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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Here’s a little game for you.
Put Alan Moore and DC Comics in the same sentence together. Finish it yourself. Then try and ask that question again. :wink:


Yeah, well, I always mess up Steinbeck and Hemingway, too!


Will Alan Moore write all the DC comics I want??


Cheers! Now to give warren a ring to get in on it!

Much better than I might have expected


No one has ever been found after successfully uttering that sentence.



Hopefully better than when Morrison brought back the Wildstorm universe.


Ellis is a perfect pick for this. Anyone who never read Supreme: Blue Rose should really fix that. He even made Dynamite’s Project Superpowers work with Blackcross. And those are slightly more recent examples than Newuniversal.


I really enjoyed Supreme: Blue Rose but it was so short that it almost felt like an introduction to a story. I don’t know how it would continue from where it was but it was definitely an interesting world.


This is great news, but I wonder how committed DC will be to supporting books that are not part of their iconic universe. For that matter, how committed is Ellis to this?

Steve Orlando has a new Midnighter & Apollo book debuting tomorrow from DC. Wonder if I should pick this up…


I wonder if @Chris_Striker has heard the news yet.


I look forward to Ellis introducing several great early issues and then losing interest six months in.

Also, am I really the only one with a problem with the new designs? Is this a case of me being an old man and losing touch with what the young people are into these days?


Fair or not, this is the key question.


He’s only doing one book, right? Otherwise he’s “curating the line” whatever that means, so I guess he’s in the same position as Way is for Young Animal.

DC should get Joe Casey to try something like this for them. He’s great at finding talent that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet.

I wonder if Milestone will look similar to Young Animal and the new Wildstorm when it finally appears.


As a Supreme story that didn’t assume there would be more Supreme stories, I think it worked spectacularly. It was like a DC version of Supreme, an Elseworlds tale. If Supreme meant more to fans, Blue Rose would have a much greater reputation.


Ya. That’s my fear.

Yep. Into the Old Man Closet with @Todd and @Miqque.

I don’t think the Grifter one is as hipster as you think. It’s more tactical with a heavy military coat. The other characters I’m not sold on yet.


The Grifter is awful. He looks like he’s going to shoot up a school. The others are even worse. This is superheroes, not the IFC channel. This is the home of the Authority!!

Now I’m going to shout at some clouds.


You guys are going to have to tell me who these people are. I don’t recognise any of them, bar Grifter.
Who’s the one who looks like he’s from Metal Gear Rising?


OK Old Man Jim. :wink:

Most of the others aren’t characters I recognize either. Ellis is likely doing a deep dive into his own creations or changing characters enough to be unrecognizable.


Here we go. I’m pretty sure the coat is meant to be an M-51 parka. It’s the kind of detail that William Gibson or Warren Ellis would fixate on much like Cayce Pollard’s MA-1 bomber jacket from Pattern Recognition.