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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers!


Sorry, Lorcan. By coincidence I’d been looking at this:


I’ve read a lot of this thread, though not all of it. I massively enjoyed this show, I’m sad it’s done for a while.

Aside from possible ramifications of Anthony Hopkins cost to return, I never thought for a moment his ‘suicide’ was genuine. Surely he knocked up a robot copy of himself to take the bullet?


I kind of think the more likely situation is he allowed his human self to die so that a Host version could live.


Motivation is key.

Ford, like Arnold before him, chooses to die for the greater good and out of guilt for what he’s done and what he failed to do. That dramatic connection, between those characters, is deliberate and powerful.

Ford may well be seen in future flashbacks (Hopkins fee permitting) but for him to have survived, even as a host, would be weak.

“Here I am dying for this… oh wait! Just kidding!”

The producers are (I believe) better than that.


We’ll see.

Hopkins return has been hinted by Lisa and Jonah.


They’re doing their job and hedging their bets.

But if they pull that trick off then fair play to them. My money is still on him appearing in flashbacks, if at all.


We’ll see. We’ll see.

Weeeeeee’lllll see, Steven.

We will see, we will.





I get Arnold opting for death by host to make a point. Ford shown as narcissistic ego maniac obsessed with power. Him committing suicide by host makes literally no sense at all for me.


Ford was lying about a lot of things.

So he was a demented egomaniac certainly, but also angry, misanthropic and downright depressed by the guilt of not recognising that Arnold was right until it was too late.

His violent end made sense to me.


Yeah, a lot of his actions that seemed power hungry earlier in the series were actually putting pieces into play for his suicide.


Ford had no where to go. The board were about to fire him. In response he was going to kill them all. If he stayed alive he’d be the de facto leader of a robot rebellion, robots he’d tortured for 3 decades. Robots who’d quickly turn on him.

Backed in a corner he threw his toys in the air and ran away.


A collection of ads someone put together, featuring some of the cast.

A lot of them are famous of course, but it’s interesting (well I thought it was interesting) to see the less well known actors in other roles.

Although a couple of them are spookily similar. :slight_smile:


That Gucci Guilty ad is really hot.


Ya I know right? Not just his suicide, but his “turnaround” also. Like one week ago you made Bernard kill himself after telling him all about Westworld being your dominion and quoting Dr. Frankenstein and shit like that. Then the next week, you’re like “hey bernard, nice to see you again. Btw, I’m really not trying to have this world as my dominion, I’m just trying to give you consciousness. So back when I told you that I don’t care about you and back when I told Dolores that we are not friends, I meant that I do care about you all. Please kill me now. Thanks”


It’s like you missed the point he was making. He wants to teach them suffering if they’re to survive. He wants to teach Bernard (and the rest) not to rely on him.


I generally agree with this critique. The show did such a good job getting us to question the characters reality that the end was almost too well packaged to believe and a little hard to swallow. I’m guessing that those who stayed off internet discussions were probably much more shocked and likely to rewatch the show, but it seems like fan guesses really spoiled most of the reveals so that they had less of an emotional impact.


Teach them suffering by reciting shakespearian monologues? No those are just intended to throw off the viewer; they weren’t at all consistent with the motivations he was eventually revealed to be having. I actually wonder if they didn’t change his motivations at the last minute.


I think the crux of that scene is that Arnold thought he could jump start the evolution but Ford knew it needed time and experience.


From what I gathered, Maive was programmed to bring Bernard back for her new dramatic narrative. Since Ford was so casual about Bernard being back in working condition, it led me to believe that he had expected him to come back, which also led me to believe he was the one that programmed Maive.

The writers aren’t so dumb as to miss that detail of Ford’s surprise that Bernard was back in working condition. Ford knew it was going to happen, so there was no surprise.