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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


That’s an appropriate comparaison, and hey I hope he gets there and develops a great style. However my point is that he’s not there yet (yet being the keyword) and that I wish we’d gotten a more seasoned artist for the WS relaunch.

Heh… well, I completely disagree with that notion (which was my initial point, rather than mudslinging at JDH), but fair enough.


Hey, there’s bad anatomy and then there’s accidentally forgetting to draw an entire leg! Geez, schoolboy error…


It’s Wolverine. He’s like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It’s just a scratch. I’ve had worse.


I get the feeling these pop up imprints are being ran like a skunkworks or indy type of operation with the goal of developing IP and talent with one main go-to person. Warren Ellis is likely where they’ve spent their money on the Wildstorm imprint with Gerard Way filling that role in Young Animal. To be fair, it’s closer to the ethic of the Wildstorm we all know and love. :wink:


Possibly relevant to this thread, the oral history of Wildstorm that was Kickstarted recently is on sale today, in print and digital:

Bleeding Cool have run a few extracts:

Anyone get a copy?


Also kinda relevant:


just bought DV8 from the recommend on that list.


Issue 3 (untagged spoilers because at this point you should know better)

1: Jenny Sparks! And like almost everyone in the new WSU, she has black hair (and looks to be Asian too). Her conspiracy theory pinboard has a lot of WSU references.

2: The nods to the DCU were amusing. As was the shitty dialogue from CRIME DOCTOR.

3: We get to see the Wild CAT in action, and Grifter is full on John Woo, deflecting grenades with bullets and backflipping all over the place.

4: Kenesha is using some crazy advanced tech ammo - the bullet she fired into that Black Razor counted down and then blew him up. Reminded me of the explosive ammo Kusanagi used in the first chapter of Ghost in the Shell, only more powerful.

5: Speaking of the Black Razors, I love that they’re carrying G36 rifles alongside slightly more advanced combat armour. It gives the book a nice feeling of being a world slightly removed from our own.

6: Need! More! Pages!


Wasn’t the spirit of the 21st century a little Asian girl or am I misremembering?


Jenny Quantum was born in Singapore, yeah, but as she aged her ethnicity varied depending on who drew her. As I understand it, this is Jenny Sparks at age 117 rather than Jenny Quantum at age 17 though.


I assumed this version of the WS universe has no relation to the ones that came before.


Yeah, what I mean is that I assume the Jenny we saw in issue 3 was born on January 1st 1900 and like the OG Wildstorm version, stopped ageing in her late teens/early 20s. Only in the new WSU God never returned to the Solar System in 1999 and this Jenny never sacrificed herself to save the world.


I haven’t read it but is there any reason she can’t just be born in 2000?


She was called Jenny Sparks in the solicitation rather than Jenny Quantum, that’s the main basis of my assumption.


Yeah but I get Tim’s point, in this iteration she could be 17 years old and born in 2000 (or they could just ignore the century thing altogether).


Yeah, I kind of assumed this Jenny would be the spirit of the 21st Century instead of the 20th. We’ll see.

I enjoyed this issue - particularly the part that showed Jenny’s powers as she travelled through the screens. It was weird until I realised what was going on.


Like I said, I’m assuming. But I’m sure we’ll find out one way or another soon enough.


Yeah it was a good issue, but they feel really short. Think this will read much better in trade.


It’s Warren Ellis, it always reads better in the trade.
This was a great issue though. It’s is Ellis doing what he does better than most people.


I read it last night and also felt like it was a bit shy of content. So, tonight I thought I’d go back and read the three together, and here’s what I found:

Issue 1: Nine scenes! In a 22-page book? Three 1-page scenes (a news report ffs), and three 2-pagers. No wonder it felt itty-bitty at the time. Seven pages to save Marlowe. Really? And the Dickensesque coincidences in the first four scenes were not clever - at all. But, you know, still intriguing-ish.

Issue 2: Eight scenes. Oh dear! And the first was five pages for Angie to land. Blah, blah, blah, and someone I don’t give a crap about has a brain tumour. Well, it’s bound to kick off next issue. Bound to.

Issue 3: Four scenes. Good. Oh wait up, the first two are linked (at least the Jenny journey was fun), and the third is a 1-page unnecessary flashback. Then a 16-page dust up. Yeah, we know Ellis does good fights but we learn little for so much real estate.

Overall: Apart from the brain tumour discussion and Jenny’s quantum-powered jaunt, every scene is Angie and her suit, or people talking about Angie and her suit. It’s all so single-track linear.

Perhaps I’m being harsh because it’s Ellis, and my expectations are high, but I’m just not getting it. One more issue for me, and unless we start rolling, I’m out.