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The Write Off 8: Millar's DC/Marvel


What do they say? All attention is good attention. Keep it going😀


Thanks for helping me keep this thing going.


Hey, don’t think it isn’t for selfish reasons😀 I need to write


It’s a good feeling.:grinning:


Happy Holidays! Let’s “hit the ground” writing/creating in 2018😀


You, too. I’ll probably be writing my script this week.


Finally “found” my story…maybe. Time is short, so I gotta commit. I’m gonna touch on the “ULTIMATES”, particularly Captain America.


Good way to go! Good luck!


I spoke too soon. I will not be submitting a story. Laptop is still f’ed up. I will defintely be reading, voting and critiquing…er. That last bit is iffy. I don’t feel super comfortable doing that without a story of my own. So. We’ll see how that goes…

If this is the last go around for awhile, I really enjoyed my time here. I’ll be checking back for when a new iteration begins. And join in the fun then.
Thanks, jason


Sucks to have computer problems. Hope you can work them out. If you can, definitely still read and comment on scripts. You don’t need to have written one to do so! And at any rate, thanks for keeping this thing in mind.