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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Just quoting this again, because I went back to the original article and the group shot shows a sightly punkified Angie-as-engineer, but it’s recognisably Angie in liquid metal skin. It’s almost certainly art for the new series as the black version of Deathblow is in there.

The comicsalliance article says separate universe.


Not my WildStorm!

They call those “designs”?


That’s not a new image. It’s a cover from the World’s End era of Wildstorm. I think you also might be mistaking Warblade for the Engineer. :wink:


Do you need anymore confirmation, @Jim? :wink:


The Engineer was on the other side of the image, so definitely wasn’t mixing her up with Warblade. But I’d stopped reading Wildstorm at that point so I guess I missed those costumes.


May a diseased camel loogie on your dashboard!


Ah. I see her now. :wink:


Doktor Sleepless stung me the most. I was really wondering where that was going. Sadly we’ll probably never see.


Yeah, I pretty much gave up on reading Ellis stuff after sleepless. Sick of unfinished stories and abandoned characters. I did pick up several issues of trees in a comixology sale last year. Enjoyed it a lot but it also seems to have ground to a halt.
He is clearly not a finisher/completer.


I would normally be reticent of picking up another Ellis project right now. However, DC has been pretty great about schedules since Rebirth. Most of their books are hitting twice a month and haven’t missed a beat. I can’t imagine them letting Ellis be any different. On top of that, he’s being pitched as the curator of the line and only writing one title.


It’s only been four months. Give them a chance! :wink:


Actually they’ve been pretty tight on schedules since the new 52 5 years ago. Only a couple of books (looking at you Secret Six and stuff drawn by Jim Lee) were allowed to slip.


Even if you only count that four months and not the last 5 years like Gar said, they’ve shipped what would usually be eight months (nine if you count the Rebirth issues) worth of material during that time. They have their system down.


A mock-up of a cover for the core series (apparently the black and red trade dress is going to adorn all titles):

Ellis says he plans to stay on for at least two years (which is what the numbers 1-24 indicate across the top there. This is a mock-up for a seventh issue).


Two years is a serious commitment. Great!
I’ll be there for that.


From that cover I can see where Hunt gets his rep from, it’s a nice bit of design work.


A quote from Ellis’ newsletter:

[quote]I wrote the first six issues of THE WILD STORM in early summer. Kieron Gillen showed me Jon Davis-Hunt’s work, and we got in touch. We, in this instance, being myself and my old friend Marie Javins, marking, I think, our 21st year in the trenches together. She was my first editor at Marvel.

I have the first two years very roughly mapped out. Giving myself space to zig instead of zag should I decide to. I’m contracted for two years, currently, and have a notion of where the third year would go.[/quote]


In Wildstorm years it could mean almost a decade!



Is there any confirmation as to whether this is a reboot or in the DCU yet? I was googling during the week and found no new information.


It’s a new universe. Didio clarified. Apollo midnighter will stay in the dcu, and there may be alternate versions in this universe. But it’s a separate universe