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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers!


im only 5 eps in but I will say that the theme riff is haunting me. I am starting to hear those few notes every time things get quiet.


Sorry, I probably should have included more words. That’s what I meant - the real Clementine, or at least as she was originally portrayed, whoever she really is. And that’s a whole other question.

Oh, and I’ve finally remembered the name of the Gosling movie – it isn’t Star Trek: Nemesis or Blade Runner 2. It’s The Notebook. I could’ve looked it up but sometimes I feel like I’ve downloaded some memory, and what little sense I have, to the internet. It makes my brain lazy. I’ve just remembered that Teddybot is in it too. Westworld is actually a reimagining of The Notebook.





Watched it with friends earlier, or downloaded it illegitimately in time to catch the last episode live (not wanting to be spoiled).


'Cause he’s secretly a skin-job?

I concur.

Anyone have any ideas where their going for season 2?



Seriously, why even have the pretense of the Wild West when most of the guests are just about boning Maeve and Clementine - without Ford, the new Delos board commissions two parks to replace Westworld and Eastworld - sexworld and murderworld.


Is it most? A lot of people did seem to engage in the side quests and challenges, joining posses, looking for treasure, chasing bounties.

Also, people likely would be embarrassed to admit to going to Sexworld - at least with Westworld even one is going to spend all their time in the bordello, they can pretend and proclaim to actually be going for high adventure and whatnot.




This was obviously clear - only the crazy historical reenactors did the quests.


Ford suggested as much in his conversation with Theresa.


You’re all being absurd.

What is the majority of the internet used for!



No, its for cats!


And by the magic of Rule 34…


Jellyfish porn: The Vaginas of the sea.

What does that have to do with WestWorld?


Oh come on, of all the so-called mysteries in the show, that was probably the one with the most clear-cut resolution


I agree with Lorcan.

You’d have to be a complete moron not to pick up on all the jellyfish references.



Don’t think I’m gonna run through the almost 100 min video that they cut, but if someone is interested here you go.


I watched all of this over the last few days. Really enjoyed it. Loved the use of modern music in the player pianos, loved the use of the original Westworld logo for the older areas of the facilities and I especially love how the show just casually threw in a glimpse of Samurai World as an aside in the finale episode.