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The Write Off 8 Scripts


I already have a third character in mind, drawing on '90s Luthor lore.


A character we can put on the list? Or, one ya wanna spring on us in the story😃


I’m thinking, as long as ya can make me understand it, you can “take the train off the tracks” as far as storytelling.


They probably wouldn’t be relevant unless they’re a major part of the story, so not on the list.


Anyone else having trouble fitting everything in? Origin, relationships, etc etc


Do we need the origin? Also, when were we thinking as a deadline?


Hopefully not too soon. I think I’m on my fourth rewrite of the notes that will become the story…early to mid June? Maybe summer will bring some people back to the writing competition?


Oh, I’m sure there’s no rush.


Sorry I’ve been gone for a minute. If still applicable, I’ll come up with that list of character names.


Okay. And if you like, set an official deadline. Can be as far in the future as you like.


Sorry it took so long. Below is a story premise and list of character names.

Keep in mind we’re modeling things after Superman and his general history.

Story starts with “SUPERMAN” character returning from a long absence. His goal is to “tie up loose ends”.

° No more than twenty pages?


Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite. His source of strength is the sun.

In our stories, it’s the power of BELIEF that strengthens or weakens our hero EXEMPLAR.

He’s strengthened/most powerful when HE and OTHER PEOPLE belive in him and what he’s doing.

On the reverse, when he doesn’t believe in himself or others don’t have faith in him, the weaker he becomes.

° Superman = Exemplar
(Clark Kent/Kal - El = Steven Stoneheart/*Sephren - Neawa)

*It’s his “alien name” and should be hard to pronounce.

°Jonathan/Martha Kent = *Mecartney/Megan Stoneheart

*Megan calls him “Carrey” for short.

°Lex Luthor/*Laureate = Ryan Williams
*Alter ego - Like Luthor in his armor.

°Lois Lane = *Penelope Liquor
*Called “P” for short.

°Lana Lang = Danea

°Perry White = Jerry West

°Jimmy Olsen = Cameron Coleman
*Called “Cam” for short.

°General Zod = Korin Ma

°Jor - El = Jwyan - Neawa

°Planet Krypton = Pi Odysseus 10

*If you have a name for someone not on the list, share it so we all know. Let’s keep the line of communication going as we write


Well, as I said, part of my story is a specific element that’s familiar to readers of the Tomasi/Gleason era, but doesn’t need to be there in everyone else’s.


Cool. Is there anything that needs to be added? I figure this concept can “simmer” for a bit, get any suggestions or feedback from anyone interested. After that, WRITE OFF 9 begins.


I think you can launch a thread when you want. WRITE OFF 9: CATCHY TITLE. Book it.


As per usual, I’ve colored outside the lines. I.e. his power source is the sun. I might alter it, I might start from scratch. I might submit both…hadn’t decided yet.


And the name of the home planet?


I was just throwing the “belief” thing out there. We don’t have to use it. We set the parameters now and have less confusion when the Write Off begins.


The belief thing is interesting. It’s kind of Neil Gaiman/American Gods and Kurt Busiek/Superstar. If someone uses it, all the better.


I was kinda thinking of Marvel’s Gladiator from the Shi’ar empire. His power works in a similar way and it’s known the character is modeled after Superman.


Krypton = Pi Odysseus 10