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The Write Off: Alternate Last Jedi

Everyone has a take on The Last Jedi, what worked or what didn’t. This Write Off is a chance to script your ideal version. The challenge will be to do it in ten pages or less (some would consider five pages an ideal reading length).

Entries are due at the end of January. Include them in the body of a PM to me. Winner receives accolades from their peers, and if they so choose, the chance to pick a new topic.


Yes!! #vader clone

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Yes! Change Finn’s arc! Give Rey exciting parents! Let Snoke live! Have Poe save the day! Kill the Porgs! Give Luke a chance to do something while he’s alive in another movie! Figure out just how much Force knowledge Leia has! Have Kylo Ren kill more people! Or something!

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I’m with you on Porg killing.

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Care to write a story about it?

I have a 4 page Leia script from The Last Jedi (a.k.a. my favorite Star Wars movie yet!). Would that be okay to submit?

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Between this and the other Write Off (the official one), both scheduled to close for submissions at the end of the month, I’d love to know if there are other people still looking to participate. I just got a script for this one, which prompted me to write one (I honestly had no plans for one when I launched it, believing there would be interest in it, given all the intense chatter surrounding the movie, so there wouldn’t really be a need for me to participate directly), and that makes…two scripts. So far.

So, let me know.

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I’m less worried about this one, as I’ve currently got two scripts, and as mentioned previously, one of them isn’t mine. If you’ve got anything, feel free to submit on this final day.

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