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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


In the WW future, zombies, Bond, Gandalf and demons have clearly all gone the way of the western. Zombies were what William’s dad liked, nobody’s interested in that tired old shit any more. Cowboys… that’s where the excitement is!


I dunno. Here comes the BvS argument again; how the UE was better with just a couple of minutes of restored dialogue that made the Luthor character work a whole lot better, and a few other touches. (Yeah, I’d like to see ‘the Snyder cut’ .) Maybe, just maybe the gathering threads reveal a Bayeux Tapestry of great artistry. Or, maybe, there will be a desperate spate of nudity and violence to try to pull their irons out of the fire of the Forge.

Or maybe it’s just more crap.

Me, I gotta find out.


They went the way of the Western?



Yeah this is getting tedious… I mean, S1 was already super tedious for me… this season is both better and worse… I like more the background plot, but there’s waaaaaaay too much useless filler and the time-jumps have been a chore.

They’re lucky the production is so good, otherwise I would’ve dropped this long ago.



I agree with this. I’d probably care more about this season if I was invested in trying to figure out all the various puzzles. I’m not though, and it doesn’t really work for me.


This sums up Westworld for me:

So what I mean when I say Westworld feels like an adaptation of a Lost recap is that, for better or worse, it is less a character-driven drama than it is a mystery and mythology-driven drama. Yes, it feints toward giving characters revelatory arcs, and because those characters are played by such great actors, you almost believe them.


So true. So true.


I honestly still don’t understand how people went crazy for this show’s story in the first place… :smile:

It’s been an incredibly beautiful mess since day one…


I agree too !

Westworld, just like Lost is not so much about the story it tells, it’s about how it tells it. Lost was amazing in that it used all the available tricks you can imagine : flash-backs, flash-forward,many others and even f**king time-travel !!!.

That being said, discovering the explanations to all the WTF of Lost was really tough, even with the help of internet, and the show kept me guessing until the last minute !

While I do enjoy WW for the Puzzle aspect, until now, it’s totally predictable, to the point that I don’t read any fan theories for season 2.
Going on the net was never a problem with Lost : you’d read crazy theories and the show would still surprise you !

Now don’t get me wrong : WW is great TV, but I never had the feeling that its mythology is going to ever surprise me (Robots become sentients and rebel, some Humans are robots, Humans want to become immortals, in the end, the Robots will either win or fail).
IMHO, if it wasn’t for the multiple time-lines, the show would be totally boring (which is true of Lost too, if you watch the fan edits that put the parts in the chronological order, BTW)


Season one was all about a single question; are the hosts people? Everything else came out of that. Even the multiple timeline stuff was just a way of looking at that.

But they did that with the timeline, not just because it explored the theme, but because it was clever.

Season two, for me, only has that clever. It’s not explored its theme very well, and because of that, I don’t actually care about any fan theories. I don;t read up on the show outside of this thread, barely anyone I work with is discussing it over coffee. It’s not a phenomonon anymore, its just another glossy TV show.

And we’re not short of those these days.


I’m done. Out. Over. Finished. I won’t be back for Season 3. I don’t care about any of the characters or what happens next.

Shit, and I thought Lost overthought things…



I was worried they wouldn’t stick the landing, but I didn’t imagine they’d fly off to the moon.

This season has the rare honor of being so bad it makes the first season worse. For all the lengthy examinations of the human mind they forgot to examine what happens when a writer disappears up their own arse.


I haven’t watched it yet, but I have no desire to, even before I checked to this thread.
I have HBO GO…but yeah, no interest.


A bit of hyperbole but I sympathize:


Given that there’s almost universal backlash this feels like a huge disaster for HBO. They’re be really hoping these expanded Game of Thrones stories are enough to keep subscribers, as they have nothing else at this point.


While pretty decent in the ratings, The Deuce will return with a serious James Franco problem that could tank Season 2.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the GoT prequel series moves if they like the pilot.


What’s with killing everybody these days? Depressing enough Superman got done in by a giant fingernail. Then Thanos with his Patented Beatnik Move. Now this.

Gee, I forgot how to write! I have all these ideas! What to do? What to DO?

Fuck it, let’s get unstuck in time just like Billy Pilgrim, and throw in some more identity-flopping (like it’s easy) a big ray gun, some Wile E. Coyote exit ports and change the lead actor. And, next week…