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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


I thought they already announced what the spin offs would be? Wasn’t it Michalel Cray, Zealot, Wildcats? Or were those just assumptions?


Yeah they announced what they would be - but this is a formal announcement with core art and a creative team.


Good creative team. Bryan Hill has been writing some solid stuff over at Image/Top Cow, as Ben will also testify.


Yeah this is a great team, especially for the kind of book I imagine this will be.

Good stuff.


I’ll give it the 3 issue trial.

I see it has countdown numbering as well.
12 issues.

I wonder if they’re planning on this being a prologue story until actual Deathblow-ing happens.
Just feels a bit like an insecure move to not call this Deathblow if that’s not the plan.


Indeed I will - Postal’s been great, looks like his new series Romulus is now out in trade too, so hopefully my copy of that will turn up soon.


This is something I’ve seen the other companies do, too. Pick the most uninspiring name you can for a comic, and see how many people pick it up on spec. You’re basically guaranteeing that your maximum readership is existing fans of the character who know who the hell “Michael Cray” is. There is literally no hook in that title to interest new fans.

Have people learned no lessons from “John Carter”? :smiley:


Is that the republican guy who campaigned opposed to Obama?


What kind of geek are you? :roll_eyes:

He was the character from ER played by Noah Wyle.


Steve Jobs?


Exactly, I mean if they didn’t want to call it Deathblow because it’s silly - how about something like “The Death Blow” like they did for “The Wild Storm”?

Anyway, I think once we get to #13 it’ll relaunch to Deathblow. Otherwise…why have the countdown numbering?


I think this iteration at least, under Ellis’s plan, is all very much one planned entity with a finite ending.

As such I doubt we’ll ever see an #13 of Cray/Deathblow or #24 of The Wild Storm. They’ll just restart it.


Didn’t the Guidebook they printed out say that this is just Ellis laying down the foundation?
I don’t doubt his foundation has a finite ending, but I think they implied they’ll continue on with the universe using what was set up.

Just realized you might have meant simply in numbering - and yeah, I have no doubt they’d restart the numbering/title-ing.


stop it when Ellis gets bored.


He quits at #12 and the rest are released blank.


That may well happen halfway through an issue.


huh, why is “Deathblow” silly? It’s a much more appealing name than “Michael Cray” =/


Silly in the goddamn awesome early Wildstorm way.
Which is so incredibly fun.

But Ellis is going for more toned down stuff here so if they don’t relaunch the book after the countdown is over as Deathblow, then I figure it’s because it doesn’t fit in with that.


Well, yeah, I stopped reading it, but it seemed to be a more “grounded” or “realistic” approach to the WU, so it makes sense to not use Deathblow… and apparently he isn’t even called that…

But well, I mean, I guess they know they’re not gonna get any new readers anyways…

At any rate, Deathblow is cool name, even in a non-90’s context =P


They’re going for low fi here, guys. That’s the whole remit. “Deathblow” sounds exactly like what it is – a cheesy 90s name.

They don’t want that baggage. They’re doing something else.

Worked for Michael Clayton!