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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


I would assume it’ll probably work a bit like his curated X-comic run too, where he came up with the central concepts and some of the story ideas but didn’t write the comics himself.


Easy solution - just think back to 1999 when you bought this new, interesting looking comic called The Authority. You didn’t know who these guys Ellis and Hitch were, but it looked fun.

You got home, started reading - it kicked your head in, in the best way possible and you wanted the next issue.

Everyone has to start somewhere.


Speak for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Some of us came to the Authority through Ellis’ run on Stormwatch and already knew what he was capable of.


Reminds me of an Avatar title (and Ellis has written several for Avatar) particular Jacen Barrows’ style.


And Authority then went and re-defined that, no?

Stormwatch was an excellent run, no doubt about it, but Authority did stuff in 12 issues that still hasn’t been equaled or got close to 18 years later!

(Wildcats 3.0 would be another unequaled run in terms of trying something new too.)


I’d argue that Ellis’ run on Stormwatch was more groundbreaking and worth of emulation than the Authority was, making it much more of an overlooked classic.


Probably something to that, Authority did have more Bay-splosions but with actual plot!


Nah, the last arc of Stormwatch was Ellis/Hitch and basically had all the elements that Authority used. (Ellis said at the time that’s why he chose to end Stormwatch, because the style no longer fit the comic)


Yeah, Authority was in Ellis’ own words a Michael Bay film on paper. Just, you know, with an actual script.

But Stormwatch was so smart and intricate, it was really about a superhuman police force in a way that no other comic that’s claimed to be such a thing has worked out. I’m probably going to dig out some trades and have a reread


Yeah, that applies to an awful lot of Wildstorm stuff, now I just need to get around to it…

Looking back to the future, I can’t recall the last time I saw a superhero line being talked of with 2-3 years in mind. The nearest was probably Hickman’s Avengers run that led all the way to Secret Wars.

DC and Marvel tend to look about a year ahead most of the time, though DC are apparently working to a 2-year masterplan.


Speak for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Some of us came to Authority after reading Ellis’ work back to Lazarus Churchyard in Blast! comic. :wink:


Not everything is a competition, Gar!



Are you sure it isn’t cocain? Usually it’s cocain.




Wildstorm had some of the best comicbook runs, probably ever… so it’s a tall order to fill. I’m not super excited with the art shown so far tho, so I hope it’s at least good =P


If Ellis is looking to use ‘new’ talent I think Alec Worely would be worth a go. He’s a very clever writer and I think he has the right mentality for the line.

Also he’s worked with Jon Davis Hunt a few times so if Ellis was looking for a recommendation it’s possible he could have chatted to his artist.

I hope Spurrier is not one of them. I’m really struggling with his work recently. It’s the flow of his books that feels off, always has been the case.
I read the first 2 issues of Hookjaw, which I was really excited about, and I couldn’t make it thru the second issue. He tries to be too clever for his own good forgetting that there’s a story to be told at the same time. His Crossed Plus 100 also put the nails in the coffin for that series really quickly.


Yep. Personally, I was a bit disappointed with Authority. It was great, but never as good as Stormwatch was, for me.


All my Stormwatch trades might be my commute and lunch reading today