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The Write Off 2: Parents


Hi folks, after the success of the first Write Off we’re here for the sequel!

The premise is simple. You have a prompt for a story, you write maybe a 8-10 page script, PM it to me and then I’ll post the submissions in a new thread and we’ll vote for a winner. Whoever wins gets to pick the next subject! And we all have a good time and enjoy some great creative writing.

The winner of the previous Write Off was Erik_Bitmanis and he has a cracking prompt for us this time:

Write about being the parents of any DC or Marvel character.

You don’t have to use canon, you can make up the backstory of parents if you want. You could talk about the parents of a mutant, tell the story of Steve Rogers’ mother, give us the adventures of the Waynes, or the parenting techniques or Papa Von Doom. It’s up to you, there’s two fictional universes at your disposal.

Entries need to be in by the end of March. PM me your script, and use this thread to ask questions or ask for ideas, help and so on. Remember this whole thing is for practice and for fun!


Interesting concept. I already have an idea. Let’s do this! :sweat_smile:


Doctor and Missus Doctor Doom, in the delivery room.

(As one) “Aw, crap!”

Fin Fang Foom’s mother (at a nearby bassinet)

“You think you have problems?”

-fade to black-


Oh yeah! Looking forward to all the stories, I’ve missed having this thread to check every day. :slight_smile:


Darn it…That’s brilliant Miqque. I’m not sure how I could top that.

But it’s a great topic. I really enjoyed the last Write Off, so will start racking my brains for this one.


Alright. Let’s get to work. :smile:


This sounds like fun. I might have a go.
I was all STAR WARSed out to think of anything for the previous one.


On it…


Just been trying to writer “shorter posts”, Simon.



Dibs on the Waynes:

Int. Day. It’s late afternoon in Gotham. The sunlight is streaming through the windows of THOMAS WAYNE’S Study in Wayne Manor. He’s at his desk. His head is in his hands. Also in the room: YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE, who’s very upset

YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE: I wanna go watch the Mask of Zorro!

THOMAS WAYNE: Ok, Bruce. We’ll go watch it tomorrow ok?

YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE: NO! I wanna go watch the Mask of Zorro now!!

THOMAS WAYNE: Bruce. Daddy’s busy right now with this cure for cancer. We can go tomor…

YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! (throws himself to the ground and starts banging his head on the floor. Sceaming) I wanna go watch the Mask of Zorro now!! I wanna go watch the Mask of Zorro now!! I WANNA GO WATCH MASK OF ZORRO NOW!!

MARTHA WAYNE (leaning against the doorframe to the study; she’s got a whiskey flask in her hand; she’s dishevelled and clearly stoned): Jesus. What did you do to set him off this time? I was nearly asleep.

THOMAS WAYNE: Shut up. It’s not like you’ll run out Valium. I brought home two crates yesterday.

(BRUCE is still screaming)

MARTHA WAYNE: Let’s just take the little bastard to watch his damned film.

THOMAS WAYNE: Fine. We’re just going to cave into giving the little shit his way, yet again?

MARTHA WAYNE: Well, if someone was man enough to discipline him, we wouldn’t have this problem. Oh wait…you’d actually have to be home to do that.

THOMAS WAYNE: Be home? You mean like you are supposed to be…instead of getting sloshed at the tennis club before 11 am every day?

MARTHA WAYNE: It’s that or stay home with this little prick, who I might remind you, I didn’t want to keep. You could have dealt with it and we’d both still be free but no…you had to get all hippocratic oath on me. Hypocritical oath more like.

THOMAS WAYNE: OK! OK! Jesus. Right. We’ll take the little shit to see his shitty little movie.
(To BRUCE) OK. We’ll go. We’ll go today. OK?

YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE: ( no longer throwing a tantrum ) OK! (Skips out of the room, bumping his mother on the way).

MARTHA WAYNE: A handjob. You couldn’t have settled for a handjob.

THOMAS WAYNE: Oh shut up. Pass me a hit off that whiskey, will you? I’m not doing this sober. (Takes a huge swig off the flask). I swear that little prick is going to be the death of me.

[End scene]


You’re not allowed to just lift scenes from All-Star Batman.


Woooo! Glad to see people are digging the prompt. Was away from the forum for a little bit, but glad to see some familiar faces back for this write off. :slightly_smiling:

Excited to see what everyone comes up with.


Oh, and @JimOHara.

Just for clarification sake, are adopted parents in play. ie. Uncle Ben and Aunt May, John and Martha Kent, etc?


Yes, doesn’t have to be birth parents.



I just PMed you my script. Hopefully you got it. I had a different idea initially – tonally speaking – than what I ended up doing so I’m curious to see how other people ran with this concept.


Got it. Heck of a high bar you’re setting. Folks, bring your A games!! This round is going to be amazing.


I spent some time working on mine over the weekend. I can’t tell whether it is any good yet, but it is ridiculously fun to write.

Edit: In a break with tradition (after the last Write off) I am trying to keep to the brief this time out.


My initial instinct? The Parkers. Or the Graysons. Or…


Man, life…

When it was posted, I immediately started thinking about good parents stories that we haven’t heard yet, and focused on one pretty quickly after throwing at least 3 out the window.

My process goes something like this:

  1. Think of ideas, and thow most of them away
  2. Settle on one and let it ruminate for a day or so
  3. Sit down and write a synopsis of the story
  4. Take the synopsis and break it down into a beat sheet of what I want to happen per page
  5. Write the full script

This one was no different, other than getting from 4 to 5 took waaaay longer than I wanted. My real job has been crazy busy since January and our final due date for software freeze was last week. There were too many nights I’d get home at 8PM and want to get this story out of my head, but I just didn’t have it in me, exhausted from the day.

But, last night, after spending 2 hours in traffic because of the rain (yes, rain causes traffic problems in So. Cal like you wouldn’t believe) and then eating, I collapsed at 8PM and woke up around 10PM…and wrote the whole damn thing. I went to bed thinking that it was either really good, or I was just delusional.

This morning I nervously opened it up on my tablet and went through it…and I liked it. I guess you get lucky some times. Going to let is set for a day or two before submitting, but dang, I hope nobody picked the same parents I did…hell, I don’t think anyone has told this family’s story yet. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to read it!