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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers!


Babylon 5 was similar in the way it built on mythology and religion. Also, the questions during the opening credits of Babylon 5 – they’re all explored too. Ford and Bernard/Arnold could be the new G’Kar and Londo.

This thread seems almost as epic in scope already in terms of its length. :wink: I haven’t read through it yet so I’m probably repeating what’s already been said. But I like what Westworld has to say about storytelling itself, the expectations and structure of television series and audience participation; the demands placed on actors, etc. It’s Birdman in telly form! And then there’s what it has to say about the progression of videogames. It’s unsettling to think what it would be like if there was such a heightened sense of realism.

It’s a lot like Memento too or a more twisted version of that film with Ryan Gosling :heart_eyes: (I can’t remember the name) – Dolores and William’s tale is as much about dealing with losing a loved one through alzheimer’s as anything.


Star Trek: Nemesis?


MW is always more reliable than google.


The more I think about it, Babylon 5 is a good comparison. “There is a hole in my mind.” Or even Farscape - the hidden memory.

What is the name of that Gosling movie? It’s the one where he wore a Peaky Blinders cap.


With Babylon 5, I was thinking as much about JMS’ 5-year plan, that he set up a number of mysteries and prophesies early on: what happened to Sinclair at the Line? Why did the Minbari surrender? What happened to Anna Sheridan (or Catherine Sakai if Sinclair hadn’t left)? What happened to Babylon 4? How will Londo’s prediction of his and G’Kar’s deaths, Morella’s predictions of Londo and Vir’s futures, and the destruction of Babylon 5 come true? And then teased them out over the course of the show. And Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy seem to have a similar plan.

But there’s definitely some thematic similarity between Sinclair’s memory gap, John Crichton’s insanity and the dissociative states the Hosts suffer from too.


Absolutely, and I hope with Westworld they get to fulfil their plan in its entirety. It was such a pity that Babylon 5 faced the threat of cancellation when it did. It led to too many filler episodes instead of being the complete epic televised novel that was originally envisaged. I would have loved to have seen an entire final series of Farscape too instead of The Peacekeeper Wars.

Sometimes a planned story can appear forced and contrived, but that isn’t the case with Westworld. It just seems so carefully thought out. Ed Harris is predicting much mayhem for the next series. I think Felix and Teddy will provide some balance to all the chaos. I’m glad they’re taking their time with the next series rather than rushing production.


back in the day, SFX ran an article on a hypothethical series 5 of Babylon 5 closer to JMS’ stated plans for the end of the show, starting with Sheridan still in Clark’s clutches and Garibaldi on the run, and Ivanova staying around so she’s the one who falls in love with Byron. It flowed much better

Yeah, I think there’s a lot of stuff in Westworld that’s pretty straightforward but it maybe feels like the explanation should be more complex. And because there are some complex mysteries in the show as well it creates an impression that the show is all about the mystery, when it’s really not.


There were definitely mysteries, and most of them worked.

William becoming the Man In Black is one that didn’t work for me. I liked both characters but his transition from mild mannered wannabe to one-man killing machine overnight (literally) was too much for me to believe, along with the idea that he’d push Logan aside once they got back to the outside world. Logan is a jerk, but back on his home turf I still think he’d have eaten William for breakfast.

However, the show, overwhelmingly, achieved it’s goals. I think it should do well at the Emmys for example, especially for the cast, but really anyone who worked on that show should be proud of it.

I am really impatient for season 2.


That does make a lot of sense. I’d like to think Garibaldi eventually stopped running though. Still, the final episode was quite perfect. Everything left all alone in the night.

Westworld is deliberately misleading. It seems like straightforward storytelling on the surface; Chekhov’s gun personified via Dolores. It is kind of about mystery in a way. It’s all about the ultimate questions that have no definitive answers.


I have generally found the show is far too much like Felicity, another JJ Abrams production.


Guys, it’s clearly most like that movie the kids made in Super 8.


You’re just obsessed with Keri Russell. I blame Todd and his Americans.

Westworld is more like Alias meets Fringe with not enough Poe.


Keri Russell should be in Westworld

As a naked person … for story reasons …


You git! I was about to add EDIT: I forgot it’s Westworld – needs more naked Poe.


Nudity should be tasteful, Bernadette.


I dunno. Poe seems very tasty.




< runs away>



Yes. Run away. You cowardly Robert Ford. And I was doing so well. I didn’t even mention YOUR FACE.

I have many questions about Westworld. Why does everyone insist on comparing it to Lost? What exactly was Ford making in his secret Dexter’s Laboratory? Where are all the cattle? Where is Elsie? Will Teddybot ever get some cuddles? Why is there not more mention in this thread of The Dark Tower? (Or maybe there is, I’ve only read a teensy bit). Will Clementine come back? What is the answer to all the existential questions raised in the first series? How exactly do I unlike your naked Keri Russell person comment, Timothy?


The adverts and such had similar tones of mystery. Lost managed to yank everybody’s chains … er, extend the drama for several seasons. It led to people actually talking to each other before the cell phones took over. Many hoped for that from Westworld, and I think WW has done a competent job in both telling stories and sparking conversation (I say on Post #1179 on a private board).

Problem I had with Lost is that I can smell a moment-of-death fantasy from miles off. Okay, i died a couple- nine time, no big deal. I got over it. But “subjective time” has been a fascination since my memory begins. One reason I became a psychologist. So Lost gave up the ghost rather quickly, mentally noting it as “Jacob’s Ladder long form”. (Which was a great film, btw.)

One thing I’ve wondered is if there is only one story on Westworld: Ford’s story. The story of what happened to him then. His fears on what might happen. Once again, we have no evidence of an “outside world” at all.


Wasn’t she the one that shot William?