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The Write Off 3: Unsolved Mystery - Answered!


Hi folks, here we finally are with another Write Off!

The premise is simple. You have a prompt for a story, you write maybe a 8-10 page script, PM it to me and then I’ll post the submissions in a new thread and we’ll vote for a winner. Whoever wins gets to pick the next subject! And we all have a good time and enjoy some great creative writing.

The winner of the previous Write Off was Patrick (pbarb82 and his choice is really interesting.

“Unanswered Question. Answered.”: Story that addresses some unanswered question/mystery about a character of writer’s choosing.

So pick your comics mystery that has never been addressed and tell us all about what happened.

Entries need to be in by the end of June. PM me your script, and use this thread to ask questions or ask for ideas, help and so on. Remember this whole thing is for practice and for fun!


Our @pbarb82 has a fascinating topic.

Which could be anyone, anywhere…

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This is going to be tough. I spent some time this morning racking my brains about this. A lot of mysteries and little holes in continuity have been solved in recent years. We know who the Third Summers brother is. We know about Wolverine’s origin (twice in fact)…

You weren’t kidding when you said that this one is going to be tough.


This is a really good topic. Question though, can the story be an answer to the question “Whatever happened to this character”? :smile:


Does this need to relate to any specific thing? Are we restricted to comics characters, DC,Marvel? Or shall I take it that there is no such restriction?


I would assume half the fun is using someone or something most of us would be familiar with. Heck, we could all do Rey from the new Star Wars, and come up with a lot of interesting reading. It seems voters love the familiar stuff better, the more outlandish the better. But then, I suppose this is a Mark Millar forum…


It can be what folks want it to be. You could even make up a mystery - Why does Wolverine style his hair the way he does? How does Spidey’s costume hide the camel toe? Is Professor X totally bald, or just on his head?


Cheers Jim.


Is Ben Grimm a descendent of the Brothers Grimm???


Where is my chimichanga??? Lol


Thanks man. :smile:


Dang…should have kept “Proudstar” for this one! Mysterious indeed…

Oh, well...I do have an interesting idea about this guy:


As in, does he do his own laundry???


SPOILER!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


May I ask a question please? I have been tossing around an idea but it is an origin story for a minor character in a popular franchise. I’m not sure whether it qualifies. Can I get an official ruling please?


Let me ask our international panel of judges…

They’ll allow it.


Cheers Jim. If I can pull it off, it will very different from anything I’ve done before.

If I don’t pull it off, it will be very different from what I’ve done before, but also not very good.


If you wing it, it will be very cross.


I’ve thrown out three different plots so far. I think that I’m going to stick with the one I’ve got now though.