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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers!


I think the matter at hand is that Westworld is that it has an enforced vagueness.
Whereas Legion, while similar in hiding stuff from the viewer, does a better job so far of making it out to be the POV of the main character.


Yes, but I didn’t need to know everything, I just needed to know enough, which (I felt) I did. The rest of the information came along (for me) exactly when it needed to.

For example, I needed to know enough about Bernard to care what happened to him, so when his true nature as a host was revealed, I really reacted strongly to it, as he did.

I knew what Bernard knew, and learned the truth when he learned it.

With Legion I still don’t know enough about the protagonist to get the relative importance of everything that’s happening to him, if it really is happening to him? He believes certain things but I don’t know enough of them yet, so I can’t react the way he does to new information.


Very nice post-mortem summary, Dave. Reading that clarified my thoughts on what the series was doing. Specifically this:

…made something click. Of course, its obvious antecedent is Twin Peaks.


Another show I struggled with at times, and felt very ambivalent about! :slight_smile:


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I think that was it, yes.







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And the giant crying/laughing beach ball is Anthony Hopkins, right?


Its obviously Dolores and Teddy.

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Argh, if we’re talking about outside of Westworld.

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Man, Syfy aren’t spending a lot of money on their adaptation of Hyperion, are they?


I no longer have any idea what this thread is about.