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The Wolverine: Logan movie talkback thread!


I know this is settled somewhere in a Marvel movie thread, but all the superhero movies deserve their own thread and none moreso than THIS little picture. What’s your thoughts on that thar trailer???



Loved it . The Johnny Cash track just helped bring through the pain and emotion of the characters and I’ve actually watched the trailer more than any this year so far.


Switching out Hawkeye for Xavier might have been the smartest decision these movies have made since Days of Future Past.

If this really is the last movie for these guys, I hope it’s their best.


Hugely disappointed with the trailer and have zero enthusiasm to see this movie. Which is a devestating thing for someone who named his child after the lead character.


You have a child called Wolverine? :astonished:


Amongst other names.

Wolverine isn’t actually included but the name I pitched to my wife when she was pregnant was Logan James Patch Howlett Fenton. Logan James stuck. I still use the others from time to time, just yesterday I was reminding him of them all.


Were you hoping for more dinosaurs too? :wink: Trailers have been known to be misleading. I really hope this one isn’t. It looks and feels pretty perfect to me.


I presume, if you have a daughter, her name is Laura X23 Talon Kinney Fenton?




Well, I suppose it’s better than Sabertoothia.


It’s boring to say; book was better than the film. Wanted the movie was nothing like the book which remains imho the superior story. I’m sure there were copyright issues and other tedium involving red tape that prevented a straight adaptation.

Civil War was a fun movie. Different than the book but not tangibly worse as result.

OML was an awesome read. Quite why FOX wouldn’t seek to use it as roadmap to a movie is beyond me. Jackman could play OML for another 15 years.


It needs more Millar.


It’s great, it’s mixing the genre up a bit, taking it someplace unfamiliar to most movie fans.

We get enough spectacle, there’s room get back to character sometimes.


Spot on.


Looks good. Who will replace the Maestro? Maybe Blob or Juggernaut?


Even just a hint of a dinosaur would have reassured me that some element of Mark’s story had been used!


It looks too clean, too sanitized. If they’re making a bleak Wolverine OML pic it needs to look like the original Mad Max.

I understand why they went with Cash’s “Hurt” but as I stated in the Marvel movie thread, it’s overplayed and there are more Cash songs that easily could have worked just as well, if not better.

My hopes for this are high, but considering how average the last Wolverine was after being wowed by the trailers, my hopes are also tempered.


It’s one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. If someone have told me years ago that my most anticipated movie in a year where a Justice League film was going to be a real thing would be a Wolverine movie, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Hope it lives up to its potential because it could be an amazing movie, different from everything we’ve seen.

Btw, the timeline makes no sense but they don’t seem to care so why should I? The only thing that matters is if the movie is good. I’ll just think of this movie as its separate little pocket universe :wink:


That’s a good point and one that I suspect will hold true even if I like the movie.

I do like the trailer, though. And like Steve says, it may add something to the kind fo stories we’ve seen in superhero movies so far. The way they present the story in the trailer makes me think that’ll be the case, and that the movie will do that well.

That last shot seems a bit spoilery. I mean… it looks like this is Logan and X23 burying Xavier at the end of the movie, right? Classic ending-with-a-funeral shot. I mean, it’s kind of the obvious way for the story to go, but still, not necessarily something you’d want to have spoiled in advance.


If you could go see this, or go see Mad Max, you’d choose Mad Max. That’s the competition movies like this face - you need to offer spectacle if you want to get people to bother to go see it. As it is I expect only Wolverine and X Men fans to go see it, less so than Apocalypse probably. If it didn’t have that X Men brand I expect hardly anyone would want to go see a movie like this. So long time comic fans might rave about it, but this feels like it will be a whimper of an ending to the once great X franchise. It misses the entire point of Old Man Logan, stripping out everything that made it great and instead giving us the superhero version of Cocoon.