Panel 5: On Jawas in the cockpit celebrating

Panel 6: Aerial view pulled back a bit to a medium shot. 2 lone speeders avoiding the wreckage and forming back up for an assault run on the AT-ST.

Panel 7: On a pair of Tusken Raiders high in the rocky hills taking aim behind the scopes of their sniper rifles. Maybe we can see an image suggesting the Speeder bikes in the reflection of the scope’s optics.

Page 11

Panel 1: The Tusken Raider’s fire from their rocky sniper hideout

Panel 2: Both speeder scouts are hit in the chest with the sniper bullets and are knocked off their speeding vehicles.

Panel 3: On the POV of from the cockpit of the AT-ST as the remaining speeder bikes spin out and hit some rocks. We can see Jawa hands on controls of the vehicle from their POV

Panel 4: Jawa Bob and Jawa Frank coming out of the top hatch of the AT-ST. We can see from behind them as they have their arms and blasters raised in celebration towards the rocky cliffs above. In the distance we can see Tusken Raiders doing their celebratory cheer with rifles raised above their heads.

Major Tuhlf(off panel): Our investigation agrees that these Jawas had help from Tusken Raiders, which we found quite unusual.

Garindan(off panel): A little known fact that both these creatures share a common lineage and have been known to work together against outsiders.

Panel 5: Closeup on 2 Tusken Raiders celebrating with Rifles above their heads.

Page 12

Panel 1: Wide shot. A Sarlacc Pit in the foreground, desert landscape goes on for miles as the suns begin to set. A medium sized silhouette of the AT-ST walks towards the horizon where a very small Jawa Sandcrawler can be seen coming over the horizon line.

Major (off panel): We weren’t able to follow the trail of the AT-ST after that.
Garindan (off panel): This desert can erase anything, including walker tracks.

Panel 2: The AT-ST walking towards the open bay doors of a Jawa Sandcrawler.

Panel 3: Wide shot: Palace blast doors open as a trio of Gamorrean Guards come out of the shadows as well As Bib Fortuna.

Bib: Jabba is most pleased…

Panel 4: A silhouetted Jabba the Hut inside his palace sitting on his platform letting out a boisterous laugh. Gamorrean guards and other palace people can be seen hanging around in and out of the shadows. Close on Bib Fortuna in the foreground speaking.

Bib: …Jabba will make a generous offer on this merchandise and would like to place an order for a 9 additional vehicles.

Panel 5: Wide shot. We see the entire scene. The AT-ST, Sandcrawler and celebrating Jawas outside of Jabba’s palace with the landscape of tatooine.

Garindan (off panel): Your vehicle is long gone. I wouldn’t worry about it falling into enemy hands. It is most certainly scrap parts by now.

Major Tuhlf (off panel): The empire doesn’t take kindly to thieves. We’ll find them…eventually.

Panel 6: Inset shot. On Jawa Bob and Jawa frank looking cheerful with some other celebrating Jawas behind them.

Garindan: This planet has many secrets lurking in the shadows and the resourceful Jawa is one of them.



Tatooine Noire by Erik Bitmanis

Page One

P1/ Close up on a lit cigarette, better known as a death stick. It’s butt end crushing against the mouth area of a Stormtrooper face mask. We’ll know him as Bill.

Caption: Not too many times you take pictures of a man trying to stick it in a Ton Ton.

P2/ A dingy catina booth. A stormtrooper with a lit death stick sits across from a Zebrak female. This is unlike any Stormtrooper we have ever seen. Outside of wearing the Stormtrooper helmet he doesn’t look like one at all. Adorning a long trench coat, white collared shirt with the top two buttons undone, and a tie half untied, this is a man who’s seen enough for a lifetime. He hands The Zebrak female a folder. It is filled with pieces of papers, photos, but we will never see them.

Caption: Then again in this line of work, there really is nothing you haven’t seen. You brush off simple questions like “Where the hell did he get a Ton Ton?”. Some things you just don’t want to know. It’s all part of the case.

P3/ The Zebrak has the folder open before her, eyeing its contents, which we do not see. A look of anger and disgust on her face. She has a glass of some whiskey coloured liquid before her.

CAPTION: Yet, every adultery case ends the same.

P4/ The Zebrak is standing up from the booth and has thrown the whiskey in the face of our Stormtrooper. It sloshes over his white helmet and long coat. He doesn’t seem to react. Titles/credits.

Caption: I still haven’t got the stink out of my coat from the last case.
Caption: The key is to keep your cases at arm’s length. And as long as you get paid, it’s manageable work.

P1/ Looking up at Stormtrooper Bill. The glow of the Catina sign behind him it reads “Eisley’s”. Bill’s lighter casts heavy shadows around Bill as he lights another death stick, adorning a fedora on top of his stormtrooper helmet. Tatooine’s starry night sky watches vigil from above.

NATALIA (OFF-Screen): Bill!

P2/ Bill is face to face with a scantily clad Twi’lek female. She wears a bright red dress which reveals just enough leg to make you wonder.

Caption: Natalia doesn’t belong here. Never did. Too nice, too pretty. Good girl just trying to survive.
NATALIA: I was looking for you. I need your help.
BILL: 'Fraid I can’t offer much, Nat. I’m booked up.

P3/ Natalia places her hand on Bill’s shoulder. We can’t see a reaction underneath that Stormtrooper mask. Natalia holds out a photograph with her other hand. We can only see a green figure on it as Bill has his hand outstretched for it.

NATALIA: Whatever they’re paying, I’ll double it. Please, Bill. This is important.
Caption: Yet, she knows me. Knows my past. My weaknesses. And she asks anyways.
NATALIA: My sister. Iatez… she’s gone missing.

P4/ Close on the photo in Bill’s hand. A green Twi’lek with a smile that could rival suns.

BILL: You know I don’t do –
NATALIA: I know, Bill. But please, you’re the only one who can find her.

P5/ Bill hands the photo back to Natalia. His head cast down in embarrassment. Natalia looks angry.

Caption: The worst part about your past. It never dies. Never leaves. It’s stamped on you like a cow for slaughter.
BILL: Nat, go find someone else.

P6/ Bill in our foreground, walking away from Natalia in the background. He looks down at his feet as he walks. Natalia stands illuminated by moonlight in the background behind Bill, as he walks into shadow.

Caption: And you’ll do everything in your power not to repeat it.


P1/ Bill lies asleep on a rickety couch. What looks like his office desk is in the same room. Papers strewn across it, with his fedora perched on top of the largest stack. He lies there with no shirt on, and his trench coat spread like a blanket over his bottom half. He still wears his Stormtrooper helmet.

Caption: The only reward it offers is memory. A constant stream of your failure. It’s the matinee for your afternoon nap. The late showing for your midnight slumber.
OBI-WAN KENOBI (From next panel): These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

P2/ Flashback. A stormtrooper in full armour with an orange shoulder pad signifying an officer, stands before a red land speeder. We can see Obi-wan Kenobi sitting in the driver seat of the speeder, with Luke in the passenger seat. C3PO and R2-D2 perched in the back seat.

Caption: Before the robed man spoke, I was so sure I had found them. The droids for Lord Vader.
OBI-WAN KENOBI: He can go about his business
BILL: He can go about his business.
OBI-WAN KENOBI: Move along.
BILL: Move along.

P3/ Bill and a group of Stormtroopers stand in an open doorway, guns drawn. A silver looking C3PO stands with it’s hands up. Panicked civilians cower away from the Stormtroopers.

Caption: We found another droid. One to pass off so we wouldn’t get nixed. We never had a clue why we were looking for the droids anyway.
BILL: Step away from the droid!

P4/ Bill stands guard outside a door in a corridor that looks like it’s on the Death Star.

Caption: They say droids aren’t living things, so you don’t need to feel bad.
DROID (Off-Panel): aaaAHHH!

P5/ Close on Bill’s face. No emotion showing through the stormtrooper helmet.

Caption: Yet, it’s hard to say that after you stand outside a torture chamber.

P6/ Back from the flashback. Bill is back in his office and sitting up on the couch from his nightmare.

Caption: Needless to say. I don’t sleep too much anymore.


P1/ Bill stands in his trench coat. It looks mid-day, the sun radiating off the hot Tatooine sand. Bill is lighting another death stick.

Caption: Despite my better judgement, I couldn’t leave Natalia high and dry. So I asked around the docks a bit. Just a friend helping a friend out.

P2/ Bill walks towards a great palace. Jabba the Hutt’s palace. We can see it just ahead of him in the distance. His feet leaving prints in the sand behind him.

Caption: Should have guessed it would lead me here. Anyone doing anything on Tatooine passes through the Hutt’s stink.

P3/ The two large doors of Jabba’s palace are open, Bill’s silhouette standing in the blinding light of the outdoors. This is the same corridor Luke, C3PO, and R2-D2 have walked through in Return of the Jedi.

Caption: Couple credits in the right hands can get you inside without much of a problem.

P4/ View from behind Bill as he enters Jabba’s throne room. It’s filled with people and species from all reaches of the galaxy. No one takes notice of Bill’s entrance. We can see Jabba’s band performing on the far end of the throne room.

Caption: Not that I’ll cause much of a problem. I hate getting scum under my finger nails.

P5/ In focus, standing in the background, Bill is in the crowd of people. No one paying him any mind. In our foreground is the out of focus green flesh of a Twi’lek. The back of her head and black cloth shirt in view.

Caption: And that’s when I saw them.


P1/ Focus on the green Twi’lek, Iatez. She’s in the middle of her dance number from Return of the Jedi. Her metal leash glistening around her neck.

Caption: Not just her.

P2/ Focus on a golden droid we know all too well. C3PO!

Caption: That gold coloured ghost of my nightmares! Here. In Jabba’s palace of all places.

P3/ Close on Bill’s hand. We can see it’s slipped inside his jacket to the butt of a pistol.

Caption: Then…like fate was toying with me. It all happened so fast.
Caption: I saw Iatez’s chain get pulled…
Caption: The grate in the floor…
Caption: My hand moved to my gun without thought.

P4/ Iatez pulls back on her leash, her feet attempting to dig into the sand floor as she slides to the grate. The great Jabba pulling her along with ease from his throne.

Caption: And there it stayed. My hand never moved. No gun was drawn…
Caption: A quick shot to her chain would have stopped it all…

P5/ An out of focus golden droid head is in our foreground. In the background Bill and the crowd is in focus.

Caption: I just stood there. Staring at that damn droid. Not willing to give myself up until I knew what it’s purpose was.
IATEZ (Off-Panel): AaahhhAAAAHhhhHH!
Caption: My conscience adding another voice for its midnight show.


P1/ Jabba’s sail barge glides over the sandy dunes of Tatooine.

Caption: I kept my head down for the next couple days.

P2/ Inside Jabba’s sail barge. Bill holds a drink of some kind. Groups of people celebrate around him. He leans against the barge’s window. Slanted light illuminating his Stormtrooper helmet and the fedora on top.

Caption: Right after a bounty hunter threatened to blow up a thermal deteonator in the throne room. I decided to lay low.

P3/ C3PO in focus in our foreground, Bill out of focus in the background. Small groups of people stand in between them.

Caption: I needed time to question golden rod over there. Needed to get him alone.

P4/ R2-D2 is wheeling by Bill carrying a tray of drinks. Bill looks down at him with curiosity.

Caption: My patience payed off. Golden boy’s partner in crime is also here. Always seems criminals stick together.

P1/ Over Bill’s shoulder. He eyes up C3PO as the droid walks down a flight of stairs to the lower level of Jabba’s sail barge.

Caption: Wait long enough. And opportunity presents itself.

P2/ C3PO is bent over, looking through boxes in a storage area.

C3PO: Where are those frogs?

P3/ A gun now sits behind C3PO’s head. An old blaster of sorts that has seen it’s fair share of action. C3PO looks somewhat startled, well, as startled as an droid could be.

BILL (Off-Panel): Forget the frogs, tin head.

P4/ The barrel of the gun is in our immediate foreground, it’s pointed directly at us. Looking up the gleaming metal, we get Bill’s outstretched arm and the blank look of his Stormtrooper helmet.

BILL: You’ve got other priorities to worry about.

P1/ Bill holds C3PO up against the wall. His hand at the android’s throat. The gun menacingly waving above C3PO’s eyes.

C3PO: Sir, I swear. I have no idea who you are.
BILL: Well, that’s typical. As I’ve been thinking too much about you and your little blue friend upstairs.
C3PO: R2?

P2/ Close shot. Bill draws his head in close to C3PO. The gun now planted under C3PO’s chin.

BILL: Ya, whatever it’s name is. I’ve got some questions. And I’m going to need you to answer them as quickly as possible.
C3PO: Questions. Yes! Oh, I can answer questions! I am a C-3PO. Human cyborg relations. I can answer questions in over six million –

P3/ Bill shoots his blaster right beside C3PO’s head.

C3PO: Oh my!
BILL: Four years ago. You and that robed old man were in Mos Eisley Spaceport. The Empire was looking for you. Why?

P4/ Profile view of the two figures. C3PO still up against the wall, Bill still imposing.

C3PO: Oh, yes. Mos Eisley. I was at the time under the employment of my Master, Luke Skywalker—
BILL: Skywalker? He’s part of this?
C3PO: For accuracy sake. The Empire was never looking for me.

P5/ Bill has thrown C3PO into a pile of storage boxes. C3PO grasping at the air looking for an imaginary hand-hold to help himself up.

BILL: What were they looking for?!
C3PO: You madman! I have no idea what they were looking for. It was just I, Master Luke, R2, and Master Kenobi.


P1/Bill stands over the downed C3PO. The gun now calmly held by his side, no longer menacing like before.

BILL: Kenobi?.. Obi Wan Kenobi? That man’s been dead for decades! Listen droid, I don’t have time for make believe Jedi stories.
C3PO: Sir, I do protest. Mr. Kenobi was very much alive when I saw him. And appeared to be gifted in what you referred to as –

P2/ The lights have gone out. Screams echo from the upper decks. The faint silhouette of Bill and C3PO is all we can really see.

C3PO: – the Force.
Caption: Screams and blaster fire. The two sounds aren’t often separated from one another. Something was wrong.
BILL: Stay here.

P3/ Bill is emerging from the staircase below. Hurried bodies are rushing past. This level is also shrouded in darkness, with little light making it through the now closed shutters.

Caption: All my instincts screamed that the barge was under attack. But who could be so stupid as to attack the Hutts?

P4/ Bill pushes through the bodies moving past him. His gun drawn and out in front of him. Stray blaster fire shoots through the siding of the barge just ahead of Bill.

Caption: We were the only ones out here. Means an internal attack. But I would have sensed it. I would have known.

P5/ Bill is full sprint up another staircase towards the top deck. The walls of the barge peppered now with blaster holes. People and creatures still rushing around in a panic. Some are lying on the floor, unmoving.

Caption: Too busy paying attention to that stupid droid and his fantasy tales. Jedi. Sith. A load of children’s campfire stories. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!


P1/ Bill is on the top deck. His gun drawn and he stands in a gunslinger like pose. He is aiming at something off screen.

Caption: I know I got too close. Too close to see what was really going on. But this…

P2/ Over Bill’s shoulder, we can see what he is looking at. Luke Skywalker battles with his green light saber against several of Jabba’s thugs.

Caption: My eyes are having a hard time believing what bowl cut is doing over there.

P3/ Focus on Luke. He is looking directly at us. Lightsaber still in an offensive position. He looks more warrior than peace keeper here.

Caption: This is what the droids were protecting. The last Jedi.

P4/ Luke is mid jump, he is winding up for a strike against Bill. Bill is just casually looking up at his oncoming doom. His pistol not raised but at his side.

Caption: I don’t think I’ll be getting the stains outta my coat after this.

The End

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