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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


I don’t necessarily like that drawing, but there’s nothing hipster about it :smile:

Just some pretty basic military-type clothes and a parka… Kinda needs something less generic tbh… or as much as possible conisdering Grifter always had generic clothes overall…


He looks like he just came out of a thrift shop!


Close. Military surplus. :wink:



Michael Cray? Deathblow? Yes please!


I’m actually very OK with those redesigns.


Is The Authority going to make a comeback? I actually have Ellis’ authority run on trade and I really enjoyed it… :smiley:


I wake up and feel like this.



The power armour? I’m assuming it’s a Black Razor or maybe StormWatch’s infantry team who’s name I can’t remember (StormGuard?)


Yeah, that’s the one I was asking about.

I have no idea if they are correct but this article gives a name for every character with a picture:

They call the guy in the armour “Engineer”. Is that a pre-existing character?


I am praying for some kind of reference to Planetary, somewhere.


It is fair but in his defence his record has improved recently over a few years back where he was just a long list of abandoned projects (newuniversal, Fell, Desolation Jones etc etc).

Trees and Injection seem to be fairly lengthy by his standards and still coming out.

It’ll be interesting to see who turns up on the other books under his curation. Ellis’ primary strength is as an ideas man


I hadn’t seen that Engineer pic… horrible!!! :anguished:

WTF did they do to angie??? She looks like a generic manga mech. Plus she sort of looks like a robotic Swift which is kind of redundant and stupid… Oh god, I hope they’re not gonna re-do the same mistakes they did with the Nu52 Stormwatch =/


There’s every chance this isn’t Angie. Either a whole new take on the Engineer, or it’s the first Engineer, who did have a more generic mech look (just glowing green) than Angie’s Hajime Soroyama thing.


As may be obvious from the last two posts, the Engineer is two pre-existing characters, both of whom controlled nanotech assemblers and used them to coat themselves in a protective shell. The original version was a member of The High’s group of superhumans who looked to make the world a better place by force. This Engineer created a garden of cornucopia machines in Nevada as part of the plan, which were confiscated by the US Government, and then later by Stormwatch.

The second was a student of the original, Angela Spica. When the first Engineer was killed by Stormwatch, his nanotech designs were sent to Angie’s computer, and she replicated them, replacing her blood with assembers. She was recruited into The Authority by Jenny Sparks.


Well I hope that’s not Angie… But then again, what’s the point of relaunching Wildstorm if they’re just gonna do something else? =/

Is there anyone interested in a completely new Wildstorm universe? 'Cause personally, I’m only interested in what it was because of all the cool mythology they created, and the “feel” of that universe. If they’re just gonna reboot everything, they might as well continue with the Stormwatch book they introduced in the Nu52 and go from there, no? =/


For all we know it’ll turn out to be her predecessor’s suit, or a prototype she discards. I mean, YMMV comes into play anyway as I quite like the look of it, but I am a big mecha fan.

From Ellis’ statement in the article, it looks like he’s going to recreate that specific WSU feel, and while the mythology might be rebooted, I’m sure we’ll have the familiar elements of the Comet, the Kherubim/Daemonite war, the Team/Gen expermiments and so on.

The advantage of doing this in a separate continuity is not being burdened by the greater DCU being involved. The Authority couldn’t operate in the DCU as they did in the WSU, for example. An organisation like Stormwatch as originally presented (as opposed to the who secret war thing in the New 52) would change how the DCU works just by the very nature of their pragmatism and attempts to regulate superhuman activity.


Ya. I caught that from looking for pictures of the M-51. The stuff I read also said it was popular with the “mod” crowd.


The change between what was SW in Wildstorm and what it was in New 52 is still something so odd…

Speaking of old Wildstorm (pre-Ellis), I was surprised to see Deathtrap pop up in Suicide Squad pre-Rebirth, as a Deadshot fanboy…


Is it in a separate continuity? Has that been confirmed? Because Young Animal is still in the DCU (with Mother Panic set in Gotham) and Midnighter is in continuity, right?

Like you say, it makes sense to be its own thing, but you never know with DC.