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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


And Majestic


And from Taboo we know he can comunicate only by growling.


Absolutely. And that he can be pretty vicious. :laughing:


Very pumped to find out the creative teams for the spin off books.


Issue 2 is here!

In the worldbuilding category, we learn that Lucy Blaze is working for Skywatch, Division being a terrestrial department headed by Christine Trelane that handles weirdness on Earth. Henry Bendix is in overall command of Skywatch and is presumably based in orbit.

Skywatch and IO have some sort of peace treaty and are in a cold war type back and forth. (for those who don’t know OG Wildstorm, Skywatch was the UN space station Stormwatch operated from)

Marlowe’s CAT seems to be Cole Cash/Grifter, Kenesha/Savant, Adriana Tereshkova/Void, and “John” is presumably John Colt/Spartan.

Angie’s armour here is backwards engineered from Skywatch technology.

Ivana Baiul is once again a high-up member of IO, apparently with authority over the Black Razors.

Story-wise, it’s very much an Ellis issue 2, there’s expansion of the plotlines that were set up last week, we get some more characters, the world is fleshed out, and I for one want more. The progression is all good stuff, the art remains great (and I like that the colour pallette has shifted somewhat as more of the world is brought out into the light), and we’re being set up for a conflict in Montauk that’s going to bring the careful balance we’ve been presented with crashing down.


[spoiler]Maybe I’m looking for characters where there are none, but is the other woman in the meeting with Craven and Ivana Flint? Also, one of Bendix’ bodyguards looks a lot like Jack Hawksmoor

Assuming John is John Colt or a Spartan Android, we’ve now seen or have mentions of every pureblood Kheran on Earth except Majestros (and Lord Entropy, but fuck that guy), And assuming Lucy Blaze is Zannah, then we’ve got Kheran characters working in Halo and Skywatch. Cole and John are setting up a “gag”, a choreographed event, so maybe he’s infiltrating IO? Or maybe his mission links in with Voodoo? [/spoiler]


My review from the New Comics thread:


Ehh… not feeling this…Something’s bugging me on the plot front… I don’t know what exactly, but it feels “wrong” somehow. It’s too corporate, like, in a forced way, and it’s not particularly engaging.

Also, the art is a huge problem for me, here. Not only is the artist honestly not ready for a big title like this, but his visuals are bland and boring and the faces are too similar, and the colors are bland too.

I dunno, I’m quite disappointed with this so far. I hope at least the story picks up soon, even though I guess we’re stuck with this art =/


I completely agree on m this. I’m dropping it as of the second issue.


I hear high expectations.

There’s some really good art in issue #2, better colors, too. I’m fine.


The quality of art and coloring is no longer as important to me as the story quality. So far the characterizations, dialogue, and plot are interesting and intriguing, so I’m planning to stay on board as long as it stays that way.


I expected a bit of a slow burn in setting up the world. liked the addition of Kenesha, Christine and Ivana. With the inclusion of Christine, I wonder if we will see Jackson soon. i liked his story line especially the family part. Cray’s vist to the doctor was an interesting turn.



How can anyone, with functioning eyes, who read that book or watched that clip, complain about the art?

Art is subjective, as we know, but in this case Jonathan is talking pish.

Jon Davis Hunt will be a superstar.


Yeah nice try but anatomy is not subjective, sorry to say… neither is bad perspctive… the rest, yeah I guess we can argue about some of those as being subjective and speaking of those: I find those layouts & designs quite bland. But yes, those are subjective.

I’m not expecting a full return to the 90’s designs or anything, but I’d settle for something with actual personality.


All well-loved artists, whose work frequently didn’t represent accurate anatomy.

Comics art often is at its best when it’s stylised, and has a fluid approach to how ‘real’ things should look.


Let’s see, what’s that net term again? Ah yes… Pwned.


There’s a lot to like in the art in Wild Storm for me but it has its weak points too. In fact, one of my main concerns from early previews was the art. So I can see why it legitimately wouldn’t be some people’s favorite. I’m enjoying the concepts enough to give it a bit of a pass for now. I think Davis-Hunt will improve with time as well.


Not really, some of those have correct anatomy, some don’t.

Also, are you seriously comparing Jon Davis Hunt to Kirby, McFarlane, Ramos & McGuiness? 'Cause no disrespect intended, but he isn’t nowhere near that level. Maybe in some years… but yeah no… nowhere near that dynamism or craft, sorry.


No, I was using them to make the point that ‘correct anatomy’ isn’t some kind of objective measure of good comics art.


You could try replying to Dave you know, the guy who actually replied to you?