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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


I’ll always have a soft spot for The Monarchy, primarily because of writer Doselle Young’s active involvement on the WildStorm message boards back in the pre-MillarWorld days.


The Fevermen showed up in The Monarchy, right? When pursuing Vox? I bloody loved the Fevermen.


Yeah, the Monarchy was sorta like Wildstorm’s DOOM PATROL. More weirdscreen than widescreen.


Today’s issue was lovely.
Great amount of forward momentum, especially in light of what Ellis tweeted the other day.
It’s a shame the series will take a hiatus in a few months, but it’s definitely not being abated by it.


to put what I wrote in new Comics thread, if ppl want to discuss it

Roxy’s mother is a trip. I like the part where she says " I had a kid. It was weird, you know? like a compulsion." Could the Implants be responsible for GEN 13 or as Gloria calls it, the Thunderbook 13th Genetic stage?


Yeah, Grunge’s dad implied that it’s all part of some this motivation to colonize and invade.


It’s similar to SF ideas like the protomolecule in The Expanse or the early colony waves in the Revelation Space novels - you send out a technological solution to make other planets and other life like you. That way your empire grows without having to send massive amounts of soldiers and ships across space.


Or the sci-fi masterpiece: Species.

And Species II.


Yes… Masterpiece.