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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


Hmm that search doesn’t seem to be coming up with much, a lot of other artists called Juan.

Looks like he may have ditched it if the most recent material is under Oscar J.


Yeah his most recent pages, the Aquaman ones mentioned, are pretty detailed:


Why is Aqua man’s hair never wet?


He’s surrounded by the aqua force


Now that the first issue of The Wild Storm is out, is it worth making this a spoiler discussion thread? I know we’ll be able to have non-spoiler discussion in the New Comics threads, but I thought this could be a place for something more in-depth.


I’m down for that. I’m going to trade-wait, but I’m sure I’ll still Byrnesteal the comics before I buy them.


John Byrne steals comics???!? :confounded:


No, he just thinks that Lorcan is stealing comics. :slight_smile:


Some years ago, John Byrne wrote a column equating the reading of comics in the store with stealing them, and thus a mocking slang term was born


Peter David addressed the issue quite amusingly as part of a big hoo-hah over Scans Daily, some years back.


Oh man, that was some good, good comic. The setting feels like a mix of Ellis’ Stormwatch, Joe Casey’s Wildcats, and a little bit of Team Achilles in there for good measure, which suits me to the bone.

Plot-wise, @KandorLives suggested some people might find it decompressed, but there’s an awful lot going on here, both setting up characters and the central conflict. That opening scene with Zealot, for example sets up her character (and will have Wildstorm veterans asking some questions), but also establishes that IO are outright killing people who are homebrewing superpowers. The sequence where everyone seems to walk past Craven and his husband at the café is a bit too convenient, but it’s forgiveable. And there’s a lot here to work with moving on - it looks like Angie’s armour has injured her in its use, HALO and IO are both chasing her, something’s happened to Cray, presumably a result of the botched hit on Marlowe. I’m really looking forward to issue 2.


[quote=“Lorcan_Nagle, post:192, topic:8296, full:true”]
it looks like Angie’s armour has injured her in its use, HALO and IO are both chasing her, [/quote]

I didn’t get the impression that her armor injured her but that she injured herself implanting it.

Maybe I misunderstood but wasn’t the implication that Cray is an alien of some sort though he’s unaware of it? I mean he set off the xenobiology detector after all. The impression I get was that coming in contact with Marlowe activated him.


There’s a fresh cut on her face right at the start of the sequence where she transforms, and you can see her bleeding through the armour plates after she and Marlowe land in the office. She definitely injured herself during the implantation, but I think she did more damage by actually transforming too.

Yeah, I forgot about that while I was typing. And Cray couldn’t remember what happened in the room either.


I didn’t find it decompressed, I actually thought it was quite dense, but I can see why it might give that impression.

I felt like there was a lot to chew on, even if there’s not a huge amount in the way of obvious plot yet. Lots of concepts set up very swiftly, character dynamics established, and a decent sense of the ‘world’ of the book created. I like that it’s starting relatively small-scale, and we’ll presumably see how things spiral out from the events of this issue.

The art was pretty good too, although nothing really ‘popped’ for me, possibly due to the restrained colouring.

Interested to see where this goes. While it isn’t a first issue that sets out to wow readers, I get the feeling that it will provide a very solid foundation for the series.


I loved the colouring for the most part, but it didn’t quite work for Angie’s armour.


I was on the fence about whether to get this…You’ve convinced me.


I thought that was just to show that the tech was in her blood, and that’s how the suit activated - by cracking through her skin like that and ‘folding’ out. It reminded me a little of Iron Man’s Extremis shell, and also Ultimate Captain Marvel from Ellis’ Ultimate Secret.


I get the feeling that the suit isn’t as easy to slip on and off as her liquid skin in OGWildstorm was, and it’s part of why she wanted more resources in work - one thing she needed was a medical team, after all. I’m guessing she was also still working to perfect the suit-up process.


Can Marvel bring back Extremis Iron Man please? It’s not like Tony to go backwards with his tech, but it sure feels like that’s what happened.

As for the compression/decompression argument, maybe it’s because I don’t know any of these characters but it feels like you all have some more meat purely by comparing/contrasting with the versions that you know. I can’t even remember half of their names. There’s Angie, then Cray is the assassin, then we have an old white rich dude and a young white rich dude, plus Zealot (“only codenames in the field, Iceman!”) aaaaaaand Voodoo (who I remember from the New 52 but couldn’t tell you anything about).
It’s a bit like running the first fifteen minutes of Inception for someone. It’s got some character introductions, but not enough for you to latch onto beyond one or two, and you’re still waiting for the main plot to reveal itself.
I feel like Ellis should get double-sized first issues and so many more readers would stay on the monthly train.

@Lorcan_Nagle Did you Byrne steal?


I don’t think you need to know anything here. Like I said upthread, Zealot’s position here raises some questions about her nature in the new WSU, but narratively that scene is introducing you to her as a field agent/assassin, that she’s dealing with people who are engaging in underground genetic engineering, and she’s got an extensive support mechanism. The links to the old continuity are gravy rather than meat, so to speak.

As Ellis states in the backmatter, The Wild Storm is the first of four ‘novels’ being serialised as 6-part comic stories. So describing it as running the first 15 minutes of a movie isn’t far off the mark.

I did, but I also asked the guys in my LCS to reserve me all the TPBs coming out of the series.