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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


This was a great episode, which only highlights how weak everything else has been. This season didn’t deserve this episode.

If they’d done this on episode 4 I’d be happier as it got on with the story, but instead they had to jam in the whole Shogun world arc (which ultimately served no purpose at all).


I actually think Shogunworld was a highlight because it actually featured characters, in the park, surviving and having to deal with the nonsensical theme park they’ve created. It was possibly the most “Westworld” that Westworld has been so far. It’s ridiculous that they cut it off so short and consolidated those characters right back into the boring mud of everything else.

But the whole Dolores, Delos, time skipping, Bernard perception, William plotting, Ford scheming…stuff has completely undermined this series/season.


I wanted Shogun World to mean something more, it felt like a dead end, and not in a meaningful way. I hope, if they revisit it, they use it better.

Like they did with (but without copying) the Ghost Nation in this episode. I agree with everyone so far; it was well above standard for this season.

It’s time to wrap this season up in fact. Let’s see some solid development in the next few episodes and leave us wanting the season 3 that’s already been greenlit.


I’m all well to drop the show after this season. For me the whole point of Westworld are the parks and how the characters interact with that environment as it’s going to hell.

For a third season…they’ve already (badly) wasted their load.


Yeah, there’s not much left to do in the park and the show falls apart as soon as the robots escape to the real world. As it stands their rebellion looks like a dead end. For such a big budget show the rebellion feels like a dead end with just a couple of dozen rebels. I’d have loved to have seen a force of thousands claim the island as their own and put up a real resistance.

Somethings up with all the dead hosts and wiped memory units so I guess they’re going to transfer their minds somewhere else. But with Lawrence and Clementine dead, Maeve on her own and Teddy reprogrammed there’s no robot characters left to identify with. Just Delores and a bunch of strangers. And Bernard bumbling in confusion through the whole plot.


Eh… the episode itslef was nice, and well written, directed, acted etc… but I kinda fuckin’ hated it because once again, as with the whole shogun stuff, it ground the plot to a halt and I’m like “sweet fuckin’ jeebus GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!!!” :smile:

I agree that they should’ve used this instead of the completely irrelevant shogun world bits.


I hope Season 3 ditches most of the different times/mystery stuff and just focuses on telling a good story. It’s unlikely though.


Who cares about the plot?
The plot is the worst part of the show and has been since day one.


I agree with you. I think the multiple timelines thing is a “fingerprint” of the series that it uses to set it apart from other series. It was tolerable last season because it was pretty straightforward but this season it’s a confusing distraction.

I agree with the consensus that the latest episode is one of the best. It’s like they realized they don’t have any sympathetic characters anymore so they gave Akecheta a good backstory.


I felt that this season did a pretty good job engaging with the Writer character. The whole shogunworld episodes and the stuff surrounding it, at least, appealed to me because he was so out of his depth and stuck in a chaotic do-or-die situation. Like the show should have focused on rather than trying to be overly-clever and getting into it’s lore-hole.

I used to watch this show with my brother, with whom I share the HBO Now subscription, but he’d dropped it episode before last and can’t be arsed to pick it up again.


One of the plot points from last season was that all the Hosts have an explosive in their spine to prevent them from being removed from the park. It was a big thing that when Maeve “died”, her new build had the bomb omitted.

As we have seen Hosts outside of the park in flashbacks, it may be able to be turned off yet still be there or any early models that are still around who never died may not have it at all. Dolores, as the favorite child, may not have it.

Ultimately though, I would think the overwhelming majority of Hosts have that bomb in their back. While the park’s systems are offline and Hosts may be able to get away, I could see there being systems where they could be detonated at any time.

But seeing how Delos security is either non-existent or at a brain-damaged level of incompetent, they may not even think of using that…


I think the real key to the episode - and maybe the season - is that Maeve is now irreplaceable, unique. “She” is running the park? And now the “recognition of souls” bit. Ford’s around, fairly happily, I should think. Bernarnold seem to get confused, mope, kill, and program hosts. Dolores has her own ideas. So far Akecheta seems the hero of the season.

BTW, Akecheta is Zahn McClarnon - sometimes tagged as Zahn Tokiya-ku McClarnon, is a Denver guy. I’m thinking he’s Lakota-Irish, but what do i know?


He was also in the fantastic Season 2 of Fargo.


I know a bunch of Lakota and Navajo folks. I wish the Navaho folks would decide on a J or an H!


He was great in Fargo.





Episode would have hit more if this inane overarching plot wasn’t dragging these characters down.


I don’t see how the last episode possibly sticks the landing and saves this show. If MIB is a host that’s me done with this thing.


As much as I enjoyed the first season, this year it’s been a case of diminishing returns for me.

Unless there’s a very big twist next week, it’s going off in a direction I’m less interested in,

I do, also, think it’s not as competent as last year. A lot of what happens seems to be rote, box ticking, checklist stuff. Now we need a shoot out, now we need some nudity, now we need some blood etc. A lot of these scenes fail to connect to the themes of the series properly and some of them are just fumbled as “action” in their own right.

One more episode, one more hope for something special again, and then I’m probably done with the show.