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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Most Authority members have appeared, right? Except Apollo and the Midnighter (unless they’ve shown up after the second trade).

I’m just waiting for Drummer and Jakita to show up.


Yeah, Jenny, Jack and Swift have appeared, with Swift also being The Doctor in this incarnation.


The engineer, too, right? Or is that a different cybernetic character?


Yeah, I don’t know how I forgot about her when she was the central character for most of the first two arcs


This run works pretty well. It does feel like he took his script for the Marvel New Universe reboot and rewrote it for WildStorm characters. Michael Cray was the one character it took me a while to remember. As much as I liked the art, I was not much of a fan when he came out.


I’m 50-50 on this trade buy, but for this price stuff it, I’ll risk it:

Wildstorm: Michael Cray: Volume 1 - Books Etc - £7.15


Get that Deathblow Deluxe Edition STAT.
Utter gold.


okay, now I’m tempted…


Lynch gets the spotlight in the next cover.
Wonder if this means we’re gonna get some Burnout teasing.


Looks like he’s finally facing off againt Slater.


Do you mean Slayton?



Yes but my phones autocorrect didn’t agree.


So, solicit info says Michael Cray finishes with #12. I like the sound of this as it suggests the spin-offs exist as part of a coordinated whole, with set, finite purpose.


Yeah, the covers had a countdown at #12, so I always figured it would end there or that #13 would be rebranded Deathblow.


I’m waiting until this series is all finished before I’m buying anything, Ellis has let me down a few too many times now.

How do people like the art in The Wild Storm?


I like the art, it tells the story very clearly and the action choreography is great. Characters are occasionally a little stiff but it’s mostly very good.


The covers are amazing. Best looking on the shelves. Simple, elegant, but oh so eye catching.


The covers look cool, that last one has a Quitely vibe, is it the same artist that does the interiors?