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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Cole , who runs the CAT for Marlowe is Grifter and an original member of WildCATs along with Pris(Voodoo), Lucy(Zealot), Adrianna(VOID), and Marlowe(Lord Emp).

Craven still runs IO, and was a persistent villain in the first incarnation of Wildstorm. His husband is a new(?) character.

Cray was Deathblow in the OG. he had his own book and served on the same army squad as Cole(Team 7) which, in the OG, was experimented on unwillingly by Craven.

Angie was OG member of the Authority and called the Engineer.

Voodoo appears to be a singer in this version which is a step up from the original incarnation. OG Voodoo was half reptilian alien and could spot other hidden aliens…

OG Adrianna was a russian cosmonaut who interacted with some cosmic force and came back with the ability to teleport amongst other powers.

OG Zealot was an alien warrior who came to Earth to fight the reptilian aliens

as far as my impression of the book, I agree it was very dense. I’m not sure Zealot works for IO. She says she works for the Division and if she works for IO why doesn’t she recognize Craven and if I saw my boss at a coffee shop, i might look for a different coffee shop so there is that too.

I like the fact that Angie is less powered than the original Engineer and that initiating the suit isn’t as easy as before.

I loved it and IMO, buying it in floppies is the way to go. I can’t imagine waiting for a trade. Month to Month allows me to enjoy this for 2 years rather than the couple of days i would take me to read a trade.


The question is, are you an OG, Don? :wink:


No I’m a lazy f#ck who didn’t want to spell out the whole word original


Well, that’s disappointing. :wink:

That was a nice rundown of the players though. Thank you.

I admit that in the preview and until Angie addressed him I thought Craven’s husband was Cray.

Also, didn’t they work Team 7 into Steve Trevor’s origin in the New 52 over in the main DCU?


Not sure. Wasn’t following new 52


Guess I can read the second half today if Comixology stops crashing.


She tells the cleanup crew to tell Division she’s going for coffee before the debrief. That could easily be a slang term for their HQ or field control unit


Wait is this reboot supposed to be happening within the DCU? I thought it was its own separate universe =/

I liked it… but the art, not so much. The artist is still a bit green, imo. All his characters look similar, and the “fashion” style they went with doesn’t help. Oh also, that engineer armor is pretty fugly, so I hope it’s just a protorype model or something.


No, it’s separate. Ellis has even said that he’ll have his own new versions of the likes of Apollo and Midnighter that don’t correspond with the current DCU versions.


oh… that’s good… I got scared for a bit there :smile:


Thanks to the Comixology sale I bought and just finished the two Stormwatch volumes under Ellis.

Strangely I had only read I think one smaller volume of this years ago, imagining I had read more, it was really good to read through a great and fairly lengthy run again all in one go. It is really great too, there’s always an element of surprise and of not knowing where it’ll go or who will survive from issue to issue. It’s also got some of his stronger character work, Ellis can leave that behind sometimes and emphasise the concepts too much, a contrast to his peer two letters way, Ennis, who excels at the character stuff and sometimes not enough on the ideas.

The only downside is really the ending, it’s a bit rushed, characters are dispatched quite offhandedly after all the work done setting them up. I don’t know how much of that was by editorial dictat or Ellis getting excited at the ideas he had for The Authority.


Ha ha! Same :+1:


I think that was Ellis wanting to move on. He’s said a few times that Image/Wildstorm were keeping Stormwatch going despite terrible sales because they were enjoying his work so much, and he also talked at points about not feeling Stormwatch was working for him any more.


Yeah, that was the impression I had as well, back at the time. I was a bit pissed off at him really for the way he killed off most of the crew without a second thought in the Alien corssover.


Oh, interesting:


Yay! I’d hoped there would be a Wildcats book out of this.


I believe Wildcats are being introduced in the next issue of Wild Storm. Ellis certainly included them in the series description.


Ya we’ll definitely see them some in Wild Storm. I just hoped for a little more. I hope we get at least a little Jim Lee art on it as well.


How do you pronounce Angela Spica’s last name?



It’s a soft “a” sound.