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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


How would we ever get the next great voice on Wildcats then, the next Joe Casey if you will? :wink:


After a great deal of blood had been spilled first I would imagine. Maybe only after Joe Casey had died… :disappointed:


Well, that guy will just have to prove himself by killing me and Lorcan first! Everybody knows this is the only way to become a great writer, anyway!


OK. That doesn’t sound like too high a bar to pass. I’m not so worried about the future of the next potentially great Wildstorm writer. :wink:


There was that old Julie Schwartz story about (noted pacifist) Alan Moore threatening to kill him if he didn’t allow Moore to write Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow for the final Superman issues before John Byrne took over…so there could be some truth to that. :wink:


That story was actually in the introduction to the first copy of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow I had.


Joe Casey + Dustin Nguyen + Richard Friend + Rian Hughes + Wildstorm FX’s WILDCATS is one of my absolute favorite comics of all time. It is the comic that got me into comics. It showed me that you can have stories that are sexy, slick, and action packed while still being blazingly intelligent and knowingly satirical. It is proof positive that not every “popcorn” story need deaden your brain.

I seriously wrote essays on this series in high school, including a paper comparing it to Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” (there’s a TON of similarities, right down to dialogue references).

WILCATS 2.0 w/ Sean Phillips is more noir-ish, but also gets my highest possible recommendation. The trades are out of print, but every comic fan should own them.


In Joe Casey’s run, Grifter’s signature dress was a brown or black overcoat (kinda looked like it was leather) with baggy or Punisher-style tactical pants. When he first premiered, Grifter had that signature green flaring coat.


God this looks great.

I have zero affinity for the Wildstorm line or characters really, but the talent and quality of design behind all this is class.


So Metabaron-style succession then?


Oh, this is nice!


I’m still looking forward to this but not sure I’m impressed with the art yet. It looks a bit fan art-ish to me at this point.


With thanks to @garjones, this belongs here now:

Sounds utterly excellent.


From the synopses posted on the DC site, it looks like the mech-suit engineer is Angie’s predecessor.


I was cautiously optimistic before but that write up in the back of all the DC books last week really sold it.


And having finally read through all of the backmatter from last week’s DC comics I take that back now…


I am super pumped about this whole line, and about this book in particular.

Any ideas for creators on the books?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gillen (he recommended the artist, they’re quite close), Hickman (this is 100% up his alley…his Ultimates would have fit right into this line), and, I dunno, Spurrier maybe?


Ellis like nurturing new talent so I suspect those names may be a bit too established (and if DC can get Hickman they’d have him on a more high profile book). Spurrier feels the most likely of those three.


Until the creative teams are confirmed, I’m going to stick my head in the sand and hope Ellis is writing them all (hence the staggered release).
Really, whoever they get would be a mild disappointment at best.


Ellis is overseeing the line in a similar way that Way is overseeing the Young Animal line.