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The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)


WildStorm will debut mid-February 2017 with a regular monthly comic titled The Wild Storm, written by Ellis with art by Jon Davis-Hunt (Vertigo’s Clean Room). This ongoing series will reset the known WildStorm universe and introduce new iterations of WildStorm characters such as Grifter, Voodoo, The Engineer, Jenny Sparks and others.

“After long reflection, I couldn’t turn down the invitation to renovate the house that Jim Lee built, and refit its unique combination of cosmic paranoia and paramilitary conspiracy for the post-political space madness of the twenty-teens,” said Ellis. “Looking back to look forward.”

THE WILD STORM will serve as a launching pad for several future series: Michael Cray, WildC.A.T.S. and Zealot. No creative team announcements have yet been made for those books.


Now we’ll have an entire hipster universe.


That’s fantastic news. I know that there are a lot of old Wildstorm fans about. What do people think?

  1. Fuck
  2. Yes


You and Jerry were the first people I thought of.


This is fantastic. Hope it doesn’t mean Clean Room is ending though.


That’s huge. It’s funny I was literally just thinking about when Ellis was given control of the lesser X-men titles and how interesting some of them were.

And maybe I’m being forgetful or aren’t up on things but who is Michael Clay?


As a fan of Ellis’ s recent output, I’ll be there.




Between Rebirth, books like Future Quest, the Young Animal line and now this, DC is really making a comeback as of late.


Well done to @DenizCamp who predicted Ellis was writing a comic for Jim Lee. This is so much better than more Wildcats though.


Excellent news. Applying the Rebirth philosophy to Wildstorm. Genius move, DC. This made me smile.


I wonder if he will use Clem?


I kinda wish they weren’t scrapping al the continuity 'cause I wouldn’t mind getting more Planetary, or more Authority (post-Millar).

But this could be good. This could be very good… will wait and see though…




Should work out as well as that time Ellis brought back Marvel’s NEW UNIVERSE. :smiling_imp:


This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see what Ellis does with it. I hope Jim Lee will be involved in some capacity if only covers.


That’s amazing, like something in a dream. Maybe he can get Alan Moore to do some Wildstorm stuff too??




I wouldn’t count on it.