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The Wonder: Blood Read Book Promotion

Well, the trailer is here - and I honestly am not doing this to promote it - or not as bluntly as it’s coming across,

As far as spending money, a mate cuts Dr Who so he had final cut sitting around, and we shot this with the lights from our phones - the map was made with my children’s glitter pens and the back of a load of Primark paper bags. The editor also did the music.

What is extremely humbling and thrilling is how it’s been able to inspire other artists to do stuff, but not readers to read it.

It’s basically about the industrialisation of magic by an evil empire. I got the idea because I HATE kings saving their people and CHOSEN ONES and only certain people being able to use magic. It’s started as a knee jerk against that…


feel free to remove the link if I’ve overstepped the mark… Very happy to brainstorm, although I may only manage a braindrizzle.

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@officer_trubshaw - I moved your stuff to a new thread as I think it deserves further discussion on its own. It looks like you’ve got the right idea for promotion.

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Watched your video. That is pretty great. Didn’t realize that you had worked with our own @MichaelRea too.

You said this in the other thread.

Is there a reason you would like to turn your novels into comics? It sounds like you conceived them as novels. Is there a reason you think they would work better as comics?

The weaponry design aspect could be used to your advantage too. It would be great promo stuff at a con. Speaking of which have you tried any cons? With the nature of your material, you could possibly hit comic, sci-fi/fantasy and roleplaying conventions. As a lesser known author, it helps to get your face and name out there in front of people who are passionate about the hobby. Those fans can generate great buzz and word of mouth.

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I’ve known a few people who’ve circled Millarworld, including Captain Spain himself, Carlos Fraile.

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been writing for a long time in different media, and sometimes I got it wrong - I wrote a very cerebral thing that was all about the inner workings of a gangster’s mind as a movie and it was all wrong for the medium - should’ve been a book…
The most successful full length film I wrote got Nick Frost attached - “what if the real inspiration for James Bond was James Robertson Justice” (I mean, you look at what Bond ate and how he treated women and a large, bucolic Carry on star kind of fits) - and it was cheap.

The Wonder was conceived as a movie but I was sick of writing and thinking of budgets. A friend at Legendary suggested writing it as a book - it would be easier to attract professional readers as a book as opposed to an unknown draft - and so I wrote my first novel since I was 19 and it was so liberating! It brought out the best in me, and pointed out I never quite shook off my nasty, dark 2000AD roots. (I spent some time with Pat Mills years ago… just before the Stallone movie… he liked an idea I had called Spanners - people crossing time spans throwing spanners in the works…)
ANYWAY, as it was conceived as a movie but written as prose, I feel it’s screaming out to be a comic…

…but I’m going on and on… and you have things to do…


And I wouldn’t know the first thing about getting on cons…

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Ronnie has a good point with cons.

So how to get to them: to ways: they contact you or you contact them.

Now, how to get into them is quite easy.

Depending on where you live I would see if there are any cons around your area from there after you gathered a list I would send them an email saying what you do and asking if you could promote your work at the con. Since you are a local talent they often provide space for free. And there your adventure starts.

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Also, very important. And I cannot state this more: double check everything.

The amazon link on the youtube description does not work. I tried to click on it, didn’t work, didn’t look further. It’s often in the tiny things that it can make a difference.

Btw I’m not trying to be a dick, I do the same kind of mistakes myself.


Thanks, RP. Typical. It’s been up for months with no direct route to the shop…

Fixed - with a proper tiny URL too! Honestly, feel free to pick me up on every mistake. (My wife frequently does.)

I’m based in London so I have no excuses on getting into cons. Although there are a lot of people here who think they have talent…

This is the link that was missing -

(I’ll put another for the UK)

And while I’ve got you, here’s the FB -

You should check out @mattgarvey1981. I think he’s doing everything right as far as getting his stories made into comics and promoting his work. His thread is a great read for this stuff.

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Yeah, I followed the whole strand earlier. And he’s a nice guy too.
(Apparently, I need to get a Hawaiian Zombie Sketch Artist to steal the table next to mine…)


You should totall check out @mattgarvey
He is hot as hell and will totally win that swimsuit section on the competition…he waxed!


some people say Matt Garvey isnt real but a figment of the imagination of Matt Garvey. Or maybe Matt Gravey is an idea.

The conspiracy runs deep.

The truth is out there.


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RP, you are starting to sound like Chris Evans sounding like Jeremy Clarkson talking about the Stig.

(Should I offer to scratch his balls for him?) …is he still listening?

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I call it “The Matt”.


I don’t want any Garvey Gravey on me.


Is this marketing? Am I doing it right?


Then you are in the minority my friend…