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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


I’m far and away from that, Unk. But stay radical.


The evil alternate universe character thing felt fresh in the early 2000’s but feels a bit old hat now. I had just hoped for more.


It’s certainly an idea that Ellis has returned to a number of times. He clearly derives an almost perverse pleasure in desecrating these superhero tropes again, and again.

However, and I can’t stress this enough, that’s all incidental to the story being told. It’s window dressing. It’s almost entirely irrelevant to the real story being told in Michael Cray.

The real story, is about Michael, his burgeoning powers, and his relationships with his father, his doctor, his team, and the government pulling his strings.


The evil alternate universe character thing felt fresh in the early 20001960’s but feels a bit old hat now.


Also, what I really think they are working their way up to doppelganger wise is Majesteros (Wow, he has a lot of syllables. Emp is going to hate him if he already doesn’t)


As soon as they started talking about syllables in The Wild Storm, I tried to figure out if Majestros was three or four, in case he turned up


I said “evil” not “campy”. :wink:


Owlman can be both :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


ma jes t ros


Or Ma Jes Tros?


Or Mis Ter Ma Jes Tic


I gave him 4 because I thought he is royalty on Khera.


It’s the other way around, the fewer syllables, the better. Emp is the highest ranking Kheran on Earth, then Zannah, then Kenesha, with John Colt being low-ranked enough that his appreciation for ascetics seems gauche to Kenesha. Not sure what Colt’s Kheran name is here, but IIRC it was Yon Kohl in OGWSU, which would put him on the same rank as Zannah or maybe Kenesha, which clearly isn’t the case here.


Which puts Majestic in a very interesting situation, being so mind-bogglingly powerful, but socially limited. It would make absolute perfect sense for him to hide in Metropolis and be a normal dude, or at least not be near the bottom of the rungs of society.

Hell if he chose “Clark Kent” in some ways, he’s “reaching above his station.” It’s an alien “Imitation of Life.” :slight_smile:



Been thinking of changing name to “Miq”.

Also gets rid of the “u” sound…


But not the Meek


That’s a long I!



just read #12. Halo shuts down IO research facility and all records pertaining to said facility. Zealot catches IO in info attack on Skywatch and kills Yo Ho Mitch in retaliation. IO does get all of Skywatch’s data. King also opens a Lynch file and signals some Sam Elliot looking dude with one eye. The boogeyman in the Wild Storm has been revealed and he looks like the old Bouncer from ROADHOUSE
I loved it. Kenesha gets all Explody again. Cole gets to show off his Gun Fu. Ivana gets to look like a fool while trying to one up Jacqui and Jacqui feels on top of the world until the other shoe drops.