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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


It’s made Antiques Roadshow a lot more interesting though.


Yup - they refer to it as “this season’s new wrinkle”.


So the show was broadcast in the USA two days ago and Sky last night, and no rush to the board to comment?

I guess fandom here has definitely moved on, although HBO have greenlit a third season, so it must be doing fine for them.

Of course I’m projecting my disappointment in season two, it’s not the show I hoped it would be. Not in detail, and not really in quality. Last night’s episode was a bit half-assed again. Lots of things happening because someone in the production office thinks those events are cool.

And, despite being a big expensive show, the action isn’t really working. They can afford the stunt team and the blood and the blanks but it’s not coordinated well enough. I guess they don’t have the time?

But season one was still great, and I hope the rest of season two might pick up.


Oh, I spent my time reading the westworld reddit, that was I don’t post :wink:


Season One wasn’t all that great to me. I liked it because of some neat ideas it had with the concept, but the boring and dragged out “pondering” really ruined it for me.

Westworld is proto-Jurassic Park. Imagine if that original movie was 20 hours long and focused on nothing but some long-winded philosophy. Rather than, say, people surviving. The only things about the second season I’ve liked are the small secondary/tertiary characters trying to make it through the parks but the 80% focused on boring subplots has really made it a chore.


I like the philosophy, but they’ve also moved on from the Jurassic Park idea anyway. The park has fallen, and Delos has no interest in it, or it’s paying guests. They’re all about their own future, and to hell with everyone else.

Unless that’s a twist in the works?


Oh yeah, but it’s such a weaker and less entertaining idea than…people surviving in an outrageous setting.
Cause then what we’re left in with the show that is exactly what we’re getting. Boring scenes about stuff that struggles to have an emotional quotient.

The only subplot to handle the philosophy and the struggle to survive aspects has been the Meave subplot, but that went to crap once the party split for no good reason. Was it so hard to keep that going…it was interesting.


At best, I’d give Season One a B-. I enjoyed it but it didn’t blow me away. I think if it had been 8 episodes, it would have been better.


More plot development this episode, but still playing jerk-the-chain with the audience. (This particular audience here at MW has limited tolerance.) The “action” scenes were directed by a monkey. I’m getting more and more confused as to who is what, and when. How come the robot superpowers only work to service the writers? Why do the writers hate each other so much? Does Bernard have an alternate facial expression?


Unfortunately Westworld has become one of those shows where nothing is real anymore. There’s so much smoke and mirrors that anyone can be a host, anyone can be human, any scene can be real and any scene can be staged. All that mixed in with time jumps. And they don’t seem to be saying anything meaningful with it, so it’s just a story you can’t get behind.

The entire show could be a simulation rather than real life. MIB could be a host, Ford could be a host, Williams daughter could be a host, Sylvester & Felix could be hosts. Ghost nation might know something or they might know nothing. Ford is whispering to Bernard, or maybe Maeve or maybe Delores. It’s all such a mess now. Someone dies and they appear in the next episode. It’s all fake drama. Beautifully show, great production values, but ultimately it’s a hollow story now.


I maintain that it was always mostly hollow, but at least it used to be hollow with the promise of something more substantial down the line. Which it failed to deliver.


I always liked the narrative of the hosts being forced to die or be our playthings for our amusement, and the irony that the show is made up of actors who pretend die and go through all sorts of things for our amusement (like forcing them to walk around naked). There was an interesting parallel there about what entertainment is.

However there’s not even the pretence of any kind of interesting subtext these days. It’s quite a shame that the story got away from the production team.


I found that was interesting as well. The original movie was just about escapism in itself, and that sort of thought aspect was only added in Jurassic Park, so that was a nice addition when redoing this story. But I can’t get away from how it seems to really have just lost the entire rest of the premise that both of those works are founded on.


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Well I’m with Tom that I never thought it was that good to begin with… but at this point I’m getting a bit annoyed with all their unnecessarily “mysterious” time jumps and multiple time-lines (especially where Bernard is concerned). It’s just a chore keeping track of them since the episodes are released weekly… this season would worked better if all episodes had been dumped at once so people could follow the “plot” (let’s call it that) more easily.


A season this messy doesn’t really deserve an episode this amazing.
Although I do wonder if maybe episodes like this couldn’t have buffed out the first season.


This may be my favorite episode of the series. Very complete, told a story, gave a bit away, and a heck of a last line. Of course the whole park was thrown into chaos; chaos is not a ladder, it’s a huge bloody mess! I do look forward to an episode I do not have to read.


Yeah it’s crazy how the better episodes of the series so far have been about exploring the aspects of the park itself and not…the boring intrigue threads.