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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Not Grime?


Nope, it’ll be “Soundcloud”


Grime is far too contemporary.


I loved the scene in Wildstorm 25 years where Caitlin goes “Bobby just because it is legal now doesn’t mean you have to do it all day.” Grunge should be called K-pop now.


I picked up the second Wild Storm trade a couple of weeks ago (and didn’t get around to posting about it until now, of course). Once again the story reads really well as a six-part chunk, moreso than the monthly issues. Even though very little is resolved in these issues there’s still a good feeling of narrative drive and escalation.

Bonus features are the de rigeur variant cover gallery - once again the Jon Davis-Hunt covers are used in the chapter breaks, plus some design sketches for the upgraded Engineer armour, John Colt and a couple of other bits and pieces, and then a set of thumbnails showing how a couple of the covers came together from concept to finished art.


Who’s next? A Batman who is a brutal vigilante murderer? A military super soldier Wonder Woman who thinks she’s a god? How about a Superman clone out to destabilize civilization? There is so much potential here, and new readers a certain to be intrigued by what is familiar.

Those aren’t terrifically interesting, so I imagine they would go different directions. Like a Wonder Woman who sees herself as the messiah for women’s liberation and domination around the world who uses sex to control men’s minds rather than a golden lasso (Paradise Island with women more like Dune’s Honored Matres). Or a really serious take on Superman with a man who has nigh infinite power and uses it like any normal man would to get whatever he wants. A Batman who secretly promotes and funds a strange criminal underworld so he can exercise his demons beating up and killing them - a Jekyll/Hyde version of Batman and The Joker where it turns out “Bruce Wayne” is actually both the hero and the villain.


CBR publishes the solicitations, they know what other members are joining the evil Justice League.


My copy is downstairs, good to hear it’s a neat trade.


So, continuing on with the “mixing Gen13 with Team 7” route, it’s Stephen Rainmaker in the new solicits.

I hope things go down all right by the end of this haha.


Given the Fairchild mentioned in the solicits was Alexis, I’m assuming she’s a gender-flipped version of Caitlin’s dad, rather than a name change


Yup, and Freefall is just straight out named as her mom.

Which, really, makes you wonder what they’ll do with Burnout. Lynch’s ex-wife?


Yeah, it’s why I mentioned him upthread. Given what happened to Marc Slayton, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Bobby is his son and he was experimented upon at Lynch’s order.


That would be an interesting idea, and it makes the most sense since he’s the odd man out in what Lynch is doing with Thunderbook. They’re, nominally, all the Gen’s parents…except for this one guy.

Making him Burnout’s dad would lead to all sorts of pathos for Lynch.


Issue 15 all but confirmed Zealot is going to be the next spin-off


Or just more fodder for them CATs.
Maybe that’s why they held off on it.


Well, Ellis said that Zealot was one of the planned spin-offs, but plans might change.


Drat, you’re right.
I guess that pushes out Gen13 or Authority, from the other spot.


The 3 announced spin-offs were Michael Cray, Zealot and Wild CATs, IIRC. I’m remaining solid on my prediction that The Wild Storm will be about The Authority by the end of issue 24


No doubt. Damn them though, for getting my hopes up about the Gens.


I mean, it’s still possible there’ll be a Gen13 book down the line.