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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Is there any word on the delay to this book? Last issue was out in mid-July but it seems like the next won’t be until late September. They had been coming out fairly regularly until #6.


Looks like it’s scheduled for September 20th.


Yes, it will be a couple of months since the last issue. I was wondering whether it was an intentional hiatus or whether me might expect the book to become a bit more intermittent.


Hmm. No idea. I thought when it was first being pitched they talked about planned breaks but I thought there were other books meant to fill that gap.


August was a deliberate skip month.


And the second book starts next month - Michael Cray.


Ah, thanks Vikram, that explains it then.


Clearly you mean Deathblow, you allll mean Deathblow.


Yeah. Weird how they are resisting calling him that. Surely Deathblow is a more commercial title than Michael Cray? The '90’s are big again right now; seems a missed opportunity.


You said “blow”. Hur. Hur-hur. H-h-hurr.



I get the feeling there aren’t a hell of a lot of people who’ll buy a new Deathblow comic that would be interested in Ellis’ new take on Wildstorm, and aren’t already reading his new take on Wildstorm.


All Deathblow needs is overexertion of emotion and lots o’ killing people. Figure that would fit in quite snugly.


Assuming that Michael Cray is about overexertion of emotion and lots o’killing people, of course.


His few bits in the main series give me hope. A fight with a guy body surfing on a door eventually culminating with some one being bisected with bullets…plus some anxiety about death?

It’s been a fun ride.


Great issue.
I think that getting all of these disparate parts of at least the CATs together is a good set-up for the 2/4th of this.


The Deathblow preview at the back of the issue looked pretty cool, but that art was not easy on the eyes!


i noticed that too but I gave it a break because it is tough to compare to the beautiful art of Davis-Hunt. as far as the story in the main book went, Ellis introduced a couple of more wildstorm mainstays but tweaked them. Making Jackson King a woman and John Cole black was interesting. I’m all for diversity but when it does start seeming more like stunt or shock casting? Ellis’ take on Cole was also interesting. It was so long ago so I don’t remember but was Jack Marlowe also a systems(big picture) type of person?


Also hidden in the issue, King’s assistant was Mitchell Saunders, AKA Cannon from pre-Ellis Stormwatch. Can Ion and Lancer be far behind?


And Where In The World is Jenny Something?