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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)



I could answer that question but I would end up making less sense than I originally did.


I pronounce it with a short i and short a. SPICK-ah. I have no idea if that is correct.

You pronounce “bagel” with a short (soft) a and not a long a? mind-blown




Thank you both, @JRCarter and @RonnieM!


I’m afraid it’s SP-eye-ca in my head. :sweat:


We’ve met more than half of the original team already – Voodoo, Zealot, Void and Lord Emp.


Grifter is meant to show up in the next issue. I won’t be satisfied until Spartan shows up though. Warblade and Maul wouldn’t hurt either. :wink:


Cast the Wild Storm Universe for a TV-series of set of movies. Come on, you know you want to!




She could also be Zealot with a white wig


Tom Hardy as Black Bolt would be really cool.


ClarkKent1989 as Apollo.


And Majestic


And from Taboo we know he can comunicate only by growling.


Absolutely. And that he can be pretty vicious. :laughing:


Very pumped to find out the creative teams for the spin off books.


Issue 2 is here!

In the worldbuilding category, we learn that Lucy Blaze is working for Skywatch, Division being a terrestrial department headed by Christine Trelane that handles weirdness on Earth. Henry Bendix is in overall command of Skywatch and is presumably based in orbit.

Skywatch and IO have some sort of peace treaty and are in a cold war type back and forth. (for those who don’t know OG Wildstorm, Skywatch was the UN space station Stormwatch operated from)

Marlowe’s CAT seems to be Cole Cash/Grifter, Kenesha/Savant, Adriana Tereshkova/Void, and “John” is presumably John Colt/Spartan.

Angie’s armour here is backwards engineered from Skywatch technology.

Ivana Baiul is once again a high-up member of IO, apparently with authority over the Black Razors.

Story-wise, it’s very much an Ellis issue 2, there’s expansion of the plotlines that were set up last week, we get some more characters, the world is fleshed out, and I for one want more. The progression is all good stuff, the art remains great (and I like that the colour pallette has shifted somewhat as more of the world is brought out into the light), and we’re being set up for a conflict in Montauk that’s going to bring the careful balance we’ve been presented with crashing down.


[spoiler]Maybe I’m looking for characters where there are none, but is the other woman in the meeting with Craven and Ivana Flint? Also, one of Bendix’ bodyguards looks a lot like Jack Hawksmoor

Assuming John is John Colt or a Spartan Android, we’ve now seen or have mentions of every pureblood Kheran on Earth except Majestros (and Lord Entropy, but fuck that guy), And assuming Lucy Blaze is Zannah, then we’ve got Kheran characters working in Halo and Skywatch. Cole and John are setting up a “gag”, a choreographed event, so maybe he’s infiltrating IO? Or maybe his mission links in with Voodoo? [/spoiler]


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