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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


My brother and I are rewatching it for the second time.
We both agree that the episodes are resoundingly fun, but the series is plotted and paced as if they had no showrunner. Still…the eps are fun.

Which is far and away much better than Westworld.


They answered it in the final episode.


I thought they drove past themselves coming into Eureka and just said never mind, drive on.

What did I miss?


OK I just binged Westworld s2 over the weekend and i found it fascinating. The story held together for me. for all of you who were frustrated with the speed of the plot, just wait and binge. I liked the story. I did not need boobs, I expected Time switches(expecting something else makes me think you did not understand S1 at all), and my questions were all answered.

What is wrong with Bernard?It’s self inflicted to prevent the Corporates to getting a clue as to the plan. what is the deal with Dolores? Wyatt is inside and a homicidal maniac. what is the deal with Maeve? part of her core is a maternal instinct. How are the Hosts changing their behavior? They now have access to ALL their memories and memories change behavior. They are AI not computers. they do more than perform code issued actions.

Pros: loved the ending twist with Tessa and Evan(also Stubbs’s speech when Hale/Dolores leaves the park), loved the fleshing out of the Ghost face leader and how they flipped the perception of him from the first season and how that made William even more of a bastard, Teddy’s Journey from softie to badass to new world resident, Bernard’s f’ed-up memories and the reason why, William’s breakdown (believing that everyone against him was a plant controlled by Ford), William’s payoff, He deserves everything coming to him. BUT I do not believe that he is a host through much of the season. The scene where he meets Dolores and is carving up his forearm

cons:The Corporates were not well characterized. I was disappointed with how they wasted Timothy V. Murphy. He must have been filming Quantico at the same time because he has the same mustache in both.

The main thought running through my mind during the season was Tessa and the Hemsworths. She did S1 with Luke, Ragnarok with Chris, then S2 with Luke again. I wonder she talked to Luke about it and whether Chris overshadows his brothers like he does many of co-stars.


It’s not that I didn’t understand Season 1, it’s just a tricksy storytelling gimmick that never proved its value to the story being told in either season. And of the two…the second season handled it worse.


What’s wrong with season 2? Have a listen:


Had the feeling all along this was a bit like Slaughterhouse 5 with Billy Pilgrim - or, in this case Bernarnold, unstuck in time. Stretching it out was necessary but did not help. Binging? Yeah, that helped. Some really well-written arcs. My main problem is most audience members did not like this storytelling form all that much. I expect S3 to be told in a more linear manner.


For both season one and season two, I waited until the series was done and then watched the whole thing over a couple of weeks - and it seems like I had a significantly better experience than those watching it weekly. So I’ll definitely be doing that again next time.


As geeky as I am, I’m still not watching a rant that needs two parts.


Remember the… (waitaminute this is Miqque I am talking to). Scratch that. In the scene where William’s wife dies, his profile was hidden in… Slaughterhouse 5. tada! See I love those little easter eggs.

I realize it may be less commercially successful, but I like this fact

I want to be challenged, i like the unique and different. I look forward to S3. 2 Dolores (yea!)

If you want to discuss commercial success, maybe go over to Box Office Mojo and talk about there. I would rather be disappointed my show is cancelled than be disappointed that my show is changed to draw audiences(aka ‘dumbed down’)


It has to have some commercial success for long term survival. Overall ratings did decrease an average of 14% with Season 2 and there was a quite a bit of negative viewer response. HBO can’t afford another decrease like that with Season 3. This is not a cheap show to produce and is supposed to be a draw to get people to subscribe to HBO. Throw in AT&T now in control and things may have to change.

I’m glad you have really enjoyed it and are looking to the next season. I personally have no interest in the show anymore and won’t return for Season 3 unless there is significant word of mouth that it has improved greatly.


I think you forgot something. I am Crockett, you are Tubbs. You follow my lead! :rofl:



Posting this in the VFX thread as well.



Yeah, no…still dead to me.




These violent delights have violent ends…Bitch!


The casting was always good. It’s well funded high quality show.


I think Aaron Paul was a brilliant Jesse, but his career has stalled in everything else. I don’t know if he’ll bring much to Westworld.