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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers!


Oh careful not to choke on those big words :smile:

But hey, if it were only me, sure… but I’m sure a lot of people can’t be wrong… or that much wrong, at least =P

And inherently, there’s nothing wrong with it being compared to Lost… Lost was a good TV show, until they screwed it all up. That’s the “fear” with something being Lost-like I suppose, but it’s clear that people want something like Lost, but better… well with a better ending at least.


Two major elections this year suggest otherwise.


Yep, her and the hoard of lobotomised hosts.

I wonder what personality problems they’ll have next season?


great comeback… :+1:


[quote=“ParkerMcCombe, post:948, topic:8281, full:true”]

I imagine they wouldn’t be highly trained mercenaries [/quote]

I’m not sure why they have so many guards with machine guns at all. The hosts are meant to be 100% safe, so who are they there to guard people from? The odd rogue nutcase guest who smuggles in a real gun and shoots other guests? Their security force should be roughly equivalent to Disneyworld’s security force (which I sincerely hope isn’t a platoon armed with machine guns).


So is Felix actually a host? In the really nice scene where he discovers Bernard is a host, and looks at his own hands in horror, Maeve says “Of course you’re not.”

But then, she is not allowed to see things that would cause conflict with her programming :wink:

His choices have been so unbelievably stupid, it would make a lot more sense if he was programmed to make them because that’s what Maeve’s narrative needs.


I was saying as much upthread, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out he is, but at the same time I won’t be upset if he’s not.


These numbers make no sense to me. Who are these 7% who watch the last episode of a serial without watching the one before? Did they have any clue what they were watching or did they just come in from the pub and turn on the default channel? :rolling_eyes:



Theyre slaves to advertising.


No season 2.

Seriously. We’ve already seen the end of the story.

Making a second season would be like putting a happy voice-over at the end of Blade Runner. Who in their right minds would do that? :rolling_eyes: Sure, there may be some unresolved questions over what Rachel’s future life will be like, but anyone who needs those questions to be addressed has really missed the point of the movie.


They’re actually…


No. No. Nothing.


All I can think now is Gosling :heart_eyes: so I got nothing to say either.



You call it suicide, he calls it becoming music.


You mean when he wasn’t out of her sight packing her overnight bag with things she was going to need on the train, right before handing her a piece of paper with some details it probably took him 30 seconds to find on his tablet?


Green Lantern? :confused:


Deadpool? :confused:


But was she still Clementine then?

This is one of the actual questions the show left unanswered. (And probably should, as posing the question is more useful than answering it.)


Despite what’s going on in Westworld, Neil deGrasse Tyson says we shouldn’t worry about killer robots


Well, he would say that.