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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


i want to see Fuji :heart_eyes:


Well then, you need to reason together with Ellis.


Deep cuts here. I’m amazed anyone remembers Cannon’s name, and I swore I was the only person who read every issue of Stormwatch (even pre-Ellis!).


Nope you’re one of two.



I still own every issue of every book published by WildStorm, including fringe stuff that barely links to the WSU like Automatic Kafka, Hazard, and 21 Down.




I remember tracking down all 8 issues that comprised Whilce Portacio’s giant piece of art. I was a true Wildstorm groupie
click to see full picture


Yeah, that was a nice one (from the WildStorm Rising storyline); then there was this one from Travis Charest for the New Horizons reboot:


I just double checked this as I had meant to when you mentioned it last week. The digital edition did not have the preview. That’s a bit odd as it would be easier to include it there than print as there’s no extra cost for extra pages. Odd.


Seeing Christie Blaze there reminds me we have not seen John Lynch(her Ex?) yet in the Wild Storm. I wonder whether he will show up.


That’s odd. Enjoy the suspense :wink:



I always wondered what the deal was with that alternate cover to Stormwatch v2 #1 was. I didn’t realize it was part of a larger piece.


I’ve never seen the full image either. Has anyone got a link to that?




I’m giving Michael Cray the three-issue trial. The first issue really did fail to hook I thought.


I liked Michael Cray 1 well enough, but it didn’t set my world on fire the same way The Wild Storm 1 did. I like the idea of including Green Arrow in the world and using him to contrast the Watchmenesque superhero as pathology thing, and the conversation between Cray as his family was great. But it’s kinda hard to square away the stuff Trelane is in charge of in the main book with the private security company/Skywatch front here. Cray has essentially traded one amoral master for another, and the book seems to be brushing that under the carpet for now.

On the other hand, Wild Storm 8 was a top read. The idea of merging Swift and the Doctor works really well, and she reminds me a lot of Punk Mambo for Valiant. As is often the case with Ellis, he got some nice high-concept SF elements into the story Marlowe told to Angie too.

And finally, I actually bought some comic this week in the form of the first Wild Storm trade. It’s a very nice volume, with a very modern design feel. The cover is a reuse of Jim Lee’s variant for issue 3, but it works very well with the black and red square logo taking up the traditional masthead space, and the name and credits running sideways beside the spine. Issue/chapter breaks are Jon Davis-Hunt’s covers for each issue and a page with a processed photo of a cloud with a bolt of lightning, which works very well from the books’ theme of an oncoming storm threatening to shatter the fragile peace between IO and Skywatch.

There’s a nice selection of extras too, each variant cover gets a full-page reproduction, plus Warren Ellis’ essay that ran in the back of DC’s books the week before issue 1 came out, and thumbnails of all of issue 1 (reproduced 4 to a page).

Oh, and the book? It reads very well as a single volume. Well worth the price and the wait.


Good to hear, my copy is on the way.


I’m guessing that Victoria is Flint. Hector Morales and Leon Carver are both members of DV8 in OGWSU


Michael Cray 2, or as I’m calling it Michael Cray Kills the DC Universe was a fun enough, fast-paced read. It was far more about setting up the series’ core concepts than the conflict between Cray and Oliver Queen. I like the idea of the nuWSU having ersatz versions of DC characters, but they’ve gone wrong in the same way the world has been corrupted and made lesser by the cold war between IO and Skywatch. It would have been nice to see a bit more of Queen as a bloviating megalomaniac before he was dispatched.

My main niggle right now is that the book needs a bit more muscle to it than just Cray and his team killing DCU characters. Presumably there’ll be a bit more to the emergence of his powers and his interactions with Skywatch, but right now that feels like window dressing. (also, anyone else notice that Cray is apparently a muslim?)

The Wild Storm 9. I think it was Ronnie who said this was a catch-up issue, and that feels about right here - but that doesn’t mean nothing happens. While Angie’s plot doesn’t do much (Marlowe’s description of his secret location made me think TARDIS, which amused me), there’s a lot of background unearthed and machinations afoot at IO and Division, as well as some background for John Colt as well.

It’s these parts are the real driving force in the issue - the biggest moment inside IO is the dicsussion between Craven and King about John Lynch. Tying Cole Cash to Lynch is a bit of a reference to the original WSU - Lynch and Grifter were both members of Team Seven, an IO special forces team which also included Michael Cray/Deathblow, Marc Slayton/Backlash and Jackson Dane from Wetworks - the latter two have yet to appear in The Wild Storm though. The idea of Lynch instigating a trail of destruction as he leaves feels very much like early Gen13 as well.

Colt’s flashback and dialogue helps us fill in some blanks on Kheran culture in the new universe, and there’s a strict hierarchy on display, enforced with the naming conventions used. The idea that the Kherans have a caste based system dates back to Alan Moore’s run on WildCATs, but it’s interesting to see the glimpse of Ellis’ reimagining. It’s a very nice touch that Colt uses the relative freedom of their effective exile to Earth to enjoy material excess that he would be denied at home. Also, the samurai battle looked cool, and the subtitled were a very nice touch.

There’s a lot in the transitions in this issue - that full-page cityscape that splits King and Craven’s scene from Colt and Kenesha’s is gorgeous, and the jump from their scene to Lucy Blaze is presaged with a mention og her Kheran name, just like her scene jumps to King and Sanders outside IO with a foreshadowing moment that suggests he’ll be Skywatch’s route into IO.

Oh, and in DCU references, Paul Kirk, Sanders’ favourite action character, is the name of the first incarnation of the Manhunter to be published by DC, back in the 40s.