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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Ellis has said that the new WSU is kinda a parallel universe to the DCU, but not in the DC multiverse. There’s a lot of little touches in The Wild Storm which point to this - the Daily Planet is a news outlet, Martian Manhunter is a TV show, Ted Kord makes electronics, and it’s a bit more explicit in Michael Cray. I feel that the WSU is kinda like a corrupted version of a superhero universe - think the ersatz versions of the Authority seen in Planetary/Authority or The Monarchy, or the cancerverse from the DnA Marvel space books, but more of a subtle rot.


That’s all fine and neat. I mean, the Martian Manhunter TV show and a DJ called “DJ Beast Boy” are nice little touches. But “now Deathblow is fighting evil Green Arrow” kinda is a larger leap from that.

And makes me want a CSA comic, more or less. Damn it Johns.


Instead of The Four, is he assembling some evil JLA? It would be more interesting if Earths similar to that didn’t already exist in the DCU.


I’ve not read Michael Cray 4 yet, but given Green Arrow died fast, I assume very few of the ersatz DCU guys will stick around long enough to be recurring bad guys.


Didn’t he already do that in Planetary #1?


They were as evil as when it happened in Hickvengers


I like it.

  • It really differentiates the new WSU from the old. Yet blurs the line between the new WSU and the New52 versions where the inverse applied (the Wild Storm characters were fully integrated into the DCU).
  • It adds an air of familiarity for any DCU fans (who have no pre-existing knowledge of a defunct alternative superhero universe) straying across to the Wild Storm book.
  • The Ellis versions are kinda cool; evil GA was a little obvious, but the way evil BA works has been a great idea.


Really? I think it’s brilliant, actually. Gives the book an immediate recognizability and power that wouldn’t at all come from, like, a new version of Backlash or something appearing.

It’s the Ultimates taken to its logical endpoint and I love the concept of it.


Great, another thing to put on the 2018 wishlist


I very much think that’s part of the point. That the superheroic impulse is, actually, psychotic and completely self destructive.

It’s the ultimate ‘real take’ on these characters, and I’m here for it. Planetary very much had a reverence or affection for much of this stuff, and its pulpy origins. This is something else entirely, a cynical near-now scifi re working of the tropes. Fits in perfectly with this new, more grounded Wildstorm universe and adds a bit of recognizability to the proceedings.

As a story engine I’m pretty impressed with it.


God it’s a tough crowd in comics these days

Micheal Cray is a lot of fun, what’s the problem with him killing off alternative versions of the DC characters?

And if he kills off a bunch of new characters why would we care?


Why would we care if he’s killing off alternate DC characters in the first place?
The focus should be first and foremost Cray himself, and I think the DC characters pull at that personally.

But that’s just preference. On a real level I just think that the writing is a bit slow and not pepped up enough. The DC characters just don’t draw me in on another hand.


Because you’ll be familiar with the character,their look and some of their traits


Hey, I love the Flash, but he’s not the reason I’m bought Michael Cray.

(I know, I dropped it but what I said doesn’t make sense if I say Green Arrow)


I think the focus is on Cray, as much as is possible with these kinds of plot-driven action stories.

The point of these stories is not the superhero re-imaginings; but it’s a great gimmick, a twist that immediately gives the book a ‘stand out’ element, something that hooks you. “How are they going to re-imagine the Flash? How are htey going to re-imagine Wonder Woman?”. It’s the cool big idea, but the heart is this military unit of normal people brushing up against the catastrophic real of super powers.


Yeah, that’s why I said that it’s merely just a preferential issue. I was trying not to let it cloud what the comic is really doing. ie. “On a real level” I just found it a bit slow. Also trying to distance that preference from those that do find the integration really cool.

The DCU characters just didn’t provide a good enough hook for me to make up for the lack of adrenaline. At least in the primary issues.


I’d be surprised if Cray killing DC heroes is actually the core plot element of the book. I’m far more interested in his relationship with his dad and the doctor, and the growing realisation that he’s traded one corrupt master for another.


I hear you, and I figured you were saying as much, I was just trying to do a gross anatomy if you will. The core of the book that one either gets on board with or not is the idea of traditionally trained military people taking on emerging scifi superpowers (in that way maybe a bit like TEAM ACHILLES), and it’s a character piece about Cray.

The DC stuff is the ‘huh, awesome’ that brings people in, but I don’t think anyone is going to stay for it.


Oh yeah I am all for that.
Maybe I’ll check back on the run after the countdown ends and see how it hangs all together. It just wasn’t hitting the right notes of a month-to-month read for me.


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