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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Old dude is pretty clearly Jack Lynch


And he looks perfect.
Second best new look to Grifter.


Thats exactly who I was talking about when I said the Boogeyman. Who have been people been afraid of for all 12 issues?

much better than those sideburns he wore in OG Wildstorm.





Yeah, yeah, just joshing around.

I hope this means that my hopes of an actually good Deathblow series are possible.


If fear equated to desire, then I definitely am very afraid of Voodoo.:wink:


Well, they are on the same spectrum.



next big Question is Who is he saying Roadtrip to ?




So the solicit for Michael Cray 8 suggests that the next 6 issues are definitely going to be more than just “Cray kills his way through the DCU”


Still need to read #6 to see if it lands the Aquaman stuff.


Nope, it appears he said it to himself. Read Wild Storm #13 and they introduce Marc Slayton. the word backlash was not mentioned but from the conversation I would say Lynch was feeling backlash in how his experiments on Slayton turned out. I loved #13. “going to war” is a good theme for the issue. Also we see three different colored aliens, yellow(daemonites), white(probably a psychic projection) and green(Kheran).


I loved 13 as well, and what Ellis did with Backlash. It’s just cements how horrifying and awful this version of Team 7 ended up and Lynch’s fearful reaction when racing away from the fire nicely paves the way for the next Generation hahah.


So, new solicits are up and it seems like Ellis has actually combined Team 7 with Gen-13.

Which is honestly pretty cool and plays up, and into, Lynch’s paternal aspects in the latter’s series.


It makes me very interested to see what Bobby will be like.


That just hit me like a box of bricks, and really I should have guessed this once they revealed Fairchild’s name change.

I think it works with just how regretful he looks back at Backlash in the previous issue. It’s all coming from the same root emotion but twisted around a bit and still works as that sense of holding yourself responsible.


Not Grunge?


Grunge will always land on his feet, everyone knows that!


I assume his codename will be Garage now