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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)



It so i…I had the exact same thought when reading it the other day as well


So, I have a theory:

In the essay published in DC’s comics the week before Wild Storm 1, and reprinted in the back of volume 1, Ellis said that over the course of the first two years, three books would spin-off from The Wild Storm, and then one book would transform.

The three announced books are Michael Cray, Zealot and Wildcats.

Over the course of volume 1/issues 1-6, we’re introduced to some protagonists - Michael Cray; Zealot, Marlowe, Cash, Void and Kenesha; and Jenny and Angie. And Cray has dropped out of The Wild Storm as his own book launched.

So my theory is this: at the end of volume 2/issue 12, either Zealot or the Wild CAT will depart The Wild Storm for their own book. And the other will leave by issue 18. The remaining cast members will be Jenny, Angie and Shen. Leaving The Wild Storm to transform into The Authority…


Since Michael Cray has a countdown I’m figuring it will transform.


The Wild Storm has a countdown too.


We’ll see in about a year then. Game on.


you missed Priscilla (voodoo). I am interested in her return to the book and how she will interact with the CAT?


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS up to Wildstorm: Michael Cray #4


Wow. It just seems kind of dumb to keep bringing alternate reality versions of DCU characters into the new WSU when that universe is so rich with interesting characters itself.


Yeah, that’s why I’ve dropped Michael Cray.

Seems like a waste of the character.


It’s a pretty cool book, actually. These Ellisian versions have been pretty interesting to see. The character dynamics are well written, and the action fun. The covers by Sienkiewicz are great too. The only letdown is the interior art, which is … difficult to like.


Yes, but Cray killing a WSU character every two issues means we’d run out of them quite quickly


yeah I’ve been trying to enjoy them, but that low tier book art has hampered my enjoyement since day one. It’s a shame they couldn’t even set Ellis up with decent artists… kinda shows how much faith DC has in this Wildstorm project… =/


Or, and stay with me because I know this is a crazy idea, they could create new characters to kill.


I didn’t think Ellis was writing this book.


OK, imagine that one panel of Spidey and Sauron, but Sauron is Warren Ellis and Bryan Hill, and they’re saying “But I don’t want to kill new characters, I want to kill distorted versions of the DC heroes”


Bryan Hill is writing the script, from a story by Ellis.


So it’s like Planetary only DC instead of Marvel? It’s more interesting if they had to hint at it.


God, couldn’t even come up with an original panel, had to reuse someone else’s. Next time at least go with a panel from a DC comic!


OK, remember that issue of Wildcats where Grifter shoots a lot of people? It’s that, but they taped Batman’s head on all of them.


This, for me.

Filling the book with DCU characters gives the premise the initial feel of a low grade Elseworld.