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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


Just saw the finale.

As with the rest of the series, it highlights the problems of this show. It’s boring. Unengaging. Unentertaining. There’s nothing to care about or get a feel for outside of whatever interest there is in the long-winded philosophy it’s pushing. What a mess.


And even that is flawed.

“Humans are predictable and don’t change. Hosts can change, though.” Bullshit. Cyber Logan may want to factor in the quality of his sample, considering it is analyzing humanity at its worst. Really, when I heard that “conclusion”, I realized I was done with this show.


Watching the finale tonight, but in the meantime, this was reposted on Facebook by John Mosby;

Now that’s a meta-western!


I was done with the philosophy by the middle of the first episode of the first season.
I just hoped it would lead somewhere entertaining. Somewhere worth investing.


I would’ve walked away if I didn’t like the pilot episode. I keep watching some shows that I find very variable in quality, but only if they vary, not if I don’t like them or what they do or how they do it.

I’m on side for what this show wants to be, my disappointment is that it hasn’t managed to do it that well this season.


That was utter twaddle. So ridiculously bad I don’t have any critique at all.


And, as John said earlier:

Westworld’s S2 finale…
Maybe if I switch it on and off again, it’ll work better?


I loved the first season but this second season needed someone keeping a tight leash on the writers. In their quest to be clever they actually got lost in coherency. I can’t think of another show that’s fallen so rapidly like this.


There’s True Detective which, ironically, made HBO give the writers more time to formulate an overall story for Westworld as the lack of time was the apparent reason for season two of True Detective being awful.

It seems that the moral of the story is that sometimes winging it season to season means you don’t end up overwriting something into oblivion.


Fargo Season 3

I love the premise, the setting, and a few of the characters. The finale of Season 1 was also fantastic.


Not sure what “Fargo Season 3” you watched, but the one I watched was great!


The only great season was Season 2.
Season 3 started promising, but the last few eps fell hard into a pondering hole.



While not the high of Season One, It was still a great series. Episode 3.8 was still one of the best hours of television last year.


What Season 1 did you see that it was the high?

Season 2 was the peak season. Distinct crime story that carried through to a bleak ending with some darkly comedic bits thrown in.


Maybe he was high? Or you were high? Someone was probably high.


Season Two would have rated higher if it didn’t have the flying saucer bit.


That bit was at least more palatable than being a retread of the movie.
And Season 3, like I said, had promise…but IMO Fargo is about the presentation of this blackly comedic crime story.

And the path it went down was so boring in those last 2 or so eps.


I’m currently watching Luke Cage season 2. It’s like Shakespeare compared to this last season of Westworld.

It could be terrible but straight after that horrible piece of garbage it feels like the most entertaining thing I’ve watched in years, in comparison.


I don’t want to bash Westworld too hard - the production is amazing, the performances are top notch and it had some amazing moments. Clearly there’s talent there. It just feels like they gave the writers too much rope and they ended up in knots. The premise had limits, there’s an uprising and it’s put down, the end. Now we’re to buy into some tiny cell of robots fighting the ‘real world’ and abandoning Westworld entirely. I don’t give a shit about that show.

More annoyingly it feels like they avoided some of the topics they could have covered by trying to be too clever. A real shame, this feels like an opportunity lost and the kind of situation where the suits should have stepped in and course corrected. I get the feeling that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan were ready to bask in glory today, but instead they didn’t realize they’d been sniffing their own farts all along. Maybe they should question the nature of their reality.