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The Write Off 8: Millar's DC/Marvel

By popular demand I’m opening the eighth round of the Write Off. We’re focusing on Mark Millar’s DC/Marvel material. You’ll be selecting from:

  • Superman: Red Son, any story set during or after the events of the miniseries.

  • The Ultimates, any story set before the first volume.

  • Civil War, any story set during the miniseries.

  • “Old Man Logan,” any story set during or after the story arc.

As with previous rounds, the winner is the script with the most votes, and the prize is picking the next topic (if you so choose). We’re just here to work on our skills, folks. Entries can be submitted to me via PM through the end of the year. They can be anywhere from five to ten pages long. Have fun!


You looking for us to write something we think “Mr. M” would write?
We free to “filter what’s come before” and write something that doesn’t “violate his continuity/creating” and yet is…still…unrestricted?

That was worded strange.

Do you want us to write what we think he would write or do you want us to write what we think we would do with the material, given what he’s already done with it?

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As long as it noticeably connects with the existing story, you can do what you want.

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What I wanna do is get the most votes. That doesn’t happen when ya deviate from the source material too much for most.:grinning:

A lot of people went into the contest with the same confusion/confidence.


I don’t think voters worry too much about that. (A lot of them vote for themselves!) But sticking to the guidelines does help with the feedback, and prepares you for how professional editors will likely consider your work.

Not sure if anyone’s participating, but the deadline for submissions is at the end of the month.

Damn, I thought we had till the end of January. I’m still in the rough draft phase.

As you’re the only potential participant at this point, other than myself, as far as I know, I can easily push the deadline to that point.

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Cool. Hopefully, that will give others a “window” to participate as well.

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Well, us talking about it keeps the topic active, so the mods won’t just delete my pathetic bleetings for attention…

As long as there’s actual content to your posts (within reason) and not just a “bump”, we rarely delete anything. :wink:

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In unrelated news, I suspect this truly will be the last Write Off for the foreseeable future.

Maybe we should change the topic to fit current “dialogue”?


  • Write in five pages.

That’s as good an idea as any.

I’m interested in this topic, but the writing is slow going. I quit three times over. And I’m hoping i can find the extra cash to repair my laptop soon.

But. I’m working on it. Haha part of me likes the idea of a last entry functioning as a grand send-off. Pages of slaughtering sacred cows, mayhem, and controversy. (No pressure or anything.)

Um. Just sayin’ I’m not dead. Hope you guys are having a good holiday season.


Hey, it’s okay if you don’t come up with something. Bruce came up with an alternate topic (if I were more savvy there would be a link here to it), based on the new Star Wars movie. If that’s any better for you, check it out! Hope you get your tech issues sorted out.

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Got two ideas for this. Having trouble deciding on which one to write.


You can always write both.

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I find it hugely ironic that I’d given up on this one, launched an alternate one, and suddenly people are chattering here.

Also, thanks!